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  1. KTMRacer10

    Thunder Valley Wednsday?

    I think I'll be there early, like 11 or 12 all day long.
  2. KTMRacer10

    What do YOU guys think of my bike?

    I'd guess a nice clean CRF450
  3. Maybe if you pulled your head out youd know that I am not looking for people to "lie" to me on how modified it is you idiot. I was expecting some nice replys and comments on a clean nice looking machine. I am done with you morons
  4. Nah, you guys can all bite me except for the ones that replied decent. I do not have the money to do up my bike like a fully moded works machine... I am just very proud of this bike because it is the nicest bike I've ever had and all I can get is reply's telling me how stock it looks. To me, bars, pipe, graphics and other little things is what makes a nice bike for me, ever thik of that? so you little rich boys can just shove it.
  5. I am in the middle of doing it up a little bit but am not finished and figured I'd post pics since I got some new tires. The guys in the picture forums are jerks, they just complain about how stock it is and how it doesnt have all the little anodized parts that are a waste. But anways what do you fellas think of my 450? http://i17.photobucket.com/albums/b60/ktm400sx/My%20Bike/DSCN8600.jpg http://i17.photobucket.com/albums/b60/ktm400sx/My%20Bike/DSCN8603.jpg
  6. I am not looking for comments on how stock it looks. I can ride it so i dont really care. This site is so full of punk jerks its not even funny.
  7. Their stock I think, it came like that. Thanks though.
  8. Thanks dude, at least someone appreciates a nice bike.
  9. Whatever though you guys are jerks... Cant even get some positive comments on my bike, just "Looks stock."
  10. Suspension, engine work, and skill make them fast.
  11. Exactly, I just want a nice looking bike.
  12. OMG you guys, you guys look for rims, anodized parts, hubs and all the friggin works dilly dallys wich I think are a waste of money, and that I cant afford.
  13. Nah, the bike had 15 hrs on it when I boght it bone stock and I just want to do it up a little bit.
  14. You should not be looking for anything, I am just posting pics of MY bike. Plus I got my pipe, my chain, my bars, my plastics, my numbers, my graphics, my tires, my grips, and still waiting for more... And im in the process of my suspension.