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  1. PGer555

    Brand new yamaha yz 250 2t :D

    It will never be that clean again!!!
  2. PGer555

    post some pics of your woods weapon

    It's an E-Line carbon fiber pipe gaurd
  3. PGer555

    Crash and Repair pictures

    ouch.... what happened??
  4. PGer555

    Post pics of your CR's

    jay, thats a sick bike!
  5. PGer555

    RATE A 2001 CR250 by todays standards

    The 01 has a very strong motor, so speed wise you should be fine in that department. Like stated before, you should defiantly get the suspension set up for your weight and such. I ride mine mostly on trails but i do get out to the track every so often. I think it does very well on both. The 01 250 is a good choice, you wont be disappointed. heres mine:
  6. PGer555


    i think a 125 should keep ya entertained for a while and help you get used to a bigger bike without sacrificing an arm or a leg. But seriously theres nothing wrong with a 125. You've seen what Bubba used to do on them...
  7. PGer555

    got a new pipe

    I would suggest the pre 2001 carb conversion before you drain alot of money trying to jet the 2001 carb. The PWk's are much less picky and I personally think there easier to jet...
  8. PGer555

    2008 cr250r

    the funny thing is after i posted that, i got 2 pm's from people interested in that bike. If it sells i should become a salesman. I can sell a bike faster than a dealership in a few days instead of 7 years...
  9. PGer555

    Pics of the new (08) 500AF inside....

    awesome bike. congrats
  10. PGer555

    2008 cr250r

    Theres a 2001 cr250 brand spankin new at a dealership not too far from my house. Ive always been a honda guy, but those ktm 300's seem awesome! that may have to be my next bike...
  11. PGer555

    Just bought an 03 CR250

    Lookin good!!! Man that 1st post in a few months felt good!!
  12. PGer555


    for top speed: less teeth on rear, more on front for acceleration: more teeth on rear, less on front
  13. PGer555

    Sprocket change?

    the rears are interchangable, the fronts are not.
  14. PGer555

    Did some polishing

    looks great!