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  1. I would bet that they need a VIN# at least.
  2. Bought mine at Blackbirds Hardware. Just like getting a fishing license.
  3. Open meetings 7:00pm on the second Wednesday of the month at the clubhouse out Pair-A-Dice road. Way more trails than the map shows.
  4. 4strokeridertt

    350 EXC-F - Newbie - Sprocket Ratio

    When you squeeze that 50T on in place of the 45 the stock chain you will move your tire way forward.
  5. Never a line at Ashland DMV and they know their stuff. We have a great time at John's Peak and joined the MRA which owns the property. Some really great people riding bikes here. I meet someone new almost everytime we go out.
  6. 4strokeridertt

    350 EXC-F - Newbie - Sprocket Ratio

    I like a 14 on the front. They wear a little bit better and changing out a KTM front involves a new cup washer if you do it right. Running a 13 and the stock chain means your wheel is going to be forward in the swingarm, I like mine back for a longer wheelbase. All the options work. Anything to get that 45 off the bike is a good move Currently I run a 14/48 on my 500exc. We run a fair amount of tight singletrack and if I did not have a Rekluse clutch I would be inclined to maybe run at least a 50 and maybe a 52. Running a 48 I know I would stall more than I wanted to.
  7. Yes you do. Mr. Ranger confirmed it for me one day while riding at Johns Peak. He handed me a nice piece of paper that I had to take to the County clerks office and give a donation. See page 13 of the 18/19 Oregon OHV guide. You also need to have an OPRD safety education card. rideatvoregon.org/training oregon.gov/oprd/ATV See page 5 & 9 of the 18/19 Oregon OHV guide. Use the Ashland DMV if you haven't transferred all your registrations. Best and fastest DMV ever.
  8. 4strokeridertt

    350 EXC-F - Newbie - Sprocket Ratio

    Id leave the stock 14 on and pickup a new 52 or 50 and new chain.
  9. 4strokeridertt

    Scrubbing OFF the CRF150F

    I'm partial to the 06+ motor with the Engines Only 225cc kit. I love being able to coast with the motor off downhill and then hit the little button to get over the little rises when needed. Downhill coasting races on dirtbikes is so much fun.
  10. 4strokeridertt

    How to clean that sticky blue air filter oil?

    Find a good washable air filter fluid. Make sure you but something back on the filter after you clean it.
  11. Just remember that it is a dirt bike with a plate and not a street bike that can also go in the dirt.
  12. 4strokeridertt

    2016 500 EXC has too much power

    Two things: did you ever swap the sprockets to something like a 14/52? This will help you out a lot. Instead of getting rid of your 500 and getting a 350 and still having the same problems, think about picking up a box stock Honda CRF230. Not a better bike out there to learn and gain confidence quickly. Heavy crank, good usable power, low seat height , CHEAP. A 230 in decent shape is about $2000-2500 on Craigslist. From 2003 to 18 they are virtually unchanged. You can buy one and ride it for a year and sell it off and not lose more than $200.
  13. 4strokeridertt

    Flywheel Weights for EXC-F

    It already has a fairly heavy bit of rotating mass down there. Your not running the stock gearing are you?
  14. 4strokeridertt

    should I get a KTM or husky FE450

    EXC and FE both come geared a little tall for tight single track, more so at altitude. Gearing should be changed to something between 14-48/50/52 even 13/52 for really tight rocky stuff.
  15. 4strokeridertt

    BBR 195F cam?

    You should talk with Frank at Engines Only. ENGINES ONLY CRF150F