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  1. BergArabia

    What 2003 YZ450F issues to look out for?

    I had a 2005 YZ450F back in the day, but I bought it new so the maintenance issues were no surprises. Very reliable for sure. With a bike that old however I would expect to be looking at worn/fatigued rubber parts, things like fork seals, hoses, I would also expect the carb may need a good clean and maybe some attention. You will prolly also have to by new air filters, possibly new bushes and refresh the suspension. You can check if the valves are in spec, but if it starts easily that would also be a clue.
  2. I did my first ever enduro race this March.. wow that was intense. hardest work I have ever done I think. But a lot of fun..
  3. BergArabia

    water pump leaking??

    I have a 2012 ktm 350 sxf with 13 hours which is leaking drop by drop from the water pump as of this morning. I can on the forum here to get some advice on this. As this is a 2012 model and these posts were in 2010 it seems bizarre if this is still the same problem. Surely you would think they would have fixed the seal by now. But I think i better have a look, unless someone else has a better idea.
  4. Hmm thought just occurred to me. I change oil at least once every 5 hours but then I ride in the desert and it is kind of hard on the bike. Changing oil frequently has many benefits including making sure the oil level is consistent..
  5. I have a '10 KTM 530 with 115 hours, No oil used by mine but I use Mobil fully synthetic 15-50. Maybe 10 40 is too light. But could it be rings? That should indicate lower compression.. How long has it been since new piston?..
  6. BergArabia

    And my wife... she goes a flying...

    To the OP.. No reflection on your wife but it reminds of of an incident that might have been a few months ago. I was down at my staging area in the desert, which is open and next to the beach. It is an open staging area so good value if you want to do some showing off to whoever may be there (usually some random people around) So I often get folks come to ask for a picture with the bike etc, (bikes are a bit of a novelty as most people ride quads here). So this young very attractive young woman pulls up in a 4x4 car. Doing the whole big eyes, winking, evil woman wiles etc routine on me and she asks me can she ride my bike. You can imagine the horror in my mind. I had just spent 10 mins and had just got half way through getting my gear on and she rocks up in street clothes and want to try out the bike. (Said bike is a KTM530exc). Who wants to say no to an attractive young lady but it took me about a nanosecond to see where this could go so I just told her sorry she was not riding my bike. I put it down to one of those weird in the gulf experiences, could be some local girl who had slipped out with her, or worse still, her brother's or father's car and was right into shaking off the restraints. Somehow I just had this picture of her dead or in hospital and me in a very grotty jail cell or lying under a pile of sand somewhere with blood oozing from the big slash across my neck.. sometimes you just have to say no..
  7. BergArabia

    Dirt biking mainly a blue collar sport?

    Some of my current and former riding buddies include; A British Ambassador, Several Project managers of multi-million dollar projects, An international business lawyer, Financial Services Managers, Various engineers (oil, construction, mechanical) College lecturers, A construction business CEO, etc. etc. Some blue collar... maybe, if you count the guys from the bike shop as blue collar.. but biking, out here, at least, is pretty much a leisure activity for Western Expats who tend to be professionals.
  8. BergArabia


    I ride almost exclusively in the sand, with a little bit of gravel plain riding on occasions just for a little variety but almost all sand. My 690 Enduro R and my 11 530EXC both came with handguards as standard equipment. The 690 guards are really solid and are secured at both ends, the 530 guards were significantly less solid and the outside edge is not secured to the handlebar. I found that for riding in sand the handguards are more of a nuisance than a benefit. When the bike is on its side in the sand the handguards act as a scoop and resist your efforts to pull the bike sideways if it is lying in a awkward position. This means you have to muscle the bike up even if it is lying downwards on a steep dune. This is inconvenient and annoying. I have never hurt my hands while riding (no trees here) and I can't see that the sand is going to damage the controls in a get off so I have taken the guards off. They are safely in a box with other stuff I consider useless or nuisance for riding in the sand, like the tail unit with lights and indicators.. Just saying handguards may have their place but I don't see them as universally required or even advisable in every situation.
  9. BergArabia

    How bad do you have it?

    Yep I got it bad too. When not riding or wrenching on the bike I am reading about them, or on here or thinking about tweaks or buying a new one etc. It is a healthy diversion from work IMHO, when I am at work I mostly think about work so it is a way of putting the work behind me when I get home..
  10. BergArabia

    changing 690 enduro -> 450 exc

    I have a 530exc and a 690ER. I find they are hugely different and for purely offroad the 530 is faster and easier to ride. Especially in high speed whoops and jumping. I imagine the 450exc would be similar to the 530.
  11. BergArabia

    690 Enduro R stability on Sand

    I have just come back from a 100km ride through the desert on my 690. Since I first posted this thread I have let some air from my tires. I have backed the clickers out to 'comfort mode' that is 15 clicks out all round and the ride today was hugely improved over the previous rides before adjustments. I am at the point where I can see that the bike is going to work for me in the desert. And I love the creamy smoothness of the engine. On the sides of the dunes and going up the dunes it was just humming along today like I was hardly even bothering it. Now I should qualify all the above with the note that the last couple of days it has been windy as heck here and it has even rained a bit. So the sand generally is very firm and a lot of the tracks in the whoops have been washed out and flattened. I did however find some rutted whoops and the rear end was fairly nicely planted today even at speeds approaching 60mph so that is good. So the backend is nicely planted but the front end dives like crazy every time I back off the throttle even if I am on flat or the slightest decline. So I am having to keep on the throttle to keep that front from digging in. i suppose that is got practice for me but I notice that it digs in a lot more than my 530. The other thing is that although the rear is nicely planted, I am getting a fair bit of headshake at higher speeds. So maybe more attention to the front suspension and maybe even a steering stabilizer? The bike has less than 1000 miles and I am already seeing bad wear on the bottom edge of the seat. That is a bit disappointing. I guess my riding pants are wearing it there up near the fake tank. I need to ride that way to corner etc in the sand I find. Otherwise, I can say that I am very pleased and I look forward to some very enjoyable desert riding on this bike..
  12. BergArabia

    Re-mapping 690 with TuneECU

    I will be interested in this. If Tuneecu can be used on the 690, it looks like a very simple connection is required from a PC to the ecu. EDIT: I notice that crankshaft has just called attention to the fact that tuneecu will be offering support for KTM690 soon.. As I said, will be keeping an eye on this. Thanks Letterj.
  13. Dumb question. How regularly is regularly. I change oil on my 530s every 5-8 hours of riding. I have a 690 and was thinking I should get a longer cycle than that, for my street bikes it is like every 3000 km or per year whichever comes first (usually per year) but I am thinking for the 690 maybe every 1500 km. I ride it in sand in the desert..
  14. BergArabia

    KTM 690 rear end swapping in whoops

    Good luck and please let us know how this goes..
  15. BergArabia

    690 Enduro R stability on Sand

    Thanks mate..