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  1. Were you all plated? Maybe it was a concern over legal street bikes vs. non-plated dirt bikes.
  2. I've used DHL for a few items, and they have always pulled through well. You may want to consider using them internationally as well though, because they had great coverage when I had to ship something within Europe.
  3. georgestr

    How young is too young?

    Kids can drive at 15 in our state. Nobody works in salt mines because they want to. Riding a speed restricted dirt bike in a controlled environment seems irrelevant to the examples you give. I question the idiot in this case.
  4. georgestr

    Clarke mfg.

    Post the pic.
  5. Replace them, you will probably have to soon anyways, no use in putting added wear on your new chain with old sprockets.
  6. I'm in the middle of replacing the exhaust system on my Lincoln Navigator (same chassis as the Expedition and F-150, for the most part). I've done a few exhaust systems before, but this one is being a huge pain in the ass just to remove. The tube that runs from the Y fitting into the front of the muffler seems stuck on the Y fitting. I have the clamp cut already, and can rotate the pipe several degrees in either direction, but still have had no luck in getting it off. Anyone have any tips or tricks to getting this or similar pieces off? Thanks George
  7. georgestr

    merging 2 posts

    2006 Bikes 2006 SMR510 2006 SMR510 2006 SM610 .
  8. georgestr

    merging 2 posts

    2005 Bikes 2005 TE250 2005 TC510 2005 SM610 2005 SM450 .
  9. georgestr

    Need help on gettin a bike!!!

    It's about $600. You could get a used bike for that much here, but with prices being so different in Britian, i'm not sure. Check your local classifieds, see what you can find.
  10. georgestr

    big four manufacturing in the U.S.?

    I doubt anyone would make dirtbikes here because they are light (compared to street bikes) and somewhat easy to ship because of their size. ATK's were made in America, but really not worth bothering with, IMO.
  11. Get a Fiat Panda. Small, cheap, light. Perfect for thrashing about in.
  12. This was brought up a year or two ago, only in the form of a banner, not a car flag. The thing that held it back from happening was cost. Unless you are making thousands upon thousands of them, like a pro sports team, they really aren't cost effective to do. I imagine that situation would apply to these as well.
  13. georgestr

    Throttle assembly

    I need a new throttle assembly for my 02 450R, after a slight off during my last ride. I was browsing through some of the replacements in the TT store, but was unsure which one would work with the dual throttle cables. Anyone have any experience with these? I need the whole bracket assembly, not just a tube. Thanks georgestr
  14. georgestr

    e85 ethonal???

    I'm right in the midwest and know of 3 E85 stations around me. Never looked at prices, but was told that for a while, it was around $1.50. Didn't sound like a bad deal, but I imagine it's back up near regular gas.
  15. georgestr

    TT store would not match price for my yosh.

    They don't price match tires because of the nature of the tire market.