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    Southern California Trails

    No, they've all been closed. They used our green and red sticker fees to fence off and close everything down. Great thing is WE DON'T CARE!!! I'm sure you'll get some guys to chime in and help you out. If your ever a couple hours (2-3) north towards Ridgecrest let me know, we have plenty off closed off stuff we ride...you know, keeps the riff raff out....mostly Monday-Friday but can make exceptions.

    Where did you ride?

    Man I love riding during the week!!! Thanks Gflo for the nice ride yesterday. We did about 35 miles of some nice singletrack and never saw a sole. I'm not really into my 525 but it's plated and we can get in and out of certain areas without the tell tale staging nearby. Looking forward to our next exploring adventure...wonderland revisited Oh, and as a side note we only hit the pct by mistake

    California motorcyle safty program

    I took the same one msgtretired took. Like he said, bring your own helmet and if you want gloves bring your own. The guys giving the class know if you know how to ride and only harp on you if your no doing it exactly like they want it done....you know, don't cover your levers and don't hotdog. It's the way to go to get your M1 plus your insurance is cheaper if you have that card.

    Southern Sequoia Trail Rides - Ongoing

    I've spent hours up there with a mattock, shovel, pick and tamper working trails....some of the oldest that are the deepest we have a harder time with trying to keep them filled as the closer they are to town the more use they get. Other problem is, people make the long drive up there and don't want to be denied so they ride even if it isn't good for the trail. Not sure how much rain Joe is getting but I'm 35 miles as the crow flies and we've gotten rain all day here. I was going to be riding some premium trails near here with my son but will probably check down to the desert as not to turn these trails into ruts.

    Southern Sequoia Trail Rides - Ongoing

    No, just means you ride where it won't trench out the trails and turn them into giant rutted trails. Unlike the dez, those trails up there will be muddy and turning a great trail into groove is stupid.

    Krannie's 'Just Right ' Rides Thread

    haha. Just edited mine to say the same thing...NICE

    Krannie's 'Just Right ' Rides Thread

    Those are only for weekend warriors, during the week it's how we figure we're on the right trails. Brown ones are for $h1tty trails usually all whooped out. Red is for experienced riders. We also found several trails that haven't been used EVER.....

    Southern Sequoia Trail Rides - Ongoing

    Thought I might make it but my oldest is coming up for the weekend I found out just last night. So we're going to do a ride in to the backside of (UN-named mostly illegal) and hopefully get some rain while we're out. Really disappointed to know Bill might be up there too. Being retired the boss keeps me hopping on the weekends and this was supposed to be one of my off ones. Hopefully you guys don't get rained out, looks like it might be light for the most part. Joe, I will be up there soon...


    Alex, I think you can answer that for yourself. Are you inclined to keep up with the maintenance of the R? Because it revs out higher and has a tendency to wear internal parts faster (valves esp). Are you willing to tear into the top end regularly to do inspections? I don't know how you ride or how often and if pismo is the only riding you'll be doing so couldn't tell you how much work you would be looking at... So I'd look at it as work. What your willing to do as far as maintenance is the bike I'd look at. The R is going to be THE bike, but the F is going to be a lot less WORK.

    Southern Sequoia Trail Rides - Ongoing

    Not this week, got some stuff I'm doing around here on the weekend. I usually don't ride on the weekend but riding up there I'll make an exception lol. I'll have to get up there while we're still getting these pop up showers.

    Southern Sequoia Trail Rides - Ongoing

    may be up there Friday working with Chris (SOS) on a couple trails.
  12. jelly, cuz jam don't shake that that
  13. I've had these on my 300 for two years and never had a problem. Had the IRC's on before that and they never gave me a problem, only went with STI's because they were on sale.

    Off-Road Motorcycle Project

    You can give mine to the Sierra Club or whoever. We ride areas that use to be open and are now closedown. By the way, 44 years of hard work are what trashed my body, a couple of broken bones....that was done having fun.

    Where did you ride?

    Welcome to the great sport of dirt biking, if your anything like the rest of us....you'll find that the next ride always seems to take forever to get here. Is that your kids bike next to yours?