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  1. bmwhd


    You have to remember Bill, I came off a KLR650 so '94 technology is a 7 year jump FORWARD for me
  2. bmwhd


    Agreed. But could they have done so much more for $4,699 MSRP? With the IMS tank, Muzzy exhaust, and a quick carb tune it's a heck of a little bike
  3. bmwhd


    You have been out of it Just kidding! Think DRZ with 150cc less. It's based on the KLX300R (and earlier KLX250R). Read all about it here and here.
  4. I think you'll find the '06 KLX250S is worlds better than the drz250 as both a road bike and off road trail tool. It's not going to be in the same league as the other two you list at the MX park but it's not as far removed as you might think. It's a great compromise dual sport, especially for the money and the basic carb jetting and other "free" mods make it even better.
  5. bmwhd

    bang for the buck

    Yep. What they said. The point so often missed by folks when dealing with this topic is that it isn't always just about peak HP. You can vastly improve many bikes with simple airbox, carb, and exhaust mods with respect to their throttle response and mid-range which are more important for most riding conditions. The KLX is one of these for sure. You won't believe the difference the adjustable needle, larger main jet, open airbox, and new exhaust can make on this bike. It's simply night and day.
  6. bmwhd

    KLX250S or DRZ

    KLX Pros: Light weight and 6th gear. Cons: down on power when stock, small tank. DRZ Pros: More power, better aftermarket support. Cons: Weight and 5 speed. All the cons on both bikes can be fixed easily except the 5 speed on the DRZ. Factor in the cost savings on the KLX and it's worth considering. Also, with all due respect to the wisdom of this board, it's yet to be determined if the 250S will have the same valve issues as the 300. The high mileage bike so far is nearing 4K miles with only normal wear but it is too soon to tell for sure.
  7. bmwhd

    Exhaust Sound Levels

    If they follow the forest service guidelines, you'll be tested at 3,500 RPM. All the ins and outs here Note the wiggle room around test equipment variation (+/- 3db) and the Alternate RPM calculation (which is usually lower than 1/2 redline). Good luck.
  8. bmwhd

    exhaust systems

    A boat load of us 250S owners have gone with the Muzzy full system. I'm really pleased with mine.
  9. bmwhd

    Preliminary Bronze Seat / Valve Update

    That was my other choice but the KLX appealed due to the lighter weight and the 6th gear. I do find it interesting that the DRZ with a virtually identical valve train setup, doesn't seem to have this issue...or the KTMs and Huskys for that matter.
  10. bmwhd

    Preliminary Bronze Seat / Valve Update

    Been there, done that. I wanted a street legal dirt bike, not the other way around. The KLR650 was too heavy for the kind of offroad riding I do. What I wanted was a bike I could ride 50 miles out to the OHV park, play in the dirt and woods all day, and then ride 50 miles home. Every weekend. I also want to commute 20 miles a day to work from time to time and mix in a few 300 mile/day trips a year. I've set up the little KLX to be perfect for all the above. I was just hoping to not have to do racer-level maintainence on what Kawi sold me as a dual sport. I could have just kitted a real dirt bike for that.
  11. bmwhd

    Preliminary Bronze Seat / Valve Update

    Thanks Bill, I'll check out the other board too. I'm going to follow your advise and keep a close eye on them. The 250S is such a wonderful little bike, it will be a shame if I can't afford to keep it on the road for the 12-15K miles a year I planned on when I bought it.
  12. bmwhd


    Lots of good info here Most of us love this bike, myself included. There are a couple of issues to consider: 1) Power - Easy to fix with basic re-jet, airbox, and exhaust mods. 2) Fuel range - 1.9 gallon OEM tank good for 90 miles only before reserve. A couple of us have been able to graft the IMS 3.2 gallon tank on successfully. 3) Valve life - Given the intake valve woes of the KLX300, many of us are now worried about this topic. So far, the highest mileage KLX250S I'm aware of has about 3.3K miles. The owner had to make only minor adjustments during his recent valve check but reading in this forum has us concerned that we may be facing more frequent valve re-builds compared to other dual sport bikes. The bike is a blast off road and handles the street just fine.
  13. bmwhd

    Preliminary Bronze Seat / Valve Update

    Bill, There's a large group of us now riding the snot out of the "new" '06 KLX250S including many like myself that have done all the basic stage 1 and 2 mods to airbox, carb, exhaust, etc. What are your thoughts on how the 250S, used as a dual sport, is likely to compare on this valve issue? I know a lot of folks are going to be disappointed to learn they need to have a complete valve job included in their "routine" maintenance every 2-3k miles, especially since the owners manual doesn't even call for the first valve check until 7,500 miles Thanks, Todd
  14. bmwhd


    Place the link like this (without the *s): [*url=<YOUR LINK HERE>]<WHAT YOU WANT THE NAME TO BE HERE>[*/url] like this: [*url=http://www.kawasakiforums.com]Kawasaki Forums[*/url]
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    I missed your post or I would have directed you here. Just be ready to read for a few hours