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  1. srgnz

    DIY 04 450 Suspension Re-Valve!

    Thanks for that. Didn't expect a crystal ball answer on how to set up a bike without riding it, but more of an overview of what has been done in there. This part was helpful... Thanks for the offer of help. I'm keen to do it properly and learn as much as I can. Only problem is I only get to ride about once a month these days, so it may take a while to sort out. Rather than trying to get a base-line from these hacked up 450 forks... should I just use the internals out of the 250 forks? Or maybe put the 450 springs into the 250 forks and start there? I also need a damper rod for one of them (250 and 450 both look the same) ... tried ebay already - any idea where I might find a used one?
  2. srgnz

    DIY 04 450 Suspension Re-Valve!

    Whoops - I meant to type strange, not stock. The mid valve looks strange in comparison to your pictures of stock ones. 2004 CRF450 R This may seem a bit odd, but I have no specific complaints as I haven't even ridden this bike yet. Got it last week, and have been doing a few maintenance things before it gets a ride. Took the forks apart because the seals were leaking. After reading this thread (all of it), I decided to have a look at the valving while I was in there , and seek the opinions of y'all wise thumpertalkers as to what has been done in there by the previous owner or his tuner. Haven't touched the shock yet, and would prefer not to do so until I have ridden it. One thing at a time. I also have a 2005 CRF 250 R here as well. This is what the MV looks like to compare.
  3. srgnz

    DIY 04 450 Suspension Re-Valve!

    Hi Dogger, MV looks stock. Springs are stock. Have not taken the shock apart, as I don't have nitrogen here to recharge it, and wanted to ride it this weekend. 20 years m/c mechanic experience, but surprisingly I have never played with valving. I'm 6 foot 1 Probably 210 lb with riding gear on Experienced and reasonably capable 42 year old rider (usually place in the top 5 in vets class in local events, but still get soundly beaten by the guys who are really fit) Riding and terrain ranges from the equivalent of your GNCC to tight enduro - my riding almost always involves trees, and I hardly ever ride full-on mx these days.
  4. srgnz

    DIY 04 450 Suspension Re-Valve!

    Finally decided to tackle the DIY revalve, thanks to this thread. 2004 CRF450 R I have only got as far as the base valve, and this is what it has... 6@ 30, 22, 29, 28, 27, 26, 25, 23, 21, 19, 18. Suspension was revalved when the bike was a few weeks old, by an apparently reputable tuner here. With that set up, what do you think he was aiming for??
  5. srgnz

    gunnar gasser throttle

    Maybe I was taking a leaf out of your book Swiss... lighter is righter ! Those pesky tops sure look heavy.
  6. I have several gunnar gasser throttles in the garage , but no tops for them Can I buy a top somewhere? I have had grey ones, clear ones and black ones on my bikes - but currently find myself with none of the above. Oh, and yes... these are the original ones with "made in Sweden" stamped on them... not the cheap (and dangerous) chinese clones.
  7. Make sure the wiring loom is earthed well where the green CDI wire bolts to the frame - you may even have to scrape some paint off the frame. I have seen quite a few bikes that will not start after a frame paint job... and powdercoating is even worse. The electrics need to earth properly to the steel frame to complete the circuit.
  8. On the last few events, my '04 makes a weird rumbling noise for about 5 seconds after the engine is killed. These races have been tag-team cross country / woods events of about 35 to 40 minute laps, so the bike is good and hot when you arrive for a rider change. Kill the engine and it makes a noise like the absolute worst wheel bearing you can imagine, or maybe a tin can with some water and a handfull of rocks being swished around. Keep sitting on the bike while refueling, and it sounds and feels like it is boiling as well. I have the front frame downtube set up as an overflow catch tank, so it is not possible to see how much coolant is being puked. Engine is otherwise in good condition, with about 12 hours on a recent piston replacement (13.5:1). Crank etc checked out good at the time. Have had the top end off again since this noise and overheating started. I suspected a possible head gasket leak causing the boiling, but it all looked good inside. Did the sandpaper on a sheet of glass trick to ensure the head and barrel were flat (which they weren't). Reassembled with new OEM gaskets and correct torque procedure, but it still pukes and makes the rumble noise. I can't imagine that the engine keeps spinning at all after it is shut off, so I think I can rule out any internal engine parts. Can the boiling / overheating create the rumbling rocks noises? Any help or theories appreciated.
  9. I have a JD jet kit in my 2004 CRF450R. Moved house and lost the instruction page. Can someone tell me the difference between the blue and red needles, and what application each one is suited to?
  10. srgnz

    throttle cables

    2004 CRF450R I need to order a new cable, but my bike is currently not here to look at. I need the pull cable, not the return cable. Do I need cable 1 or 3 in the diagram on the TT store? <http://oem.thumpertalk.com/images/Honda/2004/Motorcycles/2374_HANDLE%20LEVER%20@%20SWITCH%20@%20CABLE%20('04-'05).gif>
  11. Does anyone have any pictures of the 650 Triumph that Steve McQueen rode at the 1964 ISDT ?
  12. srgnz

    pointers for potential 426 owner

    No E-start. Compression release on the bars. Is there anything nasty to look out for on the '02? WR426 ??
  13. srgnz

    pointers for potential 426 owner

    Sorry - I have never owned a Yamaha before, and don't know the model succession sequence. It is definitely a WR426. The owner has it advertised as a 2003. When did they drop the 426 for the 450?
  14. I am looking at buying a used 2003 426WR... are there any common problems with this model which I should look out for?
  15. srgnz

    Removing the plastic radiator gaurds?

    somebody once posted a pic of the location and dimension of the hole you can drill in the stock impeller - maybe somebody would be kind enough to re-post it.