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  1. Alyx

    KLX 300 Street Conversion Kit

    Yeah the Legal plated KLX300's are rare, I have one but thats because it was plated back in the 90's. They are out there but if yours isn't plated already you wont be able to now with the changes to the laws in recent years here in Cali. bummer for sure.
  2. So a guy is parting out his bike, a 1994 KLX 250. I wanted to know if the Gas Tank and the Seat would fix on my 1997 KLX 300? Thanks in advance!
  3. Alyx

    jumping a ttr 225

    I wouldn't. Strong advice. Trail bikes don't do well on mx tracks.
  4. Alyx

    TTR 225 lean on acceleration

    Have you done any modification or is the air intake and exhaust all stock?
  5. Alyx

    need help with ttr225 lighting

    Well for starter, remove one of the bulbs and see what the difference is, 70 watts is a lot of power to draw off the factory stator. I run a single dual watt bulb, low beam is like 20W and the high bean is like 60W, the high beam over draws on the battery but i've had no problems with the low beam on my wifes 225.
  6. Alyx

    need help with ttr225 lighting

    It drains the battery with the bike running or when the bike is off or both?
  7. Alyx

    Updating the ttr225 thread.

    It would seem I am unable to edit the image links for the Carb portion of the thread I posted for ever ago! Little mod help? I also need to get the images hosted somewhere as I have let my hosting site lapse, due to financial crunch!!! please feel free to email me directly at the email address below. change the words to numbers to complete the email address. Also please do not type the email address out as completed, so bots and spiders can spam the heck out of me. Thx alyx SIX EIGHT ZERO at gmail dot com
  8. Alyx

    2001 TTR 225 Plastics

    Hope the wifey is ok!
  9. Alyx

    TT-R 225 and TT-R 230 mods thread.

    OMG. My post is still useful! hehe good to see this bike still has a following!
  10. Alyx

    Just dropping in...

    wait hows this.... Spam response to hit 1000 posts LOL
  11. Alyx

    Just dropping in...

    Well with the new job a couple years back no time to surf at work anymore and I am back in college too... Then last year after the wife in hospital deal I just have shifted life focus But I do miss this place even some of the inane and asinine questions.
  12. Alyx

    Just dropping in...

    Just dropping in to say hi Since I haven't been on but maybe 5 times this year. Just check'n on my old romp'n grounds
  13. I own 3 4 strokes and 1 2 stroke.
  14. Alyx

    Something unique about your bike?

    Well the wife is still recovering Dr's said minimum recovery time would be 6 months but they expect it to take about a year. Life is mostly on track now but I only got out to ride 2 times this winter because of the whole wife's accident thing... Thats not whats important though I am just happy I still have my loved ones Thanks for asking!