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  1. So I have been referencing a map provided by I believe Commando which shows all of the colored trails in the Swell, green, blue, orange, red, a light blue and purple trail. I see no trail labeled VJ and I see several references to this trail in other posts. I am curious where the VJ trail is and also if the red trail is also known as the 5 MOH. If so I'm thinking the VJ trail is the purple? Any help?
  2. quick1nick

    Dead Cow Loop, Mary's, etc.

    Is anyone interested in possibly heading down to Green River this weekend and hitting the White Wash/Ten Mile on Sat.? I've got myself and a buddy who want to see if we can round up one or two more to share in the gas expense and head down early Sat. morning (6am or so) and come back that night after dark, we might even consider staying over somewhere Sat. night if we can figure something out that would be SUPER cheap! We are coming down from SLC. We are really wanting to do the Dead Cow Loop, Mary's and any other suggestion that is worth riding in that area. We are both unfamiliar with the trails down there and would love to hook up with someone that knows what's down there, or someone that has maps that are willing to share. Lemme know if interested!
  3. quick1nick

    Green River Pictures

    Let's see if I can even get this to work before I get to excited, testing........ If this works you should see the Blue Castle Mountain and hill climb, hence the reason why it is called the Blue Castle Loop! I think I got it! Here is a picture climbn' the Blue Castle, the picture never does any justice, it's obviously 1,000's of times steeper! LOL This is the view from the top of Blue Castle Another view, endless riding possibilities. Group photo, can you see the trail?? Here's one you might have seen before but it's worth seeing again but it's even sweeter to ride! Another tight section, can you say FLASH FLOOD!? Here's a close up of the tight wash, if you look closely at the top of my helmet you can see a huge gash in it. The day before our fearless leader lead us threw a tunnel that had to of been 100 yards or so and pitch black, couldn't even hardly see out to the other side. Anyway, even with warning to stay low, real low, like chin lower than your handle bars low I must have not been that low and tagged the top of the tunnel. There must have been excess cement hanging from the top because when I hit it I saw stars and it rung my bell. Sweet tunnel anyway, did it again the next day, but when someone tells you to get low............, get REAL low! And last but not least, or at least til I get pics from anther guy in our group I leave you with this last and final pic. If any of you have had the pleasure of meeting or riding with BigBoreRacing you know what a frickn' stud he is. Well during our ride the CoupeD'ville (BigBore's bike) blew out it's front tire and needed a new tube, we were in the middle of nowhere, all I can say is thank goodness for CO2 cartridges and a spare tube! Lenny, you are the man!
  4. quick1nick

    A shout out to G.R.M.A!!!

    Just wanted to give a HUGE shout out to the GRMA and my boy Lenny, AKA BigBore for all their hard work on keeping our riding trails open in Green River and surrounding areas! Lenny I can't tell you enough times what a ridiculously fun weekend we all had out there. We appreciated all your hospitality and guided touring services! You are da man!
  5. quick1nick

    MOAB/10 Mile Wash users-MOAB DRMP released!

    I have had a bad feeling about this day coming. Unfortunately for us I think things are going to get ugly!? I'd hate to see the same thing happen here (Moab) as it did in Factory Butte which is what is outlined in this plan. If you read carefully the OHV community is most affected by this proposal and yet this is the group that has put Moab on the map! I use to think that the Factory Butte area would never be taken away because the Cainville and Hanksville areas thrieved off the OHV community spending dollars, everyone that knows the area knows it's too damn hot for hikers or sight seers but never the less we lost the majority of this area. I realize that not all the area has been closed permanently but the Swing Arm area is not why I traveled the distance to ride that area. I can't remember how many thousands of acres were taken away from us in the Factory Butte area but in a nutshell it is outlined to loose just as much in the Moab area. WE MUST NOT LET THIS HAPPEN!
  6. Yroc, where was that footy taken? It looked like up AF somewhere but there's got to be too much snow up there?
  7. quick1nick

    So what's St. George, Utah like?

    oh did I mention.... :lol: :thumbsup:
  8. quick1nick

    Northern Utah Trail Riders Need to Unite

    I'm in SLC and you can count me in!! I am real concerned about loosing the American Fork trail system (intersects Hebers trail system) sometime in the near future and for that cause I'd like to fight! I am also surprised of the few responses to this topic and I know there are tons of guys out there that ride up there frequently that don't want to loose that trail or any other local trail! I'm always wondering what more I can do and how I can fight for the cause.
  9. quick1nick

    So what's St. George, Utah like?

    Ya, just what bonerman said........."keep the Californians in Cali."
  10. quick1nick

    So what's St. George, Utah like?

    yup, it's pretty unsafe and toooooo many people down there, you don't want to move out there!
  11. quick1nick

    So what's St. George, Utah like?

    So why have I never been able to talk you into ridding down there yet??
  12. quick1nick

    Places to ride in vernal, Ut?

    There is one other spot that looks fun but I've never ridden, there are always one or two trucks/trailers out there and it almost looks like the riding out in the Hanksville/Cainville areas of Utah which is phenominal. The best I can tell you about the area is that it is right off the highway as you are heading into the town of Jensen from Vernal, on your left hand side (I believe that would be the north side of the road). You can't miss it, it's literally right off the road and there are miles and miles of open hills and trails. I was just down in that area with the inlaws for easter weekend and we went to Split Mountain for a picnic and past this area, looked like alot of fun. Do me a favor and if you ever head out that way let me know how it went!
  13. quick1nick

    looking for used ttr125le

    Stick to your guns and don't settle for anything less than the ttr 125, that's the bike I wanted to buy my novice wife for Valentines last year but that's not the bike I ended up with and I have regretted it ever since. I found a smoken' deal on a CR 80 with all the gear and just couldn't pass it up but after the fact I wish she were on a ttr and so does SHE!
  14. quick1nick

    Places to ride in vernal, Ut?

    Well I'll put in my $.02 for the Vernal area, I'm not originally from there but two years ago I married a girl from there and have now inherited some inlaws in the area. I've only been able to drag my bike out there a couple of times because the wife thinks that our trips out there are to see the family and not ! Anyway, the couple times I've been out there I've gone to Doc's Beach which was pretty sweet, there is alot of sand out there however hence the name Beach! I've also been to the Honda Hills which seems to be the local favorite. I've wanted to ride the wash down there that is just before the Ouray turnoff just outside of Vernal but I never see anyone else out there. I've called on it and apparently it still allows cross crountry travel out there but I've never been able to talk the wife into it! I also believe that the one other place I had been is called the Devils Playground which was also very fun. There are tons of places out there, I'm sure you've talked to some of the local dealerships out there, they've always got good ideas and suggestions, if you haven't hit anyone up yet for suggestions try the bike shop right as you come into town, they'll steer you in the right direction!
  15. quick1nick

    Help Save Arch Canyon

    Once again Utah Fire I appreciate the heads up! I sent in my $.02!