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  1. Punisher660

    New year, new ACL

    well its been a couple more weeks and I am starting to push the weight a little more. Upto 160 with the bad leg now.woohoo What type of exercizes are you guys doing for stabalization.
  2. Punisher660

    Enclosed Trailer Setups

    Thanks for the info! It might take me a little while to get it done, but great ideas for sure.
  3. Punisher660

    Enclosed Trailer Setups

    I have thought about walling it off, but I do use the front ramp too often to do that. Did mounting the cabinet on the opposite side of the front ramp make it tough to get machines in and out of the front? When you wired the trailer yourself, did you just use standard romex? Also, when you put the windows in, I take it the nibblers are to cut the aluminum sheeting, but what did you do about the studs? Any pictures during construction?
  4. Punisher660

    Enclosed Trailer Setups

    That silver one was a great looking trailer - too bad you sold it. So here is a couple of questions for you all: - Did you put windows in after you bought the trailer, and if so how difficult is it to do? - How have you setup your electrical to run the florescent lights? - How are you charging your batteries? I'm getting some pretty good ideas from here, but unfortunately I have a v-nose with the front ramp, so I can't really do a workbench as much as I would like to.
  5. Punisher660

    New year, new ACL

    What are you guys doing for rehab exercises? I was going to a PT next door to my gym, and basically all he had me do was the bicycle, elliptical, leg-press, balance exercise, stretching, and the rubber bands. At $30 a visit after insurance - that got expensive quick. I went for a couple of months and couldn't afford to go any more. My mobility is 99.5% compared to my good leg, but strength still seems to be an issue. My ACL surgery was in Oct and my leg still feels weak. I rode quads a couple of weeks ago, and it wasn't too bad (just putting around on the grizzly), but jogging seems like it will still be a long ways off. What are you guys doing and how often? I bike 3 miles, walk a mile, and leg-press 140lbs every other day(on just the bad leg). Any more weight than that, and the joint seems to ache - I can do a whole lot more than that on my good leg..what else should I be doing?
  6. Punisher660

    Enclosed Trailer Setups

    Does anyone have pics of a trailer with big 4x4 ATVs as well as bikes? A lot of these setups are really nice and clean which is easy to do with only two wheelers, but as soon as you throw some full size quads in the mix, your floor space is all gone and I don't have any setup ideas to work around this. My trailer is a 27' v-nose (8 foot wide), and pretty much everything is crammed up at the front. I have shelves to hold the gear bags, but that is about it. I usually haull 3 Grizzlys, 1 YFZ 450, and 4 bikes at a time. Its crowded in there, and its a big trailer - I would like to see others with a similar setup if you have pics. TIA
  7. Punisher660

    e track

    The e-track is a pain on the floor, but I just hit the floor with a power washer once in a while and then immediately dry it. I would have gone with the wall mount, but it didn't feel as secure.
  8. I've had a TH, I currently have an enclosed trailer and a MH - here is my take: The TH is nice, but they tend to break more because people tend to be a little rougher on them. The MH uses the same components, but there is no way I would take the MH into the same places I would take the TH, so it doesn't get the abuse. The enclosed is nice and I have WAY more storage than my TH did - I haul 3 full sized 4x4 quads, a sport quad, 4 bikes, and all of our camping gear. It sleeps just fine for a "guys" ride, but is a little too primitive for the wife - the porta potty and portable shower just doesn't do it for the girls....they need the mirror and outlets to camp as well. If I were to do it again, I would get a TH that didn't have a bed up front (just the bathroom because they tend to be bigger bathrooms) and that particular floor plan has a lot of storage. For what you have, an enclosed is overkill for bike room and when you price out the components, it is really expensive to convert to a TH. If you find a cheap used TH, you can always sell it and upgrade when you need more room. Just my $.02
  9. Punisher660

    Diesel trucks

    The styling of my 07 DOG (Dodge) might be a little dated compared to your Ford, but at least I can afford to drive it since I do a bit better than 11mpg With tires properly inflated and a light foot, I get 20 - 21 mpg on the hwy 07Megacab 5.9 auto 4x4
  10. Punisher660

    Enclosed Trailer Setups

    Did you buy it like that, or build it? If you built it - WOW - nice job. Looks factory.
  11. IMO a dually is overkill and will net you poor milage. It is built for hauling HEAVY loads. With the added contact patch of the extra tires, its like running 37" mudders. The mileage is also high for that price. I have seen plenty of 03' 6.0 (non dually) with only 70K miles going for $10k - $13k. As for the motor, I would stay away from anything that has been chipped or piped as they were probably hard on the motor. If its stock, I would bet your fine. There were issues with the 6.0, but not every one of them had the issue.
  12. Punisher660

    What's in your riding backback/bag?

    It depends on where I'm riding, but for the woods or desert, I carry the following: 8, 10, 12, 14mm open/box end (wratchet type) T handle with 6, 8, 10, 13, 14mm, and phillips socket 5,6,7,8,9,10 mm allen sockets Leatherman pocket chainsaw emergency blanket rain poncho water zip ties ducttape electrical tape some wire 4 small files flat tip and phillips screwdrivers small flashlight matches spark plug a few granola bars gps spare batteries spare tiedown extra master link knife a few first aid supplies helmet cam digital camera SD cards a small set of vice grips wallet cell phone truck keys and some TP Yes, my pack gets heavy at times, but I have used every single one of those items at least a few times and I have rescued more people than I care to remember.
  13. Punisher660


    SHIFTER - what track is that?
  14. Punisher660

    Is a new crank worth the money?

    ... and valves. now your done
  15. Punisher660

    valve question

    Well, I went back to the garage and used a glob of grease on a drill bit, drilled through the plug and then used an easy out. I was a little nervous, but it did work well and I was able to make sure nothing got in the head. I had read the page about HOW to do the valves, I just wasn't sure about the clearances. I figured I'm through the tough part. I was really dreading the plug removal, but now that its done, I might as well just get it done right.