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  1. flyingcritter

    Tore chain guide off

    Here's what mine looks like, with a description: 2015, low hour bike.
  2. flyingcritter

    Tore chain guide off

    Same problem. I'll upload a video. This is a problem on this bike. Shit weld.
  3. flyingcritter

    2012 Gas gas EC300

    I feel that I have to defend my post a bit with this one. What's hard about working on this: If your float is stuck you have to almost take the throttle cable out of the top to be able to spin it sideways to get at the nut on the bottom - Taking the rear tire off was bothersome always, never really came off easily - Taking the brake pedal off was bothersome (there's a cotter pin holding the pin in place which means you need some sort of plyers and various tools a 1/2 " wrench and socket to remove the pedal.. just make the nut standard - Changing the oil was ... interesting. Super small hole in the side, inevitably made a mess Etc. The motor is awesome, yes. I said that. Starter, yes, i checked it. I took the tank off checked every conceivable connection for a faulty connection, or corroded wires and found none. Something just wasn't working in there (i'm not an electrician so what else can I do other than google and ask people). battery has full 12V, and the starter motor was working perfectly. f you take off your tank and can't figure out how to put it back on that means you don't spend enough time working on your bike... Ok, here you're calling me out for some scrub rider that doesn't know wtf he's doing. I'm sorry, I know how to put a tank back on and this is for all intents and purposes lined up correctly with no wires/cables in the way. The frame is rusting under the frame guards and in and around the footpegs where the rocks/roost chip away the paint and it's rusting. That is 100% the bike's fault. . Do you have a guard for your radiators? Yes, Scorpion rad braces. Yes there was a recall on the subframe... And it weighs 280lbs. If you like it so much, I urge you to pick one up Better alternative: KTM, Husaberg bar none. Others, not sure.
  4. flyingcritter

    2012 Gas gas EC300

    It's wet because I had just washed it... I'm sure everybody washes their bikes from time to time and even when you ride it, it gets wet. And no I don't fine tooth comb it dry when it sits in the garage. Anyway, I don't complain about my bikes, I've ridden an RM125 1998, a Honda CRF250R 2005, a KTM 250 XC 2008 and now a 2012 Gasser 300E Race edition. The Honda would not start if you stalled it when it was hot, other than that, it was a good overall bike. I'm also not complaining about breaking the brake pedal, I'm complaining about the cost of the replacement. Anyway, I don't want to rain on anybody's parade, but I think 280lbs is a bit much for an enduro bike. My forks were re-valved and they still.... are weird. I'll see about the tank, thanks for the info. I know alot of people love these things (There are alot of them here, on Vancouver Island), I just don't get it, and yes the 2012/2013 would seem to be lemons. The 2011 was a good bike, and the earlier versions, from what I hear. I wish I would have known though. Oh well.
  5. flyingcritter

    2012 Gas gas EC300

    I hate my gasgas 300. Worst bike I've ever owned, bar none. Tinfoil radiators Starter just magically stopped working (some electrical issue, didn't even wipe out, just stopped working). Weighs a metric ton. Hard to work on, nothing is easy to fix. I took the gas tank off and for the life of me I cannot get it back in there seated correctly. Gas cap breather broke off. Plastic is a joke, it's a zip tie jobby for sure. Forks are a joke Stock subframe was horrendous (broke in half before the recall). Expensive replacement parts. 150$ retail for a brake lever (rear)... 70$ for a KTM... come on. Frame rusty already... it's a 2012!!! Rusty hardware on swingarm (on the chainguide). Ok, it's got a good motor, it pulls hard and works well on the bottom end so it's not all bad. I will never again own a gas gas... what a waste of time and money. You want to see it there it is:
  6. flyingcritter

    steering damper on an 07

    Why would you weld stuff... Buy a Scott's Damper with the mounting kit. Call them up. Seriously though, I put a damper on my bike and I really don't think I could go back to not having one. Makes a HUGE difference. Especially for motocross where ruts, whoops, etc tug at your steering all the time.
  7. flyingcritter

    timing off by one tooth, does this matter?

    Ouch... it can be tricky for sure. Take your time and if someone can help you watch the gears while you fiddle with the cam chain that will help quite a bit. Bottom line: check, re-check and check again before you bolt the cam in place. At TDC it doesnt take much to have the piston drop down again and you'll be off a tooth. However, this is critical. Sounds like you're not releasing the cam chain tension? I use this method:
  8. flyingcritter

    enduro CRF250R build

    Get an 18inch rear wheel. I almost strictly ride tight woods (on my 05) as I'm on the Pacific Northwest Coast and it's rooty and gnarly here. Tight singletrack and you rarely get out of first gear on the good trails. That being said most of what's on this thread covers it. Apart from good handguards (Fastway, Cycras) and skid/rad guards, there isn't really much to do with the motor. I just finished a race out here about a month ago and I did stall my bike during the race and it cost me big time. It would have been avoided if I had a rekluse in the bike. The biggest complaint I had in the race was the suspension. I'm almost all the way out on the clickers in the front and the shock is really soft as well. The biggest thing you could do would be to re-valve your suspension for the woods. That would help ALOT. if you don't have the money to revalve, just make sure you change your fork oil frequently and only put the minimum amount in. That will really soften the first 4-6inches of travel and you'll hook up way better in the corners. I would say every 10-15 hours of riding, change your fork oil. Might seem excessive, but it's really easy to do and only costs like 10-20$. There's nothing like velvety travel after fresh fork oil. And get an 18inch rear wheel before you destroy your 19inch one.
  9. flyingcritter

    Rim lacing for crf250r rear wheel?

    I dunno.. I laced an excel rear rim and the spokes were all straight, two different lengths, but straight. http://www.webbikeworld.com/motorcycle-wheels/spoke-wheels/ Here's a guide.... Good luck and take your time.
  10. flyingcritter

    valve clearances

    You're .001 out of tolerance (.003 out of spec). If you think that's a big deal, shim it. If not, run it as is.
  11. flyingcritter

    Valves, again

    It always seems to be the Right intake. That's what went in mine as well. Some theories are because of the proximity to the exhaust pipe, so it gets hotter than the Left intake. Anyway, time for a valve job for you. I got mine done with Ferrea valves and springs from MX time.. great guy, phoned me and everything and the head looked brand new when it came back. THey shim it and everything. http://www.mxtime.com
  12. flyingcritter

    Please Have Something Good To Say

    Good luck.... make sure you search around in the head to see if the thing is still in the top of the head. I'm sure you've already done that, but I thought I lost a shim in there and it was still in the head all along. Taking the ignition cover off is a pain... mostly because the old gasket will be a pain in the butt to scrape off of the case. Good luck.
  13. flyingcritter

    Oil Leaking Out The Airbox!!!

    If you flipped your bike upside down, you will get oil in your airbox and if it's upside down long enough, you will get oil in your air filter. No need to panic, if you follow the breather hoses, you can see the one from the cylinder head cover goes into the airbox and drains onto the swingarm... This has happened to me several times when my bike flips upside down. Before you tear your bike apart, make sure you didn't just flip it over upside down. IT spews more oil if it is running while upside down.
  14. flyingcritter

    I am BEGGIN someone too post a pic of their linkage

    Take your time.... .read the book and don't force anything. I had the same problem. I'll take a picture later today.
  15. flyingcritter

    Head shop?

    I had the guy at http://mxtime.com/ do mine. He called me long distance on the phone to discuss what we wanted to do with the head and only replaces parts if he needs to. I give him a thumbs up, my head was really clean after coming back from him.