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  1. I'm looking to get a set of knee braces. I had the Original PodMX knee braces a few years back but sold them, this was due to where the hinge contacted my knee/leg when I tried to grip the bike with my legs. It was downright uncomfortable and almost painful. I'm not saying they are bad braces, just didnt work for me. Due to a recent knee injury im looking to try another pair. My question is; is this the norm for knee braces? anybody have any recomendations of diferent braces that will give a better contact point on the bike? Thanx guys
  2. Yz4-me

    Observations: Oakland Supercross

    From some of the reply's Ive seen....it's seems who you heard get boo'd or cheered was a result from what section you were sitting in....I agree stewart had the most cheers.. he's also just the only one I heard get some boo's as well...someone said reed had some as boo's as well which I couldnt hear... I thought the coliseum was pretty fairly full... but not by any means sold out
  3. Was at the race, some of my thoughts: Stewart was easily faster than anyone all night in the whoops...even after they downsized them (alot of people were crashing in practice) no one was close to his speed. Stewart had the most boo's, infact he was the only one who got boo'd. Canard and Windham definatly have more showmanship than the rest. Tricks, goon-riding.. ect. The general track size seemed to be much smaller the San Franciscos last year. Infact San Francisco's venue and choreographing were much better IMO. At Oakland parking was almost as much as the ticket, this seems ridiculous. Alessi visible was not trying or just didnt want to be there.
  4. Yz4-me

    Alessi Has No SACK !

    I was at the race and it was apparent something was up with alessi.. he was letting off the gas before the whoops..and not protecting the inside line. Didnt look like he wanted to be there.
  5. I had an 08 450XC-F and have an 09 505...to me the 505 is a bit more raspy off-idle (which could just be jetting) and just doesnt rev-up as quick or have the over-rev of the 450. That being said the 505 has more low-end and midrange, you dont have to rev-it out or ride it as hard as the 450. The 505 doesnt have more snap just a more broad powerful feeling through the midrange.
  6. Yz4-me

    Comfortable MX Boot

    SG-10 are pretty good... not quite as light and compact feeling as Tech-10's but the soles last forever and the buckles dont break or come un-done, which I cannot say the same for Tech-10's.
  7. Yz4-me

    Moto vs Woods

    I think For kids general riding, I think moto would be much easier, BUT if you are trying to very competitive then I would say moto is much harder. The speed and commitment too hitting big stuff is pretty high even if you are young.........
  8. To me Transworld is not about the bikes, more about the racers and gossip, which is fine if thats what you want to hear about, but I dont give a second thought to their bike opinions.
  9. Yz4-me


    I am surprised they came back out with the Four-stroke XC's after they did away with them.. I figured they would come out with a green sticker 350XC-W for 2012... maybe this means they will bring back the 450XC-F in the new chassis as well???????
  10. Yz4-me

    Jumping advice for an X-quad MXer

    IMO unless your seat bouncing, or have a very long flat takeoff, you should never be sitting down while jumping. If your going fast enough I dont really see how someone could even be sitting down off jump faces without getting thrown over the bars.
  11. Yz4-me

    2008 xc f 450 question

    Its a very good bike!!! I just traded mine in 2 weeks ago after riding it for two-years for another XC-F.... mine did have the water pump problems that someone already stated, but besides that the bike was absolutely trouble free! My only complaint would be that the forks have alot of mid-stroke harshness. I just had mine on craigslist here in CA..not too much interest...
  12. Yz4-me

    Water Pump Seal???

    I had the same thing happen and researched it a bit.. it seems to be pretty common.. and I think alot of people had to replace the whole water pump shaft because it wore against the two seals on its shaft.. which in that case you have to take whole side case off.....I havent done mine yet and have just been diligent in checking the fluid..
  13. Yz4-me

    08 300 XC Chain Rubbing Frame

    Yep I think you are missing a alittle slider that protects the frame down there... I had the same thing happen to me on my 08 XC-F... At first I couldnt figure out what was wrong because it didnt really look like anything was missing...
  14. I've been losing a bit of coolant from the weep hole on the bottom of the water pump... I kind of have been ignoring it because it wasn’t much, and I was checking the coolant constantly.. but now the leak has increased and needs to be fixed.. Would I be correct to think it is the water pump shaft/seal?????? I read about a long-term 450xc-f review in dirt rider and they ended up having replacing the whole water pump shaft assembly..anything to do with a bad radiator cap?? anyone know? Note’s: it starts leaking immediately when the bike is still cold, and then does for about 15 min.. None of this coolant is going in to the engine oil The water pump cover O-ring is good
  15. Yz4-me

    Diabetic Riders

    I'm a 24, Type 1 Diabetic, have been for around 16 years. I dont think I would wear a pump while riding for various reasons though I'm sure it would be fine most of the time. I choose not to wear one anyway so its not a problem for me... What do I do before I ride? I generally take a blood sugar reading At the track? generally nothing as you can just ride back to your truck for whatever you need. On the trail? Always carry plenty of GLUCOSE TABLETS (atleast 30) in thick zip-loc bag, I also put some insulin in needle, place it in a little needle carrier about the size of a pen,(that way the insulin cannot be pushed out) I throw these things in my whatever pack I'm using that day, and they weigh nothing.