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  1. My YZ450F has been sitting for a very long time. It hasnt started in at least 4 months. (I've been out of state at school.) Before that it was several months since it had been actually ridden. What do I need to do before I start the bike again? I'd guess change the oil, drain the gas from the tank, (no need to touch the carb because the gas has surely evaporated form there), maybe drain the coolant?, and lube the chain...I'm not sure if there is anything else I should do. I haven't ridden any dirt in a very long time (been sticking to the street) and so I've forgotten a lot of stuff about it. Thanks!
  2. kawirider

    Tell me why I shouldn't do it

    Insurance for the SV will be about $2k-2.2k/yr. Insurance for 00-01 supersport was over $4k. Thats part of why I'm glad to have anything. I had a wreck when I was 16 (fell asleep at the wheel on the interstate...wasn't as bad as you might imagine) and I'm on a motorcycle. We have searched around but the fact that I have had a wreck and want to ride a motorcycle kinda kills any chance of us getting a discount.
  3. kawirider

    Tell me why I shouldn't do it

    My dad wouldn't let me have the supersport. Insurance is $2k more per year for the supersport and my dad thinks I would be stupid on a SS. The fact that I have my own middle weight sportbike at 17 is pretty amazing. You say its a commuter bike? I recommend you ride it for 50 miles and see if you still think its just some little commuter bike. Its a lot different than the standard SV650.
  4. kawirider

    Tell me why I shouldn't do it

    Yall have some valid points. People are retarded. I know this. I have been riding streetbikes for 2 years now. (yes I was riding street when I was 15) Cops are fairly cool around here but I know they wouldn't allow a little wheelie to go un Prosecuted. I wasn't planning on racing the sv because I don't have the time to race. If I had time to race I would be racing my YZ...because one of my friends races and it is a lot cheaper...and my dad would pay for me to race mx. He definitely wouldn't want to pay for me to race the sv. That is just absurdly expensive. Meh! Yall are right though, I would probably miss my Dirtbike a lot. (I haven't been withputt a Dirtbike in over 3 years) I need another job. These hobbies are so expensive! My dad gave me a smokin job makin $25/hr but that was only until I could get enough money together to pay for half of the sv
  5. kawirider

    Tell me why I shouldn't do it

    Well I'm not an idiot on the streetbike. Sure, I ride fast, but not stupid. Thats why my dad even let me upgrade from my ninja 250. I have 0 tickets and I've never even been pulled over. I just want to be good at whatever I'm doing. It bothers me to see other people that are better than me....and I will want to be better than them. I also have thought about how nice it would be to be able to ride dirt/street however I please. I dunno. They are both a lot of fun to ride and both have their strengths and weaknesses. This would be so much simpler if I hadn't blown like $700 buying all new dirt gear about 3 months ago.
  6. I've pondered selling my YZ450F. Not to get another dirtbike, but to get leathers and other stuff so I can track my SV650S. I don't really want to sell it but I'm not sure if I can handle doing mx and streetbikes. Here is the way I see it: Dirt pros: Ride balls out as much as you want to safer....to an extent (that doesn't worry me that much though) cheaper wheelies are legal Dirt cons: if you wanna ride expect to spend 1/2 day more maintenance intensive eats tires like a mofo harder to get out to ride I only have 2 friends who ride mx and I rarely get to ride with either my dad won't ride mx street pros: 5 minutes after I think about riding, I'm riding a whole different kind of speed less maintenance intensive tires last a good while I can ride w/my dad a lot of my buddies have fast cars 2 of my best friends have sportbikes Street cons: insurance = the police gravel (ask me how I feel about it) more dangerous It just seems like I don't have enough time to be a really good mxer and a really good sportbike rider. If I do both I could be mediocre in both or I could pick one and excel in it. Thoughts? oh yeah, here are the bikes
  7. kawirider

    Finding parts for an '84 YZ400

    oops! Well he said its an 84 2 stroke YZ. Is there not some big source for old dirtbike parts?
  8. My buddy has one of these lovely machines. I haven't even seen it yet but he wants to know where to get parts. I don't really know since I've never had a bike that old but I know that someone here would know. Websites, phone numbers whatever. I want them. Please let me know via pm or this thread. Thanks!
  9. kawirider

    Putting a bearing in

    Would it be bad for the long term if I put a little grease in there to help it get in easier? Would something else be better? I'm just worried. I've never failed to put a bearing in and I don't wanna spend another $100. EDIT: Yes, part #21 in that fiche is the part that I'm putting bearings into.
  10. kawirider

    Putting a bearing in

    I manage to get my old bearing stuck and so I had to order a new relay arm for my linkage. I finally got it and I am a bit nervous about putting the bearings in. Any ideas on how I should go about it? For wheel bearings I would normally just get a socket that is about that size and smack it in. But I'm not sure if the bearing will hold up to it. Its a needle bearing. In the pic on this page its the thing that connects the bottom of the shock to the linkage and the swingarm. http://www.rg3suspension.com/products.php Thanks for the help!
  11. kawirider

    2 CRF's stolen in Yuma last night.

    Dude I'm sorry. My dad and I were worried about the same thing so we took some extra measures. We first got the master locks that locks your receiver to your car and that locks your trailer to your receiver. Its a combo deal and its only $20 at walmart. After that we just got THICK chain and ran it through the front tires, rear tires, and the frames. We had to use several chains and lock it off several times otherwise it would get too unwieldy. We locked it off with, once again, super thick master locks. The chain and locks weren't cheap. I wanna say that my dad spent about $90. But $90 is less than $7000 for a new bike. It was a hassle (took me and my dad about 5 minutes to lock/unlock) and it did put some minor dings on various parts of our bikes, but they were safe. Sorry about your loss. Hope this ^^^ helps.
  12. Hey KJ790 is that one of the new Bandit 1250s that I spy?
  13. Yeah I was thinking to just take it easy for a while and not try anything new. As far as suspension: I had it revalved for me but that was when I weighed 160lbs. Now I weigh 180-185. But, since I wasn't too light I kept the stock springs. What are ya'll thinking? 2 or 3 clicks more of compression? I've honestly never adjusted my suspension before. I just was too afraid to mess with it.
  14. The last time I rode was back in June. Yeah I know. I had to regrease my linkage and then all the bearings fell apart and then I didn't have money for parts and then I was too busy to fix it. ANYWAYS, I will be riding dirt this weekend for the first time in about 4 months. I have been riding my streetbike.....but obviously its not even close. Less power, heavier, more traction. On top of that, I'm breaking in new boots and my suspension will be out of adjustment because I have put on 20lbs (of muscle) since I last rode. Recommendations? I hope I remember how to start my bike.
  15. kawirider

    Shock relay arm thingy

    I had to replace the bearings and they are STUCK. I've done absolutely everything and it just wont come out.