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  1. Summit

    RK Tek Head

    Told ya! ­čść
  2. Summit

    Another Lectron topic ??

    If you want it to run really good, install a rk tek head. Put the mikuni back on and jet to factory specs from the chart in the manual according to your conditions and maybe richen that up a bit. The head makes a big big difference. No more annoying surging pipe bang, better starting and idle, way smoother power.
  3. Summit

    2018 KTM 300 XCW

    Grab it. I paid 9500. for mine last spring. Love the bike, factory recommended jetting as per their chart + rk tek head, runs real good.
  4. So how was it running prior to tear down? For what it's worth, I'm one of those gullible people who believe in the factory recommendations.....I'm running motorex oil at 60:1.......I know, gasp! Guess I'll report at a later date the results.
  5. Summit

    STIC testing on 300

    What is "tick over" ?
  6. Summit

    RK tek head and shoulders above the rest!

    Just finished first real ride with the rk tek. The bike feels like a torquey electric bike now. Pipe bang virtually gone, spooge almost gone. We'll see if it stays consistent with differing elevation/temp changes but for now there's absolutely no way a bike could run any better. For now keihin/stic purchase is on hold.
  7. Summit

    STIC metering block testing 17 300XC

    So the Harris Perf. website is the best place for purchase?
  8. Summit

    STIC metering block testing 17 300XC

    So without reading 38 pages, is the stic a worthwhile mod, yes or no? It seems threads like this always end up with a few knowledgeable guys arguing small details page after page.
  9. Summit

    What Have You Done To Your KTM Today?

    Installed an orange Rk tek head. Couple laps around the neighborhood. .....wow nice! Gotta go to the mountains to really try it.
  10. It's the way your riding it. Give it more gas, let off, shift up.....something.
  11. Summit

    Anyone put a SX tank on a 300XCW?

    Do they have a reserve?
  12. Summit

    '17/'18 450 XC-F Power

    Might want to give the 300 another try, I used to think the same thing. I got tired of struggling through steep technical terrain and decided to just go for it and get a 300. Now instead of panicking and trying to blow through rough sections like a bull in a china shop, I can relax, slow down, leave it in second or shift to first gear and the bike magically just keeps pulling through with plenty of torque to pull up steep nasty trails all the while aboard a super light great handling bike . Now if you attack big huge open high speed hill climbs, then no contest, even though the top end power is similar, the 450's and 500's rule there.
  13. Summit

    ShutaxÔÇÖs 2018 250XC Post

    Why would a stronger pipe be better than a cf pipe guard? Seems to me a stronger pipe would also transfer the impact.
  14. Summit

    2019 300XC W TPI

    I've heard they don't last very long any more, changed the compound or something. What's your experience? I put a 140 on my 450 but only put two rides on it before I sold the bike so I don't know how they hold up. They do hook up though!!
  15. That's hilarious, I can see a milk crate bungied to the rear fender full of groceries.