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  1. yama_r6

    battery issues.

    If it is the battery good luck getting one, unless your suzuki dealer is close by. I had to drive a ways to get mine, 84.73 w/tax. Next time I'm going to buy Eddies setup, but it's nice out and didn't want to wait.
  2. yama_r6

    Battery Problem?

    You could be going in the right direction, does it crank really slow? or not at all. also the light is on all the time, its a law. But from some of what i've read the batterys on thease bike kinda suck, I just read a week or so ago that Eddie came out with a kit to put a real battery on the bikes. My battery just went bad, I can slow charge it and it will work but once it gets cold out at night it won't start the bike in the morning. ps batterys for this bike are kinda hard to find unless you have a suzuki dealer close by, my honda dealer wants 150.00 for a replacement out of parts unlimited. (suzuki dealer is 50 miles from here, looks like im going on a road trip) but the suzuki dealer only wants 70.00 for thers. Sorry long post, kinda venting.....
  3. yama_r6

    Who's DRZ runs PERFECT??

    Just follow Eddies jetting specs and you won't have any problems. My runs better than when I rode it home from the dealer. (well seems better)
  4. yama_r6


    Hope you get better soon....
  5. Hey Eddie thanks for all you information, we ALL really appretiate all the hard work you do for this site. 2007 DRZ-400SM 100% street 40F - 90F Northern WI. Ele. 1400-1600 above sea level Hard backroad twistys style riding. mostly high 2nd gear to 4th gear corner to corner. JD jet kit Blue needle, 3 clip. pos. 160mj 25 pilot 2.5 fuel screw 3X3 (the 3" puddy knife and torch trick worked great) Uni Filter Full RS-2, I left the screen in, but the more I read the more i'm thinking about taking it out, any comments on that? Really no popping except from while down shifting high in the rpm range, like coming into a corner. Nothing while normal riding, probley normal? Could you let me know if I'm in the ball park, I put on about 60 miles and it feels soft, I guess I could just be expecting to much from it. Thanks again for you time.
  6. yama_r6

    Wisconsin DR-Z400SM Help

    Glad to help. Congrats on the bike you won't be dissapointed.
  7. yama_r6

    Wisconsin DR-Z400SM Help

    You could try Vern's in Antigo, I bought my 07' last year, good customer service and I felt I got a fair deal. I traded my snowmobile in on it, but I don't remember what the OTD price was. Make sure you talk to Vern, he is a really nice person to deal with...
  8. yama_r6

    What did you do to your DRZ400 today?

    Started modding today... 3X3 mod JD jet kit Removed the silly saftey start switchs I am watching for the brown truck, My Yoshi RS-2 and UNI filter are suppose to be here tomorrow. The snow is almost gone, might get to go for my first ride this weekend:thumbsup:
  9. RC will be missed, Thanks for the post. I think he should skip nascar and follow Pastrana in rally....
  10. yama_r6

    Hibernation Update....

    Thats got to be on of the funniest things i've seen in a long time..... 40 again today.... keep melting
  11. yama_r6

    Hibernation Update....

    It was 40 and sunny out today:applause: only about 2 to 3 feet of snow to melt and a bunch of salt and sand to wash off the roads and we can play again, The light is at the end of the tunnel....
  12. yama_r6

    Time to dewinterize

    sorry dont mean to threadjack, but I just want to throw in a WOOHOO the snow is finaly melting:ride:
  13. yama_r6

    Owner Survey, Year, Color, Style, Miles

    2007 Yellow SM, 900 miles. I'm stareing at piles and piles of snow right now:thumbsdn: , reading this site is the only thing that keeps me sane, for the next 2 1/2 months:cry:
  14. yama_r6

    What are the Jobs of us fellow DRZ owners?

    Wow those are some interesting jobs... I am just a parts slaker @ a GM dealership, up here in northern WI. Same old story just waiting for that "dare to be great job/opportunity"