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    riding dirtbikes, moddin my new 50
  1. so it only goes down to first but wont go down into neutral?
  2. 03sik50

    "hey can i try your bike?"

    pretty simple....NO
  3. 03sik50

    Need opinions on modding klx 110

    non are going to make some huge power gain where your going to go holy crap! Get whatever pipe you think looks the best (as long as its not the powercore4, first model) and get a filter. Go one up on the pilot and maybe one on the main jet.
  4. 03sik50

    KLX 110 for an 8 year old? vs. Pitster Pro MX 110 SS, etc.

    just don't get the rational of you thinking the pitster is an all around better bike than the klx. Get the knockoff...it'll be rad
  5. 03sik50

    KLX 110 for an 8 year old? vs. Pitster Pro MX 110 SS, etc.

    go with the klx. The aftermarket options are endless. The quality and reliability is by far the best option. As he gets older you can mod it to his liking or just sell it.
  6. 03sik50

    Track Membership Fees?

    most tracks here are a 20-25 dollar yearly membership paid once and then anywhere from 20-30 dollars a day to ride plus 10 for any spectator.
  7. 03sik50

    Boots,, need opinions

    Gaerne sg10's
  8. 03sik50

    i need some help dissambeling engine

    take off the two 10mm bolts like xlr said and the head will come right off.
  9. 03sik50

    Mx Tv coverage lame

    if SX was produced the same way MX is then there wouldn't be as many people watching that either. Yes the more core fans love and follow outdoors but the way to push forward and garner more viewing is to have better time slots. Hell the announcing is already better. I would much rather listen to weige and emig than that other toolbag that swings from JS7's stuff.
  10. 03sik50

    Mx Tv coverage lame

    There is no excuse for this bullshit coverage. The whole dual day comes on at 12am crap isn't helping get viewers at all. Yes I know the old days yadda yadda but that was then - this is now-2012! Imagine if you were just a casual fan wanting to watch. How the hell would you even keep up let alone find the race on t.v. Get the races off this fuel tv crap and get it onto speed or atleast do one day races. I don't care if its sunday or what, just have it all in one day.
  11. 1 hour before it decides to takes a left turn through your cases.
  12. 03sik50

    TUSK Clutch kit? Any good?

    I've got about 18 hours on mine(crf250r) and it's held up pretty good for the price. Just lately is getting really light during motos so I ordered some EBC springs. Will check the fibers and see how the clutch looks.
  13. 03sik50

    big news on supercross schedule?

    A few very serious possibilities: 1. They are bringing back camel joe as the main sponsor and spraying the sides of the jumps with that green shit(remember that?) 2. All electric bikes as there is a govt. conspiracy to eliminate mx riding 3. All races will have an indoor / outdoor section like the MEC 4. Free beer at all events 5. Free admission to all the "bros". This mainly applies to the CA rounds. 6. cement whoops 7. 2 stroke class
  14. 03sik50

    Tampa Bay area riders

    possibly hitting up Bartow on sunday.
  15. 03sik50

    Carb Cleaner on Honda Aluminum Frame

    wd-40 and scotchbrite pad for future use as well