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  1. Enduro_Nut

    2010 AMA/Husqvarna Vintage Days Report

    On the CC he rode a 250wr, on Sunday a 430wr - prepped by x support rider Craig Hayes. He is trying to ride a few more vintage rides this year:thumbsup:!
  2. Enduro_Nut

    GasGas Dealer

    I use SMS in Denton,TX. The owner(Brian Storrie) is an 8x ISDE rider so he knows his bikes!
  3. Enduro_Nut

    Newbie needs help---78 husky no spark

    Vance is the go to guy - great work if you want motosplat! He has repaired 3 of mine with great results. The other 2 options are MZB or PVL, every rider has his/her preference. I like the the pvl for moto due to it's weight and the plat for trail work. I have a friend who is trying to talk me into the mzb due to the capacitor... something about it storing energy in the capacitor for easier starting.
  4. Enduro_Nut

    2010 Gas Gas Nambotin replica

    Lack of knowledge and peer pressure!
  5. Enduro_Nut

    Ohlins TTX Cartridge kit for Gas Gas 300 09

    I agree with Pguard - I would spend time and allow the forks to break in and then have them revalved/shimmed before spending big bucks on the OHLINS unless you are an A AA enduro rider. OHLIN makes a great product BUT unless you can ride a bike within 95% plus of it's abilities it's VERY pricey! I would suggest Enduro Engineering or SMS Racing for suspension work.
  6. Enduro_Nut

    Advice on Project Husky

    Stick no higher than $50-$100 for a basket case. The WR is worth upward of $400 providing it's in great shape. A key things I look at -being complete is a big deal(aluminum tanks are worth $150 in need of paint!). EVERY bike I buy is stripped to the frame and 100% rebuilt if I plan on racing it and it runs about $2,000++ for the rebuild. The '79, restored is worth $2500~, not one of the more collectable Husky's. The '76 is about the same due in large part to the tranny(wr) - the cr is worth more. Go for it!
  7. Enduro_Nut

    Gas Gas EC250 pre-mix

    Silkoline meduim gear oil for 9 years and no problems. Silkoline Pro2sx 50:1
  8. Enduro_Nut

    VOR's and Honda's

    Well said! Mine has been setting a few years... it needs a good trailride!
  9. Enduro_Nut

    Maico 440 Problems

    First off... you need to sell it to me for $500:thumbsup:, when I get the bike home I will first check the plug - then I will check the spark(consistant) to make sure the quick basics are done... then I would follow it up with tearing it down and checking clearances(ring/piston/rod) and most likely rebuild it due to not knowing the bike... and I might sell it back to you for $2,500:smirk: after I'm done! Nice chassis, it turns well!
  10. Enduro_Nut

    Barber's vintage festival

    Barber is a MUST see if you truly enjoy bikes!! Wish I could go! Dwight - Enjoy!! Roger 'Till next year!
  11. Enduro_Nut

    Help with 430 auto trans

    Just thought I would bump this up front...
  12. Enduro_Nut

    2010 Vor

    It would be a nice bike by any name!
  13. Enduro_Nut

    gas gas ec 200

    The . 200 is like a 125 on steroids - I'm a very firm believer it would be a great bike to truly learn good clutch control. I owned one but being quite a bit older, I prefer a 300. If I were in my teens or 20's the 200 would be perfect! There are no cons - parts are easy to find, reasonable cost and don't break IF you maintain them. Go for it!!
  14. Enduro_Nut

    Who's going to Mid-Ohio?

    I really wanted to go but with no points being paid and my fellow co-riders no attending why go...
  15. Enduro_Nut

    Gas Gas Noob questions - Thanks

    Reliability is as good or better than KTM, the '05GG 200 power is like a large 125 and the KTM is like a small 250... certainly different(I owned an '05 200 new). The GG is better in every way, particularly in handling/suspension! Parts have never been an issue for the 9 years I've ridden GG except in '03 during the intro. of the 400/450 thumpers. It helps when your local dealer carries KTM/GG and the owner is an 8x ISDE rider/RACE TECH Tech and he weighs the same as I do!