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  1. chromedome

    which neckbrace is better?leatt or alpinestar

    I have worn a Leatt for years now....just recently switched to an Atlas neck brace that is manufactured by Matrix. To each is to own...I really liked my leatt...but when Atlas came out with their brace I couldn't help but notice and like their design...the key aspect that sold me on the atlas and why my leatt is now on a shelf in my garage is that the leatts back piece goes straight down the midddle of your spine...I've heard stories of different guys kinda getting scorpioned by the back piece on the spine....now the atlas has two different back pieces that rest on the outside of your spine...I saw a interview with the guy who designed the atlas and his basic take on neckbraces was...since the leatt was introduced all the other co. Have just basically mimiked the leatt....no one had gone outside of the box and tried to come up with a better design...the foam padding that's on the inside is designed to despearse the impact around the brace instead of transferring all of it to your body on impact...also the front support has a bit of a hinged suspension design where as all the other neck braces just rest on your chest plate...so at impact its already pressing down before you even hit...like I said I wore a leatt for years...comfy and gives you a safer feeling having it on....but for me the atlas has a much better and kind of an updated design...hope this helps and good luck
  2. chromedome

    How many of you have not gone EFI yet

    Kinda funny to read this....I've been riding and racing an 08 yami 450 since 09. Bike had tooooons of hours on it...talked with my mechanic about what it'd cost me to rebuild my motor....vs. cost of a new bike...obviously the rebuild was gonna be much cheaper so I went that route....now i really wanted a new or newer 10-12 efi yz 450 but decided to wait a few years...I know a guy who choose to go the opposite direction and bought a brand new yami 450 2010....he has about 100 hours total on the bike and is currently waiting for a new throttle response sensor....that no one had in the states so he has had to wait weeks for it to be shipped from Japan!!!! Its funny....like I said I had wanted to go the new route.....and once I heard this story I was much happier I stuck with my trusty ol carb bike....from what he said they seem to be having issues around 100 hrs with this perticular sensor....that's just crazy to me to have 100 hrs on a motor that isn't rode say at a pro level and its already crapping out....especially for a $9000 bike!!!! Just keep your carb jets/float/etc clean and you'll be good IMHO!
  3. chromedome

    Any 40+ guys here?

    I'm not 40+ just yet...I'm 32 at this point...I know a young pup lol...sittin here with a crushed talus and navicular and all kinds of tissue tendon etc damage...so needless to say...at this point waiting for surgery...all kinds of fun...pins plates etc....anyway....even at this point my goal is to race competively till I'm thinking mid 50s at the soonest....I think from what I've read you've already answered your one question to a point....there's just guys like us who how can I put it....don't feel like "themselves" unless they ride...I can tell you this...after a day of good racing or even a real good day of training and practicing at any mx track for me....I leave like I'm on a cloud...if I'm hitting good lines fast...for me lol...and stickin the landings and just flowing...I feel great on the way home...and all the bs of life isn't so bad....now...no riding and just going thru the motions of life...for me...freakin totally blows lol....like you said...it feels like I'm just sittin around rusting up...injuries will happen wether you ride or just live life....hell my fiance has a cracked tailbone at the moment from just slippin and landing on her rear just right....things happen...wether its a crushed ankle from riding...or a slip and fall from a few stairs and a bad step....the one thing I will say...and this applies id say from what I can tell since I hit 30....half of the battle once you hit the "vet classes" is fitness....I've had lots of down time since my injury and read all kinds of things I can find to just keep me occupied...anyway...I read an article on vet racers somewhere....and the biggest thing they stressed was the older you get...the harder it is to obviously recover from injury or just banging on your body in general....they stated which I think we can all understand...that the better shape you are in....the better off you are....bicycling....pushups...eating healthy etc...all plays a huge part when it comes to hitting those 100ft tables you mentioned....fitness so you don't get as tired...and proper fundamentals...and before you know it you'll be rippin again....I figure once I get going again I'm gonna take the advice of the old saying....crawl before you walk...walk before you run....and once I'm running again....piiiiin it! I wish you luck bud! And like a few have mentioned....hell we only have one life....live it....and imho that isn't on the couch its railing a rut or scrubbin a jump....good luck!
  4. I've had everything from Fox Forma Pros years back....then went to and Alpinestar Tech 8....rode those for a few years....when they started falling apart I got a pair of SG 10s....raced and rode those for about 4 years or so...and just recently got the SG 12s....hands down the SG 12 is by far the most comfy boot I've ever owned...the weight difference between the 10 and 12s is unbelievable!!!! I mean it has to be atleast a few pounds different....I have heard great things about Sidi boots but yet have to wear a pair....I have a sponsership through Gaerne so its hard to pass up the price on such great boots....I love em and id highly recommend a pair of 12s to anyone! Hope this helps
  5. chromedome

    Fox V2 or One Gamma?

    I have two friends who have well one of them had the v2 the other the gamma....the friend with the v2 ended up going over the bars over a double at a local track...broke the whole front in pieces...he was ok aside from where his teeth and lip came together was torn clean off.....what we only could figure out was that it had to have been from the neck strap somehow must of just moved just right....the gammas do seem to be cheap imho...visors are junk....I honestly would look at maybe just a tad bit higher end helmet......most of the 13 stuff is out so the 12 stuffs going on sale...I know BTO motorsports had some nice bell moto 9 helmets on sale for real cheap.....I have always worn Troy Lee....comfy and can take a hard hit....I've hit my head plenty of times racing n practicingand only one time did I get knocked out.....hell I had a guy run my head over going up Mt St Helens at Glen Helen.....walked away from that in a TLD helmet....luckily....imho you only get one head...one brain....so spending $300 on a helmet is sure cheaper than being a veggie
  6. Hey guys I just recieved my pants in the mail....I found that on Skins website that they were clearing out 05 pants...I personally careless if they are this years model....especially for $35 a peice....hell my bro just bought a pair of pants for $85 and I got 2 pairs for $70!
  7. chromedome

    Race Around the Lake results???

    Any of you guys know where I can find the results of Saturdays races???? I am a bit curious how I placed.....In the begining of the second lap someone hit me from behind when he cased the double made it for a long rest of the race.....I think from what I read on the board when you get scanned that I got 22nd.....just a bit curious......anyone know where I can find this? I talked to another guy and he said he thought he got 42nd so I am a bit curious how many were in my class.....Thanks in advance
  8. chromedome

    Race Around The Lake ?

    From what I know each class has a practice lap/check out the course lap before your race.....as for the check in I am not to sure.....personally I was planning on going a few hours before my class just to check things out and enjoy the lake for a bit....I also have a question that someone might know..... IS THERE A CERTAIN COLOR FOR EACH CLASS WHEN IT COMES TO NUMBERS AND PLATES????
  9. chromedome

    Santa Clarita Date Question

    LMFAO!!!!I personally dont think that would go over good...but funny as hell.....If you are pressed for time there are plenty of things to do.....make it a Blockbuster night....I personally liked to take my dates offroading at night in my truck when there was nothing better to do....if you dont have a truck that could be a problem......go watch the sun go down.......it doesnt always take a lot of $$$$$ or a fancy place to impress a lady just be creative!!!
  10. chromedome

    Beginner off road race in SoCal???

    Im in the same boat as you....I decided to enter the Race Around the Lake at Castaic Lake.....was suppose to be this weekend but got pushed back to the last weekend in October due to the fire up in Pryamid Lake area.....not suppose to be the best race out there from what I have read but hey you have to start somewhere...maybe I will see you there.
  11. Very interesting replies guys. I appreciate all of the great ideas. I hear all of you on the whole degree thing but it just isnt my cup of tea. I am not the 4 year kind of guy. More the trade school kind. But thanks for all the input.
  12. Thanks for the responses guys....I have thought about welding.....motorcycle mechanic....these two werent really recommended from the people I have talked to as in regards to what I want to end up working in the long run.... I was considering plumbing or possibly carpentry or electrician...... Another thing that keeps running through my head is computers......I honestly am an outside person. But, the other day I was thinking about my extra cirricular activities....(riding) then the thought came through my head of that one day when it all goes sour/crash and get hurt pretty good....if I work a Blue Collar job.....not very good. If I was working on computers the wrenches and tools are alot smaller and need less effort. NOW DONT GET ME WRONG!!!! I am NOT LAZY at all....just an idea that ran through my mellon. Does anyone have any idea what would be a good field to look into.... (Also not to put a damper on a idea mentioned prior by fastmike......but if my backround would allow this opportunity I would jump on it in a heartbeat) lets just say that I had a little tiny bit of fun as a kid that haunts me when it comes to law enforcement jobs. Damn, my parents really did know what they were talking about when I was a teen!
  13. Hey guys and gals....I am looking for some advice. I hope that I can get away with this in the topic category. Anyhow....I am came to the realization today at the Sand Sports Expo in Orange County that I need to look into a CAREER! I am 26 love our sport almost as much as my girlfriend if not just as much . I am currently working two fulltime jobs. Have been doing this for almost 3 years now. Both are basically deadend jobs. Today my girlfriend and I were walking around and looking at toy haulers and sandrails and everyother type of toy any man would want under the sun......when it HITS ME!!!! HARD! I am just an average american income wise, and that is working 2 fulltime jobs. I dont want to sound like a money hungry punk but I want one....a rail and a toy hauler, and a home to put them at. And the way things are right now....this will only be a pipe dream unless I change somethings! So this is where I need your help.....I am trying to brainstorm what type of field or career I should be looking into. I am not so much the college type of guy...ie.(4 year university) more thinking along the lines of trade schools. What do you do for a living...what would you recommend? Mods...that is why I put this thread in under this topic..(The owners are here)please dont move it! I really appreciate any insight or advice that anyone can give. Just as I am sure that my girlfriend will.....the day that I pull up with that toy hauler... Thanks in advance..
  14. chromedome

    Old fat guy on a YZ125?

    Actually I just checked the weight differences arent much. The 125 at 190lbs dry weight and the 250 at 211.6lbs dry. So IMHO if you are looking for a "light" bike 21.6lbs really isnt that much of a difference especially with double the power! Just something to think about.
  15. chromedome

    Old fat guy on a YZ125?

    I am about 175 and I personally would never buy a 125. The 250 really isnt to uncontrolably powerful....it has plenty when you need it...as for the light weight issue check to see how much of difference there really is.. I would recommend the 250 personally...do you possibly know anyone that you could try there bike?