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  1. btc20mx

    JS's Florida Ride Day video

    Eric Sorby
  2. btc20mx

    James Stewart's Florida Ride Day Announced

    You might want to check on that one. I'm not sure about that.
  3. btc20mx

    James Stewart's Florida Ride Day Announced

    It's a quad sponsor's cup that night, so he would have some trouble!!!
  4. btc20mx

    James Stewart's Florida Ride Day Announced

    I just talked to Tyler and he told me all the information It is free gate admission and riding if you want to come out to the James Stewart ride day on Saturday September 19th between 8 a.m. and 2 p.m. However you must leave by 3 p.m. because the Saturday night program will be starting. If you would like to stay for Saturday night it is a $10 gate fee per person. During James' visit there should be food and Red Bull, Fuel T.V. is supposed to be out there shooting video as well. It should be a blast. If you have questions here is the phone number - 352-588-4697 or check out the website
  5. Snapped this of Justin Weeks back at Loretta's. Hang in there Mr. Weeks
  6. btc20mx

    Mondon Hill MX Track ,are they open again yet?

    If you are referring to me I am Tyler C., I'll call him tonight
  7. btc20mx

    Xgames Best Trick About To Start

    It has been a disappointment so far, the double front flip was sick, they gave the super rail gold to Danny Way for hobbling around like a fish out of water and landing some mediocre trick, Kyle Loza gets gold with last year's style. So far the best thing was the adaptive motocross???? Probably because there were no judges involved.
  8. btc20mx

    BAD NEWS from Factory Effex

    I'm guessing they posted that email on the wall and laugh at it. I've studied marketing but I was asleep during the part where you can attempt to bend over the supplier when things don't go perfectly.
  9. btc20mx

    Who's going to red bud?

    I'm going! hope it doesn't rain.
  10. btc20mx

    Mondon Hill - Friday July 3rd???

    Sorry, not enough notice, maybe next holiday!
  11. It's Wet but still open every Sunday
  12. Shutter speed seems a little slow, was that on purpose?
  13. btc20mx

    MHM MX,Brooksville,FL.

    why the dancing banana? Isn't this bad news?
  14. btc20mx

    Pics from Bremen MX today. 5-13-09

    what kind of camera she shooting?
  15. btc20mx

    RTR Wheel lacing in Fl

    He is a great person to work with, don't hesitate to let him work on your stuff. I have used him before (since he lives down the street) and he is honest and fast which is all I can ask for.