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  1. I ride in the northwest where it is really wet 3/4 of the year and super rocky and just now at 190 hours are looking to replace the chain and sprockets. BTW, my Pirelli 43 trials rear tire is still looking really good and I put it on 185 hours ago. Joe
  2. Find another dealer.
  3. Russ...what was the issue? Did you find the problem? Joe
  4. Oregon

    Minor irritant.....this site is FREE for us to use. Joe
  5. NICE.......2thumbs up. Joe
  6. Not QUITE correct......your 09 xc does have different gearing than the xcw's ( actually, they only share the same 1st gear and the next 4 are different).....but that was UNTIL they put six speed transmissions in starting in 2011 ( same year OP is considering). Starting in '11, the xc and xcw transmissions ONLY differed in 1st and 2nd gears, therefore sharing the same exact 3rd through 6th. They now putt along differently in just the low/crawl rpm's. Much more differentiation is now in the suspension and handling with linkage only on xc's and different forks too. Either bike is sure a good choice and can easily be set up for many different riders. Joe
  7. Washington

    I like this line in the ad too: "With brembo brakes and WP suspension this bike is really no different from today's bikes"..........Surely any 27 year old bike with such awesome parts is just like the 2018's , except YOU only have to pay 3 grand for it instead of 9! Joe
  8. YES........of course. Joe
  9. Washington

    What a GEM here!......ONLY $3000 for a non running '91 ! Hopefully someone doesn't beat me to it A simple washing would certainly boost the price another 500. joe
  10. Same here on my '17xc.....onto skid plate towards the linkage Joe
  11. FIRST words out of ex wife's FIRST attorneys mouth " Your honor, Mr. F..... is a BIG dirt rider!!"
  12. I love that you think "49" is pretty old chuckle have a couple DECADES to ride if you aren't crazy. Joe
  13. I think It is WSU? Joe
  14. My sig line says it all..... Joe