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  1. genEric

    2010 yzf w/ fmf 4.1

    I am going to jet it in and see how it feels... I took it off to get a feel for the stock pipe and plan on jetting it in tomorrow. It was a dealer show bike with the pipe on it but wasn't jetted so I need to play with it, but I think I would have a hard time getting rid of it cause it looks so damn good.
  2. genEric

    2010 yzf w/ fmf 4.1

    I just picked up my new 2010 yz250f for my new Hare Scramble bike... I have been on a 2006 for 4 years now. My question is should I sell the FMF full 4.1 Ti system that came with it or run it? I got the stock exhaust with it and I have had stock exhaust on my old bike. The megabomb looks like it sticks out pretty far and I would hate to crush it. Is it that noticeable of a gain? I know it looks sweet but can't decide if I should keep it.
  3. genEric

    RC on Neck Brace

    I have a long neck, so mine fits perfect and doesn't really restrict at all. Funny thing about helmets... Last years GNCC Ironman, I was watching the quads on Saturday at one of the hill climbs... A guy crashed on the hill and in a pissed off motion grabbed his helmet and threw it off... It was never buckled:bonk: I would have been shocked but I have seen that many times before (all from guys on quads).
  4. genEric

    GNCC results

    Why did they only ride for an hour and a half??? That is what the scoring said, I thought it might be wrong but they only did 4 laps???
  5. genEric

    Headset bearings

    This is what happens when you run your gas overflow through you head tube... If you fill your tank the gas overflows and washes the grease out.
  6. You are looking for an 250f motor right? I know you are in the f forums but you never know... I have a buddy that has a 05 pinger with broken cases he is selling.
  7. genEric

    Mammoth East

    I am an old guy that races Hare Scrambles and I did this race in 07 and loved it. I will be there again this year:ride: I don't understand why, if this race and the Red Bud grass race are so popular and draw huge turnouts... Why there isn't more of these??? I would love to do MX again but don't have the time to work on my supercross skills so I stay away for my own good.
  8. genEric

    Upland National Enduro- Who's Who

    That was the best trail I have ever seen... Great flow, not too tight, perfect traction and it was my first enduro (I race HS's). Can't get over how nice that trail was:thumbsup:
  9. genEric

    FlatTrack Indy Mile on TV???

    I have looked all over the web but can't find anything. I am just hopeing they show King Kenny lay down his hot laps... I was there and it was the best part of the night:ride:
  10. genEric

    Budds Creek Brawl

    Red Bud does a good job with the party lot being fenced in and a lot of security:thumbsup:
  11. Have most of you just started following mx??? Bubba himself has stated several times he would love to do MXDN but it wouldn't be fair to the guys that deserve it ( the ones racing outdoors). Also his choice to not race outdoors has been done to death... He thought he could get an outdoor deal done, market took a shit, no deal. And for the "all about the money" people... He is doing an Australia supercross and Chad Reed the promoter said he can't believe how little it took to get him here. Bubba's response was "I'd do it for free if they would have asked".
  12. genEric

    Motoland a Tale of rebuttle

    If Motoland wants me as a steady customer, they have to make a change.... That change is pick up the track and move it to Indy!
  13. genEric

    Josh Grant

    But the Daytona failure only cost him a win, not the rest of the season. If it's true he has 2 broken ankles (the way his was on his knee's it looks that way) that will suck to come back from:cripple:
  14. genEric

    Josh Grant

    You could see his bike smoking a little when he crashed and even more as it hit the ground. I'm sure as he is sitting there he is thinking about missing the rest of the season and how a bike failure caused it and he blew up at his mechanic. Sucks for Grant.