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  1. i need jet sizes for a full FMF pipe. thanks.
  2. voltron

    i need a bottom end

    i need a bottom end for a S. i think the E will work. please let me know.
  3. voltron

    new head

    heli-coil wont do. i tightened the came to much, i scored the cam and the head. i have grooves in the journals. i might be interested in the head. how are the valve seats, how many miles on the head?
  4. voltron

    new head

    i did some engine work and torqued the intake cam journal to hard. i ruined the head and need a new one. does anybody know if i order a new head from oem thumpertalk, does it come with the valve giudes already installed.
  5. voltron

    clutch dragging

    i've searched put i can't find what i need. i have a 2000 S with 10,000 miles on it. with clutch fully pulled in the bike creeps foward and makes it very hard to put it in to netrual. its not the cable adjustment for sure. what are some possible reasons?
  6. voltron


    never mind about the needle, i see now
  7. voltron


    i have the plastic washer on the but i don't think that can make a big difference, but maybe. i have not tried covering the air box or the 5th position. i will tomorrow. what about the needle not being straight is that normal.
  8. voltron


    i have read some threads about this but i can't find what i need. the bike serges at 1/2 to 3/4 at steady throttle. i have an S with a stock carb, 3x3 mod, DJ kit, 150 main and clip on 4th from the top, full system, K&N. i started with the standard, 142.5 and 3rd from the top. i have tried everything from the float level to cleaning the carb and i can not figure it out. i think there may be something wrong with my slide. the needle bends to one side, it dosen't come straight down out of the slide. is this normal? also can someone give me the order of the spacer and washer setup for the DJ kit.
  9. voltron

    suspension tuning

    i just got a 02 CRF450 and im new to motocross. i have gone to the track a couple of times and im having some problems. it might be because i suck but it might be the suspension. i have been jumping but im landing before the down ramp and when i land the front end seems to rebound and then turn almost washing me out. does this happen when you land with the front tire first?
  10. voltron

    valce clearance

    i have checked valve clearance and shimmed on other bikes but im kind of confused with the service manual specs. this is what is says. IN: 0.10 - 0.20 mm (0.0039-0.0079 in) they are not giving you a perfect fit like some bikes. in between 0.10 and 0.20 there are 3 sizes. are they saying that 0.15 is the perfect fit.
  11. voltron

    cometic E gasket set

    thanks dude.
  12. voltron

    cometic E gasket set

    sombody knows.
  13. voltron

    cometic E gasket set

    i ordered the E base gasket for my S and it comes with the head gasket, can i use it, is it the same as the S head gasket. Yes it will work just fine
  14. voltron

    base gasket mod

    so i'm going to do the base gasket mod and i read a lot about changing the rings. so im going to do it to be safe. i also read that i should use dino oil to break it in, is this right. i use synth. and i thought once you go synth you can't go back.
  15. voltron

    Correct 05 CRF450R valve fix?

    did you get the seats cut as well?