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  1. YZF-ing!

    Lets ride this weekend...

    Good idear...good street to dirt ratio.
  2. Whatever you want...trails, dez, etc. I just need to get out...been jonesin' for a good ride and my usuals are flaking out. Sat or Sun...I am driving from the Redondo Beach area...my bike is off Sierra Hwy so I have to go there first but that's kinda on the way to almost everywhere. Thanks Rem
  3. YZF-ing!

    California I know it's late...

    who wants to ride tomorrow near Rohwer. Trail or DS.
  4. YZF-ing!

    Overnight parking/staging in California City.

    Not I would divulge my schedule to anyone...there are lots of local hoodlums up there with too much time on their hands...just sayin'. If it's a dual sport ride see if a local rider will let you stash a car in their driveway for a few days and a case of beer. Or see if a local tow yard (think security) will do the same...next would be a grocery store or some other business with LONG open hours.
  5. YZF-ing!

    spring break in cali

    That pic you posted could be many places in the High Desert...Lucerne Valley, near Ridgecrest, Red Mountain etc. Avoid Dove Springs, Cal City (for the reasons mentioned above). Might be able to have some fun above Gorman...depends on weather and MUST be on a weekday. Drop a line when the time gets here and I am sure you will find a willing participant to guide you.
  6. YZF-ing!

    Ride Tuesday or Wednesday 9th or 10th....

    I might be in if I don't work. Won't know till Monday of I work.
  7. YZF-ing!

    Piutes...thinking of going Tues the 26th...

    Vid from our ride...camera is not mine...it's on my friends noggin'!
  8. YZF-ing!

    Piutes...thinking of going Tues the 26th...

    Well...I am pooped. 50-ish miles of single track...and only my 3rd ride this year. I can tell you this, there were a LOT of downed logs. We smashed down what we could, moved quite a few and rode over and around the rest. The trails (that we rode) were in pretty good shape with reasonable traction (I was thinking there would be more with the recent rains, but that decomposing granite really sucks up the water). There was some great fall color up there, I think there a few weeks left for sure. BUT the wind blowing uphill from Lake Isabella was FRIGID...winter is on the way in the high country. We did have one Paiute "what a minute, is it this way or that way" moment...it had been several years since I was there and it looks different after the fires...that's my excuse and I am sticking to it. That is certainly a place to treat with respect at EVERY level.
  9. I know it's sorta last minute. Hoping they are still open...should be nice and tacky. Anyone have a trail report?
  10. YZF-ing!

    Puites? Trail update?

    I've only been in from Jawbone road...I think that seems like the best access for me and where I usually park. I had heard that they had closed the roads from the East (Kelso), but I guess that is not true.
  11. YZF-ing!

    Puites? Trail update?

    So, what is the legal route into the Piutes if you have a plated bike? Is there a trail map somewhere online? Thanks
  12. YZF-ing!

    H.R. 1925 will CLOSE Moab, Utah!

    Email and letter sent today!
  13. YZF-ing!

    New shoes...

    Does anyone know if '09 EXC wheels will fit an '07 EXC? I have not seen the two next to each other to compare. Thanks in advance.
  14. YZF-ing!

    Sunday ride near Ridgecrest

    PMs cleared...thanks
  15. YZF-ing!

    Sunday ride near Ridgecrest

    I am gona be up there on some other business and would like to get in an early ride Sunday morning and get back to LA early. Just a fun ride maybe some exploring. If there is any interest drop a line.