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  1. I've been running 12 x 51 for years on my bike, run a x ring chain, probably replace it once every other racing season, which is probably 40 races, Harescrambles only of course. I've replaced my swingarm rub guide once in the life of the bike. Just my experience.
  2. WRider250

    looking for '11 ktm 250sx NJ,NY,MD,DE

    Christian, I don't come on here for weeks and the first time I do I read this post, the real question is where do race resumes get sent for full rides :-)
  3. I never really knew which way was technically the front of those axle blocks so I meausured them to make sure the tick marks were the same distance from the edge the direction that I have them, and they are so I have always run them like that. Thanks for the catch!
  4. WRider250

    Freshened up the Bike, What do ya think

    Haha yea wont the pink helmet just add to the conundrum of colors, I'm not sure that it was the right choice of helmet color but hey, my friends will definitely be able to pick me out no matter how muddy it is! R-dubya I don't recognize the name Rutter of the top of my head I appreciate the responses guys!
  5. WRider250

    Freshened up the Bike, What do ya think

    Hey thanks for the opinions guys! I know the green was a leap of faith and its definitely a love it or hate it color combination. To the guy about PA, I'm near the Quakertown area. And about getting them, they're graphics designed for the race team each year and only available to the riders for that shop. Thanks again for all the words guys, I appreciate both sides of the opinion spectrum.
  6. Well I tore the bike down once again this winter, and once again the project took wayy longer than anticipated, however its finally done and I'm stoked. Our race team graphics this year have lots of colors in them so I went that direction on the bike and made it different colors than usual which somehow worked great I think. Take a look and tell me what you think! BTW, This is a Harescrambles only bike, Open A class.
  7. Finally finished the bike just in time for racing, Tell me what you guys think, I gave yamaha a few new colors for this year!
  8. WRider250

    District 6 Dutchman Hare Scramble 10-5

    You bet I'll be at Ironman, I don't know if I'm going up saturday to watch the SX or what exactly is goin on, but sunday I'll be on the line. 595 on a white yamaha
  9. WRider250

    Loose Nut on clutch boss

    I was practicing at a track one day and the exact same thing happened to me, the nut loosened up cause the lock washer was past its prime and the part I had bent over tore off. I had all the wrong tools so I ended up loc-tite'ing on the nut to finish the day then fixing it with the right washer when I got home.
  10. WRider250

    District 6 Dutchman Hare Scramble 10-5

    Thanks alot Hoffman, yea last year I was in open B and had a good year finally, so that bumped me up this year. Certainly a learning curve on that front row but I got lucky at DMX I guess. You moving up next year? I don't know if were gonna find a new series or keep showing up at the PA states yet, see what other people are doin then go from there maybe.
  11. WRider250

    District 6 Dutchman Hare Scramble 10-5

    When asked how a race was people generally respond with their views and how they did, and that helps other people analyze it from different speed views and vantage points. Depending how you finished often times alters how you think of the track or how it suited you, so hoffman nice ride! And yea certainly a learning curve from pilot to mx, but even more of a learning curve when using all of your inlaws money to buy a track, to then having the plug pulled on funds and heading for bankruptcy and losing racer support the whole way.
  12. WRider250

    District 6 Dutchman Hare Scramble 10-5

    Isn't even worth it haha, short story is if it doesn't sell, next year he's hoping for 2 harescrambles, dunno bout mx, and don't look for practice days.
  13. WRider250

    District 6 Dutchman Hare Scramble 10-5

    There we go, thanks for the link, again take it with a grain of salt, the story of that place is beyondddd messed up once you get the whole story from a credible source
  14. WRider250

    District 6 Dutchman Hare Scramble 10-5

    It was a half decent track, they took out the big step up on the main track for some odd reason as well as the double that is usually after it, that was basically the only track changes. It was only like a 10 or 12 min lap so we ran alottt of laps but conditions wise I can't really complain, it rutted up nicely and wasnt tooo dusty till the quads hit. I ended up 1st in the Open A and 2nd overall for the day. Then they tried to pay the Senior A guys more than the Open A, so payouts were a little frustrating at first but we got it figured out eventually. If you go on jim bull photo and watch the promo video that was shot this weekend it kind of explains why there wasn't anything going on there this year, believe what you choose to you know how the dmx information system works, but its there for advertising purposes.
  15. WRider250

    District 6 Dutchman Hare Scramble 10-5

    I think plentyyy of people will show at the DMX race everyone knows about it and its the last time to race there more than likely. The evansville one was just announced last weekend so people are still finding out, and its a delmarva motocross weekend or something, so hard to say about that one if people have plans to race other stuff already or what