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  1. Jake71

    LBL 200 dual sport ride

    It is a good ride. Now that it has cooled down this week and the rain should have settled the dust so better than normal. My only problem is the 1 day entry is the same price as 2 day. Too expensive $100 for a 1 day ride and that's all I can do. You should enjoy this one conditions will be perfect.
  2. Jake71

    Question about Tranny fluid

    Bel ray gearsaver is some good stuff. I have used it a lot over the years. KLotz has some good 2 stroke bottom end oil as well.
  3. Jake71

    Most Aggressive Rear Tire?

    I have been having good success on my 400 tractor with Dun 756 and Mich S12for the rear and Pirrelli scorpion front
  4. Jake71

    filter cleaning

    The chemical cleaners like no toil have gotten so expensive. I keep my "old" gas jug stale / ethanol / paint brush cleaner / etc. and use that for the initial cleaning and then like everyone else sneak in and wash with soap and water before the wife smells your presence.
  5. Jake71

    Should I get a dual-sport?

    Good advice on here. I have a DRZ 400s and it's a great bike but it isn't good enough at either one for me. I bought a KTM 400 exc for the trails and dirt oriented dual sports and I am thinking about trading the DRZ for a more street oriented bike. V strom or such as that.
  6. 05 400exc Just bought the bike and have not had the chance to ride it in the woods yet. I have ridden it around in the yard several times for about 20 minutes each time. The auto clutch seems to work wonderfully except when I start the bike and drop it into gear it will stall every time. It then starts right up in gear just fine. Takes off right above idle. This is my first one and I love it but others don't seem to have this issue. On a side note it is very hard to find neutral on this thing with it running but shut it off and I don't have any problems hitting neutral.
  7. Jake71

    KTM 450 EXC OTD Prices

    Just to let you know what some of the other states are paying....Local stealership here has 09 4 strokes $6500 09 2smokes $5500. Not sure about the 2010's. Go ahead pull the trigger it's just money.
  8. Over the boots have 1 more thing going for them if you have a large calf area. ITB pants further spread out the boots leaving a gap on the outside just waiting to fill up with water and mud. Your feet can stay much cleaner, dryer, warmer in the winter with OTB. I find more room for knee guards in OTB styles as well. Like others have said...Don't have to look like a clown if you have to go into a store, gas station, etc.
  9. Jake71

    enclosed trailer questions

    Get the 16 or 20 if you are going to be working out of it. I have a 6X12 + V and it gets 2-3 bikes and camping gear in it okay but that's about it. 3 adults is about max for sleeping in it.
  10. Jake71

    Dual sport checklist

    Okay I like everyone's suggestions for the poster. Now I want to piggy back off of that and ask is there a comprehensive list of organized dual sport rides somewhere?
  11. This was our 4th trip and we absolutely love riding there. I agree I thought it was the best one yet. Well Saturday was for sure. Friday was pretty sloppy at times. I was on a trials tire and that was the first time I wish I was back on a knobby. That all left on Saturday though. Pretty neat event Spring and Fall.
  12. I'm starting on my detached 28 X 48 garage in about 4 weeks I hope. Looking at a 10' h X 20' w garage door. Won't be big enough but I will be soo glad to wrench in it. Got some ideas from you guys on how to set up the inside. Not my thread but keep them coming!
  13. My 300exc is the first bike I have owned with one and I love it. I go from about 1 or 2 for tight woods to about 4 on faster fire roads.
  14. Jake71

    hello from tennessee..

    Wave as you pass me on the trail at Loretta's. We will be camping out of a red enclosed trailer.
  15. Jake71

    Cowgirl NOT wreckin!!!!

    Looks like a lot of good riding.