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  1. 02WR426Cali

    Ballinger Canyon

    Fun hillclimb! Well going up anyway. That hill is definitely a big one but if you branch left near the top it's not too tough. Right side has about a 3-4 ft cliff you'd have to climb up so is stay away from that one. Left side isn't hard as long as you keep up your momentum going through the two bushes near the top. It's really soft and silty though especially in summer and fall. Coming down when it's soft is much more nerve racking than going up as you just slide through all the dust with both brakes locked up and gain a lot of speed. Have to slide down about half way and then just ride it out from there. After some rain it's not as bad.
  2. 02WR426Cali

    Ballinger Canyon

    Sounds like it's a little more challenging with all the runoff damage. I'll be sure to watch out next time I go up there. Hopefully soon! rbernardi how was Ortega trail? I've been wanting to try it for a while
  3. Very cool idea! You get some awesome views with drones and some good video of riding. Looks like a whole new way to keep an eye on your kids haha
  4. 02WR426Cali

    Buying a Plated Dirt Bike in CA - DMV Rules?

    The only two ways you can be sure to keep it plated are: 1. The bike came from the factory with a plate. 07 and up ktm street legal exc bikes for example. 2. Buy one that was converted before the deadline KennyMc mentioned and was grandfathered in. This can be any bike that was 03 and older, yes even 2 strokes. Do your research on bikes that came from the factory with plates, don't trust anyone and everyone that claims their bike did. For example prior to 2007, no ktm dirt bikes came with a plate in CA. You'll see a lot of 02-06 for sale that have plates, but there's a chance the plate can be taken away. Unless it was an 02/03 that was grandfathered in.
  5. 02WR426Cali


    Yeah it's along the 33 just past Ojai. I haven't tried that trail yet but want to. I hear it is challenging and washed out sometimes.
  6. 02WR426Cali


    Head up hwy 33 and Ballinger is like 75 miles away. Ballinger is a lot of fun just make sure you check out a map or you'll miss half of the trails to the south of the camping area.
  7. 02WR426Cali


    Coming from the valley you'll enjoy it here with less traffic and chaos plus the cooler temps. I've been on the east end of Ventura my whole life and definitely don't have many reasons to leave that's for sure. Riding isn't too far away the 126 is breeze and scenic.
  8. 02WR426Cali


    "what did you pay for the bike? i have one im about to sell curious what theyre actually sellin for" I paid $1200 but most 04s I've seen are between $1750-$2500. The guy selling this one was needing cash ASAP due to an injury. Bike is pretty clean but not a like new one. Probably would have sold for $1800+ with a non desperate seller.
  9. 02WR426Cali


    It must be an out of state transfer thing because I had no problems last week. I bought an 04 crf450r and transferred the title AND got a new red sticker from the DMV without any hassle whatsoever. I made an appointment and was in and out of there in 10 minutes. Piece of cake
  10. 02WR426Cali

    Inspiring Video...

    That is an awesome video! Those guys are amazing riders
  11. 02WR426Cali

    Balinger 4/5-4/7

    Ok here's a map in case anyone is interested. The "other" canyon and part of Ballinger I was talking about is indeed another canyon called Deer Park Canyon. It's the bottom left half of the map.
  12. 02WR426Cali

    Intermediate Weekend Rides - LA Area - Ongoing

    Shock bearings are a pressed fit. Some have snap rings, some don't. As xr250rdr mentioned the best way to press them in and out is to use a vice with some sockets. Use one socket that fit onto the outer part of the bearing to push it out, and use a bigger socket on the other side that seats on the shock body and allows the bearing room to come out.
  13. 02WR426Cali

    Intermediate Weekend Rides - LA Area - Ongoing

    Probably somewhere around $300 by a shop. Suspension dork really isn't hard to do once you learn it. Each sus. company makes things a little different but they are all very similar. A few special tools are usually needed however. Look on YouTube I'm sure there are done videos of ktm sus. being serviced. If for nothing else just to get an idea of how it's done.
  14. 02WR426Cali

    Balinger 4/5-4/7

    There ya go nice thinking with the map! The area I'm mostly talking about is the lower left. From trail 48 to trail 29 and all in between. I've found that most people don't ever make it over to that area unless they are experienced with ballinger or with someone else that is. I know....looking at the map you would ask yourself how can that be? Well it looks like an obvious place to explore on the map but when you're there all those trails are much more tricky to find than you'd think. Most people tend to stay near the main trail #24
  15. 02WR426Cali

    Balinger 4/5-4/7

    Yeah I know what you mean I don't ride as much as I'd like to either theses days. You'll definitely want to check out all the other trails you haven't found yet they are fun and it gives you more to ride in that area.