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  1. Radbuster

    No longer exotic!

    Thanks TT
  2. Radbuster

    scott voltage proair wfs

    Hi guys, same question. I'm interested in these or the Hustle but can't find dual pane lenses and dual-pane drilled for roll-offs. ALL goggles fog up over here. It's allways cold and humid, and when sweating like a pig and in low speeds only well-vented dual-pane lenses work. Any ideas?
  3. Radbuster

    fuel pump issues on the Sherco

    Hi, I had the same problem and the reason was the key ignition was shorting out. Quick solution: I cut the wires just below the key housing and twinned them together. About 10 cm further down is a nice 2-pole connector, and therefore could use the 10cm cable stump as a "key" to switch the ignition on and off. Now, of course I have a better switch. Hope this helps. I love this bike!
  4. Radbuster

    YZ450f Woods Gearing recommendations

    Hi, I had a Rekluse on mine and geared it up to 14/47 and I thought it became perfect. Also had a Steahly 9oz FWW. Every gear was really usable. 1st for tricky parts, 2nd for tight going, 3rd for when there was flow and 4th as as an overdrive. If it's geared down too much it only gives a short uncontrollable burst in each gear with lots of wheelspin and making you tired. Taller gearing and a FWW really lets the engine pull with it's full smooth power. The Rekluse also pays for itself in reduced wear on chain n sprockets. Good luck whatever you choose.
  5. Radbuster

    SHERCO: 3.0i or 4.5i ?

    Hi, I absolutely love my 4.5 although I promised myself to stay away from too big a bike. It is wonderful even in the tight woods I ride in where 3rd gear doesn't get worn much and 4th only on transport sections. But, I'd love to have a 3.0 but haven't ridden one. TBM rated it highly and I trust their judgement. Good luck on choosing! but none will be probably be wrong.
  6. Radbuster

    2010 YZ450 test/ Cycle News

    It would be nice to try the GYTR tuning (fork?) tool and see if the power can be configured to act like a smooth Husaberg or '09 YZ450 as a woods weapon. Screw e-start porkers. A rekluse, suspension work and maybe a flywheel oooh, aaaah!
  7. Radbuster

    2-stroke interfering w heart-rate monitor

    :-) Regrettably no. My max hr is 180, so the 230 is the messed-up signal. If it works, this is the one I'm considering: https://buy.garmin.com/shop/shop.do?cID=142&pID=270 list is $200 but wal-mart has it at $150
  8. Radbuster

    2-stroke interfering w heart-rate monitor

    Hi, Recently I've been using the uncoded belt but can hopefully soon try a coded one. I'm actually using two units, one "normal" one with logging, etc. on the wrist which mostly seems to work fine, and the simplest model up by the bars using the Polar bar adapter. It's the one on the bar that mostly shows around 230bpm when the engine is running. It would be really cool to get it working again. Thanks again for the suggestions.
  9. Radbuster

    2-stroke interfering w heart-rate monitor

    I ll try that, thanks for the info.
  10. Hi guys, I recently switched to a 2-stroke and it interferes with my Polar heart rate monitor. Before, when riding my yz450, only power lines or other strong magnetic fields could mess with the monitor, but now, when riding my 2-stroke GasGas 300 it routinely displays about double the normal heart rate or nothing altogether. I was looking into a heart rate monitor with a digital transmission such as a Garmin or Suunto, but the FAQ's on their websites mention that they too are sensitive to electric power fields. The spark plug is a resistor-type. Does anybody have a suggestions?
  11. Radbuster

    Best 300 CC 2 stroke

    Hi, I've tried many bikes, but not a 300EXC '08, so I can't comment on it. Last year I raced a banged-up '01 EC300 that I borrowed as a last resort. Good call, it was the best enduro bike I had ever ridden. 3 weeks later I had an almost new '07 EC300 that I now ride/race every week and plan to keep for maybe 3 years. After that, who knows. Fantastic engine, turns, is stable, super suspension, reliable as a brick, is light, no noticeable gyro effects, cheap to maintain, no FCR carb to drive you insane, starts 1 or 2 light kicks when hot/cold/in between, immediately or after weeks of neglect (not being ridden). Power is linear, so 4-t or 2-t debate does not apply. If you want more zippy power, get the 250 with the smaller jug and piston or one with the DE lighter ignition. One little secret: the linkage requires almost no service, since all bearings and axles are protected by covers that are sealed by o-rings, and all linkage fasteners are rust proof (zinc plated?). You can ride for months in the slop, use the pressure washer, and won't need to worry. Stock needle is bogus, but is cheap to change. See gasgasrider.com for more. Riding is fun again when the cost benefit ratio is off the charts. I'm sold, the waiting is over. No ifs, buts or whatever, it's the real deal. Later
  12. Radbuster

    Sherco 4.5i

    Ditto, wonderful bike. Rode an '07 a week ago and it was perfect for the tight single-track. Stock suspension was incredible in rocks and roots for my 200lbs with gear, efi worked perfectly from below idle to the top, chassis felt slim and light, ignition curve was forgiving and made it easy to relax and go faster, fantastic seat that looks like an mx saddle but feels like an XR seat, hydraylic clutch is way easier to pull than any other (almost one-finger, same brand as my Gasser) I'd like to nominate this bike for "best 450 enduro"!
  13. Radbuster

    trials tires for rear

    Add on long, wet, steep rock faces on the plus side 9 psi seems pretty good for slow speeds, big rocks and roots. The suspension is set up for tight & slimy enduro and I weigh 190lbs nekkid in the morning. This sucker seems to find grip where others can't. I'll bet higher speeds and motocross would require a different setup where sidewall rigidity is more important.
  14. Radbuster

    trials tires for rear

    Looking good so far. On the rear the X-11 seems to work well for me, but it's still too early to tell as I still haven't run it in wet conditions, and are still experimenting with lower and lower tire pressure. How low can you go untill you risk a flat tire? The front also has good grip, but on the other hand has zero flat prevention even after running 20% higher tire pressure than a regular tire. The sidewall has zero stiffness and gives very easily. Haven't pinched the tube yet, but can easily feel the dead thump. I'm replacing it tomorrow and trying out a BF Goodrich crossengo to see how it works.
  15. Hi, I'm a longtime user of the 89. Went from 83 to 89 to 89 NoSweat IV's, and latest 89Xi NoSweat. The new Xi's have better but even more foam than the old 89's and it's pinching closed and blocking my nose. By far my favorite is the 89 NoSweat IV's (Thanks Bevo) for great no-fuss function, great foam and low profile. Since the 89 nosweat's are no longer available I'm looking at other brands. So, who comes closest to the old 89 NoSweat IV's but with a slightly wider nose bridge, has dual-lense for fogging in sub-zero (sorry Blur, Thor, Fox) and functional but simple foam, and readily available spares? Tried searching, but didn't find an answer. Any input would be much appreciated.