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  1. Martin I Henry

    XL500 Vibrates and Shakes at low rpm

    Callum, I've sent you a PM. Cheers, Dave R.
  2. Martin I Henry

    XL125RC project - advice welcome!

    The XL125RC - RF rear shock can be lengthened a small amount by manufacturing a new pressed steel clevis that attaches to the linkage. I too use the MTX forks, which I found to have a nice smooth action. I'm guessing I got about 35mm extra ride height at the back end...... Not much, but enough to balance out the front and rear. Cheers, Dave R.
  3. Martin I Henry

    1981 Yamaha it 465 forks

    38mm forks if they are original. Fork bushes available here: http://www.motoduro.co.uk/home/1137-fork-bushes-yamaha-it250-465hj-1981-82.html Cheers, Dave R.
  4. Martin I Henry

    1978 yamaha IT250 fork oil quantity

    I replied to your request for information on the Australian IT Forum the other day. As previously stated, the correct amount of oil for the IT250E forks is 250cc of SAE 20w. 10/30 is too thin. Cheers, Dave R.
  5. Martin I Henry

    Lets see some HL500 Aberg Replica or any cool TT500

    Here are a few more XT based specials at a much smaller calibre event at Milborne St Andrew on Sunday. ..........Yes, I did have a very bike orientated weekend ! Here is a link to the page: http://daveriley.weebly.com/milborne-st-andrew.html Plenty of XL based specials and some unusual 2 and 4 stroke machines. Not the best photos I've taken, but a good record of a great days racing. Cheers, Dave R.
  6. Martin I Henry

    Lets see some HL500 Aberg Replica or any cool TT500

    Some HL's at Farleigh Castle Vets MXdN. 12th September 2015: More photos on this page: http://daveriley.weebly.com/farleigh-castle-2015.html Cheers, Dave R.
  7. Martin I Henry

    Aftermarket Exhaust for 1979 Yamaha IT175F

    I can assure you that the two exhaust systems are very different. Even if it were to physically fit, the internal volume and pipe shape would not work with the way smaller engine. Just use the original OEM pipe and enjoy the bike as Yamaha intended ! Cheers, Dave R.
  8. Martin I Henry

    what year is my Yamaha it400?

    1977 Yamaha IT400D. Cheers, Dave R.
  9. Martin I Henry

    1980-1981 Yamaha IT 175 Power-Jet Carb Questions

    The 1980 and 1981 IT175G and H carburate very nicely with the standard powerjet carb fitted. I've had no problems getting parts here in the UK and I would have thought as you live in the ' Land of Plenty ' when it comes to Yamaha IT parts, you will have even fewer problems ! You will need to change the crankshaft seals if the bike has been standing for a while, and of course you will be treating the bike to a new spark plug and cap, kill switch, air filter, and a fresh set of piston rings before you go riding ! Run standard jets and run the recommended oil ratio as advised in the original manual. These bikes are a lot of fun, please enjoy yours ! Cheers, Dave R.
  10. Martin I Henry

    1979 Yamaha it175 I picked up yesterday!

    A 1979 YZ125F shock will be a bit longer and probably have slightly stiffer springs. You could use a 1980 IT425G rear shock, again it is longer and uses a stiffer spring rate. The problem then leads to the front end.... You will need to balance out the difference in rear end height by fitting longer forks. Why not just get the shock rebuilt and enjoy the bike for what it is ? Cheers, Dave R.
  11. Martin I Henry

    what is a 76-79 IT175 worth.help asap

    That is a really nice looking IT175, you got value for money there ! You guys really live in the 'land of plenty' when it comes to Yamaha IT's ! Cheers, Dave R.
  12. Martin I Henry

    1976 IT 400

    Firstly, I have to say that is a great looking IT400C. It sounds like it runs pretty well in the video. There are a few IT400C owners from the US on the Aussie Yamaha IT forum, it may be worth having a look. You will be welcome ! DID rims of that era are prone to cracking. I have had a number of them TIG welded, and have experienced no further problems. Bikes with cracked rims ranged from my 1976 IT400C to my 1984 IT490L. I would suggest that if you were regularly to ride the bike hard, you should consider replacing the damaged items. No-one wants a wheel to fly apart at speed. It looks like the bike has gone to a good home ! Cheers, Dave R.
  13. Excellent topic, thanks for taking the time to post-up all the stuff. Cheers, Dave R.
  14. Martin I Henry

    78 dt 250 monoshock rebuild

    Looking forward to any info on this. As I stated in my ealier post, the DT shocks are not re-buildable. Well, by conventional means that is. I guess they could be cut apart with a grinder, re-oiled and gassed in some sort of pressure chamber and welded as per the original process. Cheers, Dave R.
  15. Martin I Henry

    78 dt 250 monoshock rebuild

    Unfortunatley the standard DT250 Monoshock is not rebuildable. If you have a gas or oil leak, you are going to have to look around on eBay for a replacement item. Dave R.