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  1. LTK300

    So sad right now...

    Still in shock . So many great rides and memories with Walt and his family. Walt and the "knuckle heads" as i liked to call us, had some of the most memorable and challenging rides together. Purgatory, 69 delight,area52/53,Moab and KM. Where ever we rode, Walt was always the life of the party. Walt was one of those guys that could always laugh at him self. And he offered up lots of opportunities for that with some great get offs and dirt naps! I remember one with him up at arrowhead where he ended up on his back with the bike on top of him, both wheels standing straight up skyward. He was laughing from the minute he realized he wasn't hurt. And so were the rest of us of course. Even Walt's handle "9 lives" had a whole similar story behind it. Walt was a great dad and family man. And what a competitor. Specially with his sons on both the trail and the track. I always loved dicing it up with Walt on the trails as well whenever i got the chance. God i'll miss riding with him. There was literally never a dull moment when we all road together! Ride in peace my brother! You will be soooooooooo missed!
  2. LTK300

    Mud Springs/Boulder Bobs cabin

    Trials bike anyone?
  3. LTK300

    Prescott area

    Hey Gary. Looking forward to riding with you here in the Prescott area soon. Alto Pit was a 15 min ride from my house! WooHoo! Closer stuff in the other direction I hear. Should be good stuff around Lynx Lake also.
  4. LTK300

    RIP Desert Rat 450

    So So sorry to hear of this. Dave was a great guy and fellow rider. I once had the pleaser of splitting a room with him on a great ride from Cal City to Primm Nevada. the trip of 20 riders + would not have come off as great as it did without his involvement. Gods speed DR. You will be greatly missed!
  5. LTK300

    LT's new toy.

    Yeah....was hoping to hit the dez tomorrow but might get rained out it looks like.
  6. LTK300

    California LT's new toy.

    Not exactly a dirt bike, but i wanted to show it off here where I know some folks. It handles like a dream for a custom cruiser.
  7. LTK300

    Who is TT's Most Dedicated OHV Land Use Advocate?

    We could have a lot of fun on some trials bikes in Washington DC. Capital steps, Lincoln memorial.... what am i saying.....now back to your regular programing.
  8. LTK300

    Friends of LT - LTK300.....

    Glenn, Wayne, Carl,Walt,Knuckleheads ....and all you guys. Thank you for your kind thoughts. L
  9. LTK300

    Friends of LT - LTK300.....

    God bless all you guys. I see some of you have been right where I am now. Thank you for sharing it with me. Believe it or not it helps tremendously to read all of your comments. L
  10. LTK300

    Friends of LT - LTK300.....

    Thank you bill for posting this thread for me. Thank you all for your well wishes...it means a lot me that you guys would take the time to chime in. I gotta tell ya, this hurts a heck of a lot more than a broken collar bone off the high side. God bless, L
  11. LTK300

    Did some great SST riding today!!!

    Conditions must be off the hook! I hate not being able to ride right now.
  12. LTK300

    It's Hillclimbsguy's B-day today

    Happy B Day Dave! Your old!
  13. Yeah...had to sell my KTM as well. Still got my Yamaha though. Hope to ride with you some time. Merry Christmas.
  14. Me too Craig. Stick a ribbon on that Suzuki of yours and go ride!
  15. Those were relatively hard miles too if I remember right. If you really want to be dead at the end of the day, try and get the plaque that Big Bear Run they do up there every year in June. 180 miles or so of hell. Or at least the last 50 or 60 feel like hell.