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  1. Robbo66

    Boring out for a 262

    Awesome. Thanks for your advice. Much appreciated.
  2. Robbo66

    Boring out for a 262

    Hey Guys, I have done a hell of a lot of searching on here. Found some awesome info on it all. But just never found something about if I have to re-chrome the barrel after it has been bored out? As I do believe they are a chrome bore? Any help will be greatly appreciated. Regards, Robbo
  3. Sorry if this is in the wrong topic, but my point of this topic is a neck injury/death, while wearing the leatt. A Good friend of mine passed away yesterday. He was out riding, and hit a jump, and got bucked off. He broke his neck, and died instantly. He was wearing his Leatt Brace. RIP Luke French. Keep on riding Bro. Gonna miss ya. 5/8/1985 - 7/8/2007
  4. Robbo66

    Where are KTMs made?

    I thought they were made in Australia?
  5. LOL. Good call Brian. Pain heels, Chicks dig scars, Glory last forever! Get well soon man.
  6. Robbo66

    250 YZ's

    Sold my YZ250f '06 for a YZ250 '07. Best move I have made.
  7. Robbo66

    2007 Yamaha YZ250F Front forks

    I find that a tear off works best to slide up in the seal to get the grit out. You need to lower the dust seal first.
  8. Robbo66

    Correct Fuel - Australia

    Yamaha Australia recommend using regular unleaded in 2-strokes & 4-strokes.
  9. I work at a Yamaha dealership. We have rebuilt a few bikes with aftermarket bearings. And they never lasted. It wasn't worth the hassle. We always go genuine now with engine bearings.
  10. Robbo66

    Yamaha to Release 08 Lineup Tommorow

    What the hell is that thing? The YZ450F is Chad Reeds Race bike. With GYT-R Magnesium hubs! The 250F has EFI, Automatic gear box with traction control, on the fly engine power delivery, with non-falling off technology to help keep you rubber side down. That's my prediction.
  11. Robbo66

    Happy Birthday Gary!

    Happy B-Day. Cheers for all the posts and topics with great information you have given us over the years.
  12. Robbo66

    Leatt braces saves another

    I somewhat agree. No one can determine the force that he hit, and the force that the leatt helped soak up. I've still got one. I am a strong believer in it. But we can't just say that 'if it wasn't for this brace, I wouldn't be walking'.
  13. Excel make them. http://www.mxbike.com/catalog/Excel+Pro+Series+Wheels+Universal+Rear+Wheel+Assembly+2.15+X+18++Gold+Hub+Black+Rim
  14. Robbo66

    Homemade Rotor Guard

    Looks pretty trick man. Nice work.
  15. Robbo66


    Start in 4th gear, valve bounce that 125, and get the muffler bearing warmed up and spinning.