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  1. Nice rig Clay! I like the look and I like your exhaust much better than when it was in the bed....
  2. anvilair

    Trailer floor covering?

    Use bedliner paint from PepBoys.... 1) IT IS CHEAP 2) It will seal and protect 3) When you get the floor wet or spill gas or oil, it will not be slippery and/or easy to clean up. Just my .02. Good luck and most important..... enjoy your project!
  3. anvilair

    All I want are safe boobs.

    No Mr. Junky...... I got my head crushed between thier asscheeks.... get your stories straight.
  4. anvilair

    All I want are safe boobs.

    Amen to that! I nearly got my skull fractured inbetween two large ones last night... sorry.... I should have read the original post before answering.
  5. That was my first truck!!!! I put 300k trouble free miles (bought in 85 sold it for parts in 97) on her before jumping it in a a semi drunken stuper and snapping it in half. I still miss that truck.... bench seat, 37 foot long stick shift, i ended up painting it in CAT flat black engine paint, and noisy as hell.... my friends used to call it THE PUNISHER, but I loved driving her.
  6. anvilair

    2001 Tundra questions.

    Like RI! If it hasen't been treated and taken care of it is prone!
  7. anvilair

    2001 Tundra questions.

    The engine rebuild at only 175k would have me highly suspect..... I would see if I could get a good solid answer as to why that was needed on that particular truck. Maybe I am being over cautious but that sems like a red flag to me that there is more to the story of this truck. Wish you the best but cover your own butttt.
  8. anvilair

    Man Advice

    Nice post... This is a HUGE topic, but interesting especially for those of us that have managed to get it right the second time around. Really great to see all the thoughtful posts on this issue.
  9. anvilair

    Man Advice

    +1 here........ my word that sounds almost exactly like my marriage! On an upnote.... I have found a kick ass "do it all" woman that has the same energy level as me and I am loving life with our now 5 children strong blended family.... I just think some people cant help but get lazy and complacent after marriage... it is like it just saps the energy out of some folks. But blaming any one person or not looking at both sides of the story makes for a very dishonest opinion of relationships overall.
  10. anvilair

    Motovan Sickness..

    Really nice!!!! So cool you did the work yourself and it truly is a "one off"..... I love it.
  11. anvilair

    Dash light question

    Crap.... I did not look at what year your truck was. My Yukon is a 95 and I was able to purchase the bulbs at my local Chevy Dealer. From what I have read online it DOES appear that they are part of the board. I am sorry for not taking note of the year of your truck. My apologies.
  12. anvilair

    Dash light question

    The bulbs are replaceable. You need to remove the trim around the dash and then remove the screws holding the cluster in place. The entire cluster removes very easily at this point. You will find the bulbs at the back of the unit. If I remember correctly there are 3 in he HVAC cluster. The bulbs arent cheap ($18 a piece the last time i did this.) and as far as I know you do have to go to a Chevy Dealer to get them. They are similar to the bulbs that go into your plate bracket on the bumper..... just smaller and have a specific connection. AFTERMARKET BULBS OFTEN WILL NOT WORK. I learned this the hard way with my Yukon.
  13. anvilair

    help with ford focus

    That is more than likely the cause of sudden and rapid power loss. The carbon build up story is not only unlikely but rather rediculous for such a small SOHC 4 with 100k. The focus pre 2007 was a cheap disposable car (the newer ones are much better made). The pricing even new was about the same as a KIA or Hyundai. Expecting much more than 100k without having some issues is unrealistic. I would have her take it to a reputable Ford Dealer for service or a locally trusted and ASE certified mechanic. I am sure a CAT wont be cheap and there may be additional repairs needed but that Carbon Build Up story stinks to high heaven in my book. Good Luck!
  14. anvilair

    New exhaust

    I have a single glasspack onmy 318. I gotta say.... I LOVE it... my 5.4 Ford has 2 super 40s' but I still dig the glass pack on my dodge... those converters kinda choke things up! I still love your install though! SWEET!
  15. anvilair

    New exhaust

    I still have a "crappy homemade cherry bomb setup" on my Dodge...... Looks great!