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  1. CRF_250_X

    No spark

    Well last year I was out riding on the bike and finally she died, checked the valves when i got it home and they zeroed out, so I rebuilt the engine, through a brand new head on her, valves and high comp piston, new valves etc, anyways got it all back together, fresh oil, fresh gas, new spark plug, and it wont start, checked all my electrical connections and they all seem tight. I seem to be getting no spark so would it be a bad iginition coil? or?
  2. Well I havent been running the budds creek in the back only up front, but my buddy was running a kenda, I cant remember the name but it was a sticky, my front one and his back one, havent chuncked out yet
  3. lol dug up my old thread, I went ahead and bought the tire, works good in hard packed mud and soft mud and grass, sucks in sand, wears down kind of fast
  4. CRF_250_X

    Anybody ride without a bash plate?

    never had one, dont plan on getting one, not to rocky here, when its cleaned up the bike looks like new still
  5. CRF_250_X

    time for a complete crf250x overhaul

    yessir, didnt want to take the time from riding to get them done, and by the time winter rolled around I was in school so didnt have much money because lack of work hours, then after school I had to by a vehicle, so it wasnt my top priority but now it is. Already got the 250R head pipe and muffler the other day for 20 bucks Thats what I was thinking of doing this morning, might have to do with my sloppy (feeling) steering. Also I listed a new front caliper, when going over approx 5mph theres a high pitched wine coming from my front wheel and Im 99% sure its my brake pads just barely making contact with the rotor, the pads are just about shot, but Im not sure if putting new pads in will stop the wine or if my pistons are sticking, anyone have any suggestions?
  6. CRF_250_X

    time for a complete crf250x overhaul

    Well I have had my X for 4 years now, went through 4 seasons of hard (but not stupid) riding, and its starting to show. Bike has about 7000kms (180-210 hours) on its oringal top and bottom end (no valve problems at all!!), and the only things that have been replaced are several back tires, 2 front tires, 3 chains, and 2 sets of sprockets, rims and spokes, right fork seal, and thats about it. My main reasons not to keep going is the steering feels really slippery and sloppy, and it does not have the power it use too So heres what I plan on doing this fall or late summer Rebuild top end (new piston, valves, springs, guides, and R cam) R pipe or after market jet kit CCC mods new fr/rr tires tighten/true spokes and rims Get rear shock and front forks rebuilt New bearing in the linkage New Wheel bearings New Chain and sprockets New front brake pads/maybe new caliper New fr/rr rotors New handle bars(think my renthals are slightly tweaked) New Plastics Is there anything else I should do to make this bike feel like the day I bought it? Since IM going all out dont be afraid to give me some crazy Ideas( besides a new bike) Thanks for your suggestions and input
  7. CRF_250_X

    Pics Of Your Rig

    no rocks around here to crawl anyway lol, it will be used for mudding and trails, very little crawling for lack of places to do it, if/when I get the cognito the body lift is coming off, I dont need or want 11 inches, may run it for a bit for something to do but it wont be permanent, still checking out my options for a lift between 6 inches 8 at most. thanks for the comments anyhow
  8. CRF_250_X

    Pics Of Your Rig

    bad pic with bike in the back ( truck has 35's now) 8 inch cognito lift on its way, after thats installed Ill be running 11 inches of total lift, and shes NO street queen
  9. CRF_250_X

    Websites for Ideas

    avoid pirate4x4 if you like going through alot of bickering to get information, there is also alot of flaming going on there, for really good site with lots of info and really nice guys go to gmfullsize.com or fullsizechevy.com or if your interested more in performance modifications go to performancetrucks.net all good sites that welcome newbies, just besure to check out the stickies so you dont reflood the boards with questions thats been asked a milliion times
  10. CRF_250_X

    I just dont' get it...

    I agree with ya, 1 bad apple spoils the bunch, Ive gotten about 6000 kms on my valves and there still all perfectly in spec.
  11. CRF_250_X

    CRF250X will do everything the XR250 will....

    Ive ridden it pretty hard and drove it alot, had it gone through twice just to make sure everything is alright, and it all looks good, power isnt what it use to be so Im getting a new piston done at the end of this coming riding season
  12. CRF_250_X

    switch to syn

    always amsoil
  13. CRF_250_X

    Studded tires question?

    hey noticed your from NB too, from my exsperience dont even bother, my buddy buys packages of 1/4 screw with a hex/flat blade screw driver head, and screws them into his knobbies, works great and cheap, he rarely ever spins a screw out, and you just take them out when spring comes. But if your set on new tires, search trilibergs(something like that). Also where In NB are ya from?
  14. CRF_250_X

    CRF250X will do everything the XR250 will....

    hmm I got a pretty good start there, been close to 4 years since my last valve adjust ment, and still on the orginal piston and rings, valves, everything orginal excpet rear tires and sprockets
  15. CRF_250_X

    WAAAA HOOOO Just got a 250x

    yeah 53 is stock and congrats