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  1. Too funny... I'm battling the same gearing issues as well. Couple fellas on here told me to go to a 12 front (would equivalent to a 52.5 for the rear). I was going to go that route but there are a few jumps out here at our tracks where you come into the corner at 3rd and I have to stretch 3rd to get over the jump. If I had lower gears, that would force me to shift to 4th, which really isn't do-able with my limited moto skillset lol. I'm either going to go 49 or 48. Probably 49 because the gearbox is already so damn gappy, a 48 would make it worse. Nice choice on the 4.1 by the way. I originally got the Dr.D.... what a mistake that was.
  2. NorCal

    YZ450FX Gearing for Motocross

    Good idea. I'm going to give that a shot. It should make 3rd more friendly in the corners, while tightening the big gap from 3rd through 5th. It will also lower 2nd on super technical trails and make it more like a motocross 1st. We'll see how it goes.
  3. I did my first motocross at Hangtown last weekend! I had a blast but could not get better than a mid-pack start. Obviously my lack of experience played a huge factor, but I also hate this wide ratio transmission. Sure it's awesome for the desert, but it's too gappy for woods and motocross, in my opinion. Anyways, I'm considering playing around with the gearing. Problem is, I don't know which way to go. On my first race start, second gear felt way too low. It seemed like I had to grab 3rd much sooner than anyone else. Second start, I clicked 3rd gear, increased my RPMs, gate goes down and dropped the hammer, but I got a worse start than my first attempt. Gearing is stock 13/50. I was thinking about going for a 51 or 52 rear and re-trying my 3rd gear start. Or going with a 49, and sticking with a 2nd gear start... maybe I could get a little more range out of my 2nd gear and not have to shift to 3rd so fast. Or maybe I'm just splitting hairs at this point and should leave it as is? I'm interested to hear everyone's thoughts. Thanks in advance, Nick
  4. Thanks for all the help to those who contributed! The race was super intense and a lot of fun. The "C" class competition is very good... much better than I was expecting. I really got hosed on the first gate pick... ended up way on the outside. I still managed a mid-pack start by holding her wide around the outside. Second heat I lined up right next to the doghouse, but got messed up in a rut and fell deep into mid-pack. Both moto's I was able to pick people off lap by lap. I finished 3-3 for 3rd overall, kickstand and all lol.
  5. Haha yeah I realize I'm sandbagging, or maybe I'm not. Honestly though, I've never done a motocross, so I really have no idea how I'll stack up. BUT, I've checked out the entry list so far and have recognized names of some fast guys in the 30 C... so maybe sandbagging is just a part of MX? lol
  6. Yes, I believe you're correct! I've been really busy with work and my regular District 36 races this year, but I plan to join OTHG this year!!!
  7. I'm honestly kind of worried most about the different skill levels in the C class. Seems like there are true C riders out there mixed with some fast dudes that really have no business in a C race. I'm worried about landing on someone or getting landed on.
  8. Yeah that's kind of what I figured. Oh well. I guess time will tell.
  9. Somehow I got bamboozled by my moto buddies to race the Mammoth Amateur race in June! I'll have to qualify this weekend at Hangtown in Sacramento, CA. So here we go! I ride track a few times a month, so I'm not a total squid. I'm 29 years old now and will be hitting the big 30 in a month (eek). I primarily race 2+ hour cross country races in the expert class. I will be on a 2016 YZ450FX... pretty much stock bike, wide ratio trans, 18" rear tire, kickstand and all (yes, I'll be that guy). Only mods are springs front and rear to match my weight. After doing a little research, I noticed the races are only about 6 laps long, so I entered the 450 Vet C and 25+ open classes. My primary focus is finishing in the top 10 for Vet C, so I can qualify for Mammoth; however, qualifying for both classes would be awesome. Can anyone help me out with what I should expect for my first MX race? I'll go up Saturday for practice. I guess I need to get a transponder and figure out my numbers. For Sunday, do we get a few laps to site the track conditions before we start? Also, regarding the gate pick, should I pick the lane near the dog house (think that's what it's called)? Again, I'm a total newb here, but I'm more than willing to hear from others!
  10. NorCal

    450 FX Skid Plate

    Here's a pic if you need it.
  11. NorCal

    450 FX Skid Plate

    I'm happy with my Works Connection skid plate. Mounts up easy and looks good.
  12. I wrote it in a hurry. I had the older style Squadron. Call it what you will.
  13. That's the problem. I know we will get 3 loops in. I don't want to stop 2 times. Would rather just stop once. I was thinking about bringing a spare fuel tank and filling with 1 gallon exactly. I'll have to pit the first loop, and I'll put in 1 gallon. If my bike takes the full gallon and has any room to spare, I'll know I need to pit every lap. If my bike only takes .75 gallons, I'll know I'm good for 60 miles and won't have to pit the subsequent lap.