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    Get a title and plate it. A plated one will sell for $500-$1500 more and usually within days! A non-titled one is nearly impossible to sell in states where you can't get them plated. I've seen non-titled ones listed on craigslist over and over for many months. A plated one comes along and sells within days for $1000 more.
  2. TheBigKahuna

    Power of R over the L

    My XRR will power up in 3rd. I've gotten the front wheel off the ground in 4th with some good body english and a pull on the bars. 2nd gear is TOO easy....just twist and hang on, it will come right up. I still dispute the HP numbers given at the beginning of this thread. No way a stock L is only 8hp less than a stock R. Never was, never will be. Stock Ls are lucky to pull 25-28hp on a dyno.
  3. TheBigKahuna

    best grips for anti-vibration

    They are super soft. I tried Pillow Tops and hated them, they fell apart in a few weeks.
  4. TheBigKahuna

    best grips for anti-vibration

    There is none better.... Oury "road" model.
  5. TheBigKahuna

    Solid Colored pants?

    Klim sells pants that don't look like circus clothes. That's about a LOUD as they get.
  6. TheBigKahuna

    How have your products from fox been?

    Never used Fox boots. But I wear a For Airframe chest protector, no problems with it other than the Fox decals falling off! I've used Fox gloves, jerseys, pants for years though. My only compliant is the sizing on their pants in never accurate.
  7. TheBigKahuna

    Plating a Dirtbike in NORTH CAROLINA

    I bought one that had a title. Do not buy one without a title. You have a .0000001% chance of ever getting a title and getting it plated. Buy one that has been plated out of state. Passing inspection is the easy part if you know the right people. Or you can actually add the horn, mirror, etc needed. But you have to have a title to get a plate. There are XRRs for sale out there wit ha title/plate. You just have to be patient, or willing to drive and pick one up.
  8. TheBigKahuna

    XR650R rear brake rotor. what can i use?

    Any Honda CR or XR rear brake rotor will fit. Street bike rotors are often different.
  9. TheBigKahuna

    650R to 650L...who made the switch?

    I actually like the "R" seat better than the "L" seat. Neither is great for extended seated (street) rides in my opinion.
  10. TheBigKahuna

    650R to 650L...who made the switch?

    I went from an L to an R because I found one that was plated. I wouldn't go back. 40+ pounds lighter, better suspension, almost twice the HP
  11. TheBigKahuna

    Blur goggles anyone?

    I have the B2s. The clear lens that came with them is useless. After one ride, the inside of the lens is so scratched it's useless to me. I don't know if I did that, or if they were scratched in the store or what. I ordered the mirrored lens and installed it. To my horror, after putting it in, I noticed it too was scratched badly. I took it back out and realized they put a piece of wrap on both sides of the lens. I had already removed the outer piece. After removing the inner plastic, the lens is now clear and scratch free. For how long, we'll have to wait and see. I went back to see if the clear lens also had some sort of layer on it, but it was just scratched to oblivion. Tried using some plastic polish and a clean towel on it, and I think it just got worse. Their lenses appear to be junk. I really wish more brands used the same size lens so they could be swapped. The Blur B2 fits me better than any of my other goggles. But swapping lenses is ridiculously difficult. And if they all scratch as easily as the original one, I won't be buying any more. MXA also complained about how easily the original lens scratched with them also.... http://motocrossactionmag.com/Reviews/News/MOTOCROSS-ACTION-PRODUCT-TEST-BLUR-B2-GOGGLE--7527.aspx
  12. TheBigKahuna

    Knee Guards - big legs

    I always recommend the Alpinestars Bionic knee pads. They don't go down to the shin, and fit my big legs.
  13. On a local urban trail, I've found two paper boxes. The ones you insert quarters into to buy a newspaper. They were obviously snatched and busted open for their cash. Also found two dead birds in the same general vicinity, one a buzzard and one hawk. I'm guessing some drunk idiot shot them. This is at the end of the trial, close to a road. It's about the only place still accessible by trucks, the rest of the place is too gnarly for anything short of a huge lifted truck. Haven't seen truck tire tracks out there in ages.
  14. TheBigKahuna

    Eyebrow piercing & helmet?

    Don't get it done!
  15. TheBigKahuna

    Blur goggles anyone?

    Recently picked up a set of Blur goggles. Anyone else using these, if so what's your opinion on the lenses? Mine scratched up really badly after one ride. I took that lens out to clean it, and I have a new one to install. The original lens has a very definite blue tint to it, especially around the edges. It's really thin and flimsy and obviously scratches easily. And after using goggles by Oakley, Dragon and Pro-Grip I can easily say the Blur lens swap is by far the most difficult I've ever encountered.