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  1. Hundlewerx Motovision

    2013 SM manual fan switch

    I ordered one from wheeling 2 weeks ago after they told me they were expecting a new batch.
  2. Hmm, I run stock gearing 15/44 and shift into 3rd at 40-45 mph
  3. I believe what you're seeing is the way the "can" is finished....it's ground down on everyone's;)
  4. Hundlewerx Motovision

    My new drz400 12 o'clock bar

    ...and ON it, and do crazy wheelie tricks!! Lol good stuff man;)
  5. Hundlewerx Motovision

    CVK 40 carb

    I'm really interested in this carb! And a plastic flavor injector is still better than any turkey baster. It's all about the shape. Post a pic in the FIM thread, it would be cool to see it on you're bike in that option;)
  6. Hundlewerx Motovision

    Weight increase

    There is about a pound difference between the E and S subframes,...don't look there for weight savings, it's aluminum;)
  7. Hundlewerx Motovision

    Custom chopped, recycled and repurposed Tracker build by soolio

    Lol, She's been known to knock someone's unattended brew over to get a sip...so I keep it above 3 feet, and warn friends;)
  8. Hundlewerx Motovision

    DRZ pics, lets see your Z

    Little bit different look...
  9. Hundlewerx Motovision

    Custom chopped, recycled and repurposed Tracker build by soolio

    Uninstalled my KTM fork guards to install Shock Sox, think I'm gonna run without the guards for awhile...also added a couple stripes to the headlight shroud using electrical tape to see if I like it enough to paint it;)
  10. Hundlewerx Motovision

    Tell me about your handguards

    I have the Tusk D-flex. I broke the right side in a gnarly off road spill, snapped at the bracket. I couldn't see the bike during the crash, so I'm not sure how it hit, but it saved all my controls. I have the blacck guards with the blue spoilers. I originally had the 7/8, but switched to 1 1/8.. The new brackets are tougher to mount as there isn't as much play as the 7/8, still good tho.
  11. Hundlewerx Motovision

    And again....the KillSwitch saga continues

    That's the weird part....I'm pretty surre his bike has less than 3k miles on it. Seems low forr a stator issue, but I'm no expert. t
  12. Hundlewerx Motovision

    Does anyone have a 2005 DRZ400SM?

    I have the same tank, bought it forr my 05 "S" back in 07, but I gave up on looking for those shrouds loooooooooong ago. Even bacck then, no one parted with them. Good luck.
  13. Hundlewerx Motovision

    Custom chopped, recycled and repurposed Tracker build by soolio

    I'd like to give an extra special shoutout to Throttle5 for giving me this beautiful tire! I've been looking for a lightly used rearr trailwing for awhile now and I really thought it would be easier to find. So thank you Bill! I can't wait to get it on my bike!!! I think Lola approves, she sniffed it forr 5 minutes straight. I'm sure she smelled a dog
  14. Hundlewerx Motovision

    Flavor Injector Mod...aka the ultimate "turkey baster" mod

    I saw your bike in your TT "Garage"....looks awesome!!! Did you ever get the yellow hoses for your Flavor Injector?
  15. Hundlewerx Motovision

    Where DRZ does not work well

    My DRZ worked amazing in the sand......with an 8 scoop Kings Paddle tire on it;)