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  1. I just picked up a new 2014 YZF 250 along with the GYTR fuel map tuner. I'm looking for maps for woods riding, Pacific northwest nasty rock and roots terrain. I'm particularly interested in any company who has produced maps using a dyno. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Jordan
  2. I registered a 102 db at a hare scramble two weekends ago.
  3. creamer23

    250 XCF-W Rekluse Noise

    I am using Maxima Full Synthetic. I have under three hours on since the last change.
  4. I am sure I have read something about this already but couldn't find it... I am getting some noise every once and a while when I first start moving, both in first and second gear. Is this too much or too little gap?
  5. creamer23

    WR250 vs KTM xcf-w

    Thanks everybody.
  6. creamer23

    WR250 vs KTM xcf-w

    Does anyone know how the new KTM 250 will compare to the 07 WR? I haven't found any head to head comparisions yet.
  7. creamer23

    WR250 vs CRF250X

    I am going to buy either a WR250 or CRFX 250. How do these bikes compare head to head for trail riding?