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    Dirt biking. halo. tmaxx. (just dont have enough time)
  1. xdirtbikerx

    sikk 125 trail/mountian bike?

    Thanks for the FX bikes link, that was the first time i ever heard of it. it had some cool video clips of the bike being ridden. sikk needs to do some of those, if thier bike is up to it! thanks for the info. mike.
  2. xdirtbikerx

    sikk 125 trail/mountian bike?

    At the sand show last weekend i sat on this 125 4 stroke, cross between a mountain bike and a motocross bike. It weighed 160 lbs, looked pretty cool for a bike to ride around like a mountain bike only with motor. I cant find any reviews about the bike anywhere. anyone know anything about it or how it rides or how dependable it is? you can see it on sikkmx.com thanks, mike.
  3. xdirtbikerx

    my pig at 9000ft

    Sitting at my desk, seeing those photos, Im ruined for the rest of the day. that looks like a good time, lucky!
  4. xdirtbikerx

    Johnny Campbells rear tire model and size?

    Thats some great info, thanks, i was noticing my friend has a maxxis rear on his xr and it seems to be wearing pretty good for him also. thanks, next trip to chaparral and i am going to pick up tires. thanks for the real life tire usage, i love thumper talk for that, you can cut right through all the advertising BS and get the real world scoop. thanks again. mike
  5. xdirtbikerx

    Johnny Campbells rear tire model and size?

    Thanks, i have been searching all the tire info people have left for the 650. that will just confuse you more. IRC, teraflex, pirelli, maxxis, dunlop, chen shin, I swear you can find someone who will say each one of those was the best tire they ever had. so I thought i would try whatever johnny campbell was using and see how that worked for me. I used to use the Dunlop desert AT when i had a CR 500 and i liked it then, so maybe I will like it on the 650. Thanks again for your help,. mike.
  6. Anyone know what tire and size Johnny Campbell uses for Baja? I know the Honda team runs Dunlop, so it is probally a desert AT, But anyone know for sure the model and size?
  7. xdirtbikerx

    Dirt Rider 24 Hour Test

    Great post. I have reciently became interested in the husky te 450, after seeing the ad on the husky website that says they are 50 state street legal. I have 2 bikes, a crf 250 for the track and a street legal xr650r. but the crf 250 lacks a little horsepower, and the xr is so heavy. but the husky is 70 pounds lighter than the xr. Im thinking maybe i should sell both bikes and just get the Husky to do both my track riding and some trail riding. What do you think? Before the crf and the xr i have had a 98 yz 250, a 92 cr 500, a yamaha IT490 a xr 500,
  8. xdirtbikerx

    Cant find rear shock rebound adjuster!!!

    Took my bike out last night up to Cleveland nat forest behind my house, before going, i looked where you said, i feel pretty stupid now but there it was. pretty small, compared to my yz, but there none the less, awesome!, i gave it a couple of clicks and it is noticeably better, maybe a couple more clicks next time and i will start dialing it to my liking, thanks again. mike.
  9. xdirtbikerx

    Cant find rear shock rebound adjuster!!!

    I will double check there soon as i get home from work, I suppose i could have "missed" it when i was looking, and i really REALLY hope its there. it is bone stock exsept for a baja designs light kit and uncorked. thanks. mike.
  10. I looked all over the bottom of the shock, (like on my yz) but didnt see any adjuster, i checked the service manuel but it didnt mention it either. is there any rebound adjustment on the rear shock? its a 2000 xr650r. would appriciate any help, the rear feels like a pogo stick over most high speed choppy stuff. thanks.
  11. xdirtbikerx

    Sag setting for xr650r

    What should my sag be, my weight is 180 and i do mostly desert and trail riding, at a fairly aggressive pace. stock suspension, uncorked. thanks.
  12. xdirtbikerx

    Fmf Q Pipe, Anyone Have 1? Like It?

    Thanks for all the input, sounds like a majority vote for the Q. thanks again, mike.
  13. xdirtbikerx

    Two Stroke Forum Vote

    I'm with you, T-h-u-m-p-e-r T-a-l-k. where is the thump in a two stroke, it would sort of take the thump out of thumper. I have both, but two strokes need a separate place, like BT, (brapp talk) or PT (ping talk) it could be the same format and all but should be separate. Just my opinion. for whats it worth. Later, mike.
  14. Beaumont Ca. has a area they are supposed to be setting up as a OHV area. I read a article about it a year ago and at that time it sounded like it was going to actually happen. But i haven't heard anything since. Anyone know anymore about it? Thanks, Mike.
  15. Beaumont California has a area slated to be a OHV area. I read a article about a year ago about it. I haven't heard anything since. Anyone know anything about whats up with it?