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  1. 4strokeridertt

    Clutch dragger

    If you got 100 hours of hill climb abuse out of it I would say you did pretty good. Replace the plates and springs as stock and head out for more fun.
  2. Some great stuff there. I could use a good fix of riding up there.
  3. 4strokeridertt

    Recommended dual sport bike?

    Any of the modern bikes you listed will work just fine. You need to get out and start riding to really get a feel for what you might trade up to. The 250's will feel a bit under powered in no time if you are riding much and in good shape. Bikes are easy to buy and sell if you keep them maintained and cleaned up. Don't buy something thinking you will keep it forever.
  4. 4strokeridertt

    Best 21" spare tube for Baja?

    The only way I ride in Baja is with Mousse inserts. To me fixing flats with thorns in them is a dead end. You think you have gotten all the thorns out of your tire and one last one finds it's way into your fresh tube. http://nitromousse.com/
  5. 4strokeridertt

    2010 KTM 530 Six Days, Can't Find 6th Gear

    With 14/48 gearing on my 500 I often look for one more gear on a fast section of dirt or road.
  6. Your bike is a dirt bike with a license plate. It is not a commuter bike and was never intended to be. If you want to sit in traffic and idle go buy a street bike.
  7. 4strokeridertt

    CRF230F broken tranny?

    Bent shift shaft?
  8. 4strokeridertt

    Training wheels

    Personal opinion only! If he cannot ride a bicycle he really is not ready to ride.
  9. You should be able to order parts from any "local" Honda dealer.
  10. Check the spokes while you are looking at things.
  11. 4strokeridertt

    07 yz250F cant keep up! Upgrades?

    Keeping your suspension working at its best and running fresh rubber will help. Find a good suspension guy if you don't already have one. Money well spent.
  12. 4strokeridertt

    Gncc mechanic vs supercross mechanic

    Hard to keep a motocross bike running in deep mud. Taller first gear and all the clutch slippage needed just overheats the oil/ coolant. A Supercross bike would almost never be put in first gear during a race. Deep mud is not what Supercross bikes do best.
  13. I had my 09 530 until the end of 2016. Rode it 291 hours and 6500 miles. Lots of California single track in hot weather and cold, the length of Baja (1550 miles) in the dirt with 25+ mile sand sections. Ran a JD jet kit just a hair to the rich side of the chart settings. Pulled down the top end at 100 hours or so and inspected things, looked and measured out like it was brand new. Tossed rings in and moved on. Never had a problem. Piston never went bad and never had any oil transfer problems. Found no need for a larger oil capacity.
  14. 4strokeridertt

    California street legal question

    Anything that needed a plate added is likely older than you should be looking at. Plenty of bikes available from 250cc to 650cc with factory plates. Most are better on the street and fire roads than on singletrack.
  15. 4strokeridertt

    Used KTM

    Mostly some 08 motors had some oil transfer issues. This is fixable with a bit of machining work to make it single sump. Keep an eye on the oil from both sides and you will be fine. Some 09 motors had crushed (incorrectly installed) intake valve seals which caused a little more oil consumtion. My 09 530exc had a crushed left side intake valve seal. Pulled it apart at 150 hours and did rings and valve job. rode it to 400 hours of mostly dirt before selling it.