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  1. gmoss357

    Opinions on which piston to use

    Same here with Wiseco. I had to run one much longer than I wanted, when money was tight. Was very impressed with how far it went, well over 200 hours. I just them warm up for a minute, but I do that with all my bikes
  2. The polisport i got for my 08 had the tabs on the rear.
  3. gmoss357

    Ktm 250sx or yz250 for offroad

    umm, still, begs the question, you are considering a new YZ? dated chassis. If so, why not consider a new SX, or even an XC? If you want to be like your buddies, then so be it, let that be the reason, but don't make up reasons to move. I have a great relationship with the parts manager at the local Yammy store and buy many parts there for my 3 KTM's. The KTM dealer is 40 min away and I don't buy much of anything there. Don't need to as I can get OEM parts online plenty cheap. I don't need a dealer and won't own another Yamaha as I am plenty happy with my KTM. Respectfully, the only problem you have with your KTM is you don't really know how to take care of an issue when it arises, at least a carb issue. Lower your float level, just about sure, based on what you describe, that is the issue. You have a great bike in the SX.
  4. gmoss357

    Getting familiar with a new bike

    Haha, i did the same several years back when I didn't know better. I like them on the bike as I don't have to use one hand to hold it still. Lol. Sometimes you can tinker too much.
  5. gmoss357

    Ktm 250sx or yz250 for offroad

    So, help me understand, you are looking at switching brands to a dated chassis due to fuel mileage? I thought there was going to be a legit reason we could dicuss. As mentioned, check your float. Also, maybe you are twisting the throttle more. My solution, get an xc tank...
  6. gmoss357

    Spring for 200 lb on 200 exc

    if you have not weighed yourself with gear, you may be surprised. I would say if you are no more than 220 with gear, an 8.8 will be very close. If the shock hasn't been serviced in sometime, then it is time. The oil is trashed.
  7. gmoss357

    Compression on a 2012 150sx

    call him in a couple weeks, he may just be trying to justify keeping it. he may very well flop back the other way soon.
  8. gmoss357

    Compression on a 2012 150sx

    I always like a bike to be cold when I get there to look at it. I like to crank it to see how it cranks cold, then I get it to operating temps and see how it cranks hot. Listening the whole time to how it runs and also paying attn to how it feels when I kick it, does it just blow thru the stroke or does it feel tight. You can also let the weight of your leg push it down and see how easy it goes down.
  9. gmoss357

    Compression on a 2012 150sx

    I don't put much faith in compression testers, and wouldn't let it be a deciding factor. without having a baseline, it pretty much is useless. You can do a topend for around $130 or so, so it's not the end of the world.
  10. gmoss357

    HELP! 2012 KTM 200 XC-W or something better

    The 150 actually has more up top. CC forks, and it is an SX bike vs. a W. for a beginner, between those 2, the 200. will be easier to ride. "better" is perception and really undefinable.
  11. gmoss357

    Spring for 200 lb on 200 exc

    What do you weigh with gear? Has the susp been serviced within the last year or so? There are only a couple spring manufacturers, you just need to decide whether you are going to run straight rate or progressive. Personally, after running both, I prefer the SR. I can get you very close once you answer the questions.
  12. gmoss357

    Getting familiar with a new bike

    why did you remove subframe to put the graphics on? I would rather do it on the bike, more stable. But, everyone has their own way. I probably should, but I have never checked spokes on any of my bikes. lol My 05 went hundreds of hours, of course it was used when I got it. I laced up my current wheels and had them trued. Probably should check them.
  13. gmoss357

    Silencer recommendations?

    It has to do with the turbine style. The old hockey sticks actually have a drain on the bottom that you unscrew from time to time and run the bike to clean out the build up. You swirling the air, which allows the sppoge to collect, cools the exhaust more. But, you may be able to jet it out, but if so, you may end up too lean...
  14. gmoss357

    Beware, Shhhh, a trader is lurking on your forum!

    Something to keep in mind when buying. Resale...
  15. gmoss357

    Looking for first KTM, 200 XCW?

    Bottom ends are very durable. My 05 went nearly 500 hours or so before developing a knock. Typically, the bottom end will let you know, but check the fw for movement, the rod for vertical play when doing the topend. Wouldn't hurt to go ahead and do a top end. go ahead and set x to 0, and have the head milled. You will be very happy you did. Install an hour meter so you can start keeping track. For hours, figure 1.5-2 hours per race or ride.