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  1. trailmeisterjoe

    Tahuya this Saturday the 15th

    Yeah, we rode a loop and returned to join you guys at 11...….and no one there? You guys leave early? Joe
  2. trailmeisterjoe

    Tahuya this Saturday the 15th

    You lose power too? I did in P.O. Joe
  3. trailmeisterjoe


    And about halfway up said road they built a pretty cool new lookout/ view spot that is high up over the river and valley below. It is a trail on the right as you ascend the road. Joe
  4. Guys, guys, guys...….he is a TROLL. No need to keep answering his silly question as he ( or she) joined the day the question was asked, AND has not posted another thing since. ONE post total, trying to get everyone riled up. Stop already. Joe
  5. trailmeisterjoe

    Routing of carb vent hoses

    Yes, Jeff.....2 upper hoses up into the air box and the lower 2 down. Take the actual carb drain low hose and put a loop in it also like JD jetting shows so you don't dribble out fuel needlessly ( getting better mileage). Joe
  6. How do we know he/she is an adult? FIRST and only post, so I too say "troll" Joe
  7. trailmeisterjoe


    The 2-3 trails in the clear cut are just a few of them....check around and you will find a half dozen or more trails in the woods too. Joe
  8. trailmeisterjoe


    Are you talking about trees planted out in the open clearcuts? If so, they may very well be lined up some way or another but I have never noticed since the entire clearcut is planted with them. Joe
  9. trailmeisterjoe


    "Nice" from a beginner/intermediate's perspective. Joe
  10. trailmeisterjoe


    They have done a nice job re working the place. Mostly for beginner to maybe intermediate riders right now. Joe
  11. trailmeisterjoe

    Tahuya this Saturday the 8th

  12. trailmeisterjoe

    Looped my NEW bike!

    Moab is amazing. Joe
  13. trailmeisterjoe

    Walker Valley Toughest Trails

    I concur. Joe
  14. trailmeisterjoe

    South Puget Sound winter men’s club: Wednesday riding

    Little chance the ice will be very "thick" on Wednesday at Tahuya. Only 6 total hours on Tuesday night below freezing.....frost and "some" ice but in my experience, not nearly enough time to form the thick stuff. Joe
  15. trailmeisterjoe

    Rain and cold gear

    Some complain that their breath gets in easier when lower is removed, so YMMV joe