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  1. Recently purchased a low mile 01 DRZ-E. I am having a hanging idle problem I cant seem to cure with the fuel screw. Have tried from a half turn to 3 turns out and it does not seem to cure it. I took the carb off and cleaned it well and it did not fix it. Fuel screw is aftermarket to allow adjustment on the bike. Has like a little t on the bottom. The carb is smooth and I think the cables are fine. Bought the bike in the Boise, Id area which is around 2500'. Owner said it was "jetted" not sure what he did. Bike is stock with the only mod a twin air filter. Stock pipe and I plan on keeping it that way. I suppose I could pull the boot off the airbox if that combined with jetting would be a good combo. I pulled the carb off and found a 165 main. Has a little star type emblem near the number. The other smaller jet says 65 with the same star type emblem near the number. The other longer jet is a 48 with the same emblem. Needle says OBDX P Clip is in the 4th groove from the top. Where I live is 5000' I suppose most of my trail riding occurs between 4000' and 7000' Low would likely be 2500' or so. The bike seems to run pretty well other then the idle problem. Has some slight popping on decel but its not bad. What would the recomendation be for the jetting? Is it way off causing the hanging idle issue? I suppose I should do the 3x3 mod. The snorkel is still in place. Any advice is much appreciated!
  2. dbracht

    Fork Pressure

    What size of PVC would be appropriate? Any suggestions on starting length? Thanks
  3. dbracht

    Fork skins / Seal Savers on a XR650L

    Anyone try them with a fork brace? Any issues?. I would assume you just trim them I suppose.
  4. dbracht

    stock vs XRs tool bag

    I have been looking at this ballistic bag at http://www.dirt-bike-gear.com/rear_fender_bags.html The ad makes them out to be pretty high speed. My stock bag's zipper has completely failed.
  5. dbracht

    Need help finding some fork guards

    Check out this thread. http://www.4strokes.com/forums/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=27471 I bought a set but have not got around to installing them yet.
  6. Go to http://www.jetsrus.com/main_page.htm Then look under jet kits and scroll through the Honda 650l jets. They have them all...
  7. dbracht

    650L jet source

    Someone mentioned this site for jets on another thread. It seems lots of folks have problems finding the correct jets for their 650L. I just searched this jets r us site and they have the 650L jets catagorized. I just ordered a 155/52 combo. Hopefully this pans out and I receive them as ordered. I have no interest inthis company I just thought this may help the confusion with sudco and the others... http://www.jetsrus.com/main_page.htm
  8. dbracht

    2007 XR650L I got SCREWD!!!

    Someone correct me if I am wrong but I believe they are all California compliant. I bought my 2005 in Utah new and it had all the smog stuff. All the ones I see here in Idaho at the dealers including the used 2000 model I had a few years ago had the smog stuff. Focus your energy on the Daves mods and the rest of the desmog. It will be a much different bike when your done. Enjoy.
  9. dbracht

    New Gear and Accessory Shop In Nampa/Caldwell

    Have you tried Leroy at Motorcycle Accesories on Garrity?
  10. dbracht

    Boise Riders........

    I would venture to guess that truck is stolen. Anyone know the plate?
  11. dbracht

    Gearing: XR650L

    Any insight on what the stock chain will accommodate? I have dropped the front to a 14 tooth. I was thinking of adding teeth to the rear sprocket to gear it lower. I assume stock is 45 tooth. Will the stock chain take a 46 or 48 with a 14 front?
  12. dbracht

    650L Cracked Side Case

    I put a hole in mine in Moab this last spring. Slid backwards and crashed on a portion of the trail on Poison Spider Mesa. Had to run to town and get some JB epoxy. Now I carry it with me.
  13. dbracht

    pic of rear fender w/low profile rear tail light?

    http://i55.photobucket.com/albums/g121/dbracht/Pic243.jpg Bought the taillight and led turnsignals locally. Not sure of the brand.
  14. DOT is federal stuff. You would have to be cited by them. Local or county can't write it as far as I know. I suppose if you caused an accident local LE could call in DOT if there was an issue related to the tires. Here in Idaho you can plate a ATV. They are everywhere where I live. No tire enforcement here. It has never been an issue in this state...
  15. dbracht

    which tools for remote rides?

    My tip and trust me I speak from experience is to carry some of the JB weld quik drying putty. Comes in a tube and you knead it together. Called waterweld or something. Learned lesson the hard way in Moab several weeks ago. If you dump your bike it is possible to jamb your shifter into your side case. I did it on the Moab rim trail and lost a bunch of oil. Created a dime size hole.This stuff rocks and I now know where they sell it in Moab. Also a t-handle type 1/4" drive tool to remove the 8mm bolts on the side cases makes a difficult job real easy on the side of the trail...