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  1. CHEEZE13

    Exhaust on the way

    Can a Yamaha guy make a suggestion, well first to all of yall, congrats on the 06 saki. It really feels very nimble, and very light, and looks badass. OK enough of that shit, JARDINE RT-4. Hands down total badass pipe period, rode them all, and the Jardine just kicks mucho ass. 51 hp at the tire on an 03 450 Yami, highest of all pipes period. Just a thought, really wake that beast up!
  2. CHEEZE13

    FMF megabomb pipe header

    Look I have weighed in on every thread here lately in regards to pipes, so I here I go again. The best pipe for awesome power gains is the Jardine RT-4, hands down it takes on all comers and beats the shit outta of 'em period. At 6500 rpm you'd better hold on, no joke I researched them all, and the one concensus was always overwhelmingly the RT-4.
  3. 2003-2004 Yamaha YZF450 OEM is 3.6kg-cm2
  4. Actually scientists tell me that it weighs one yoctogram (10x^-24) less, so yeah it basically weighs the same.
  5. I agree 100% with Ga426, BLEEP Honda and this whatever, sell more bikes bull excrement (what next we go to a unicam 80 hr switch 'er to stainless I do valve job's more than I ride horse shizit?), cater to real racers, provide us with a "true" MX bike, everybody else get a damn Wr., I have got a 00 426, and never get into 5th (at my local track), if I did I would constantly be landing flat and I would blow my front forks to hell. Cuz when "Nelly" comes on that Jardine it ain't no bullsheit.
  6. CHEEZE13

    Official release dates

    I just love how the marketing idiots describe the color..."Deep Purplish Blue Solid E (Blue)" once they describe themselves into the corner, they just say (blue).
  7. CHEEZE13

    dyno 06

    BIG BREASTED WOMEN, BUTT NAKED RIDING...oops...sorry thats when I am dreaming...
  8. CHEEZE13

    dyno 06

    Has any seen any U.F.O.'s??
  9. CHEEZE13

    Dr.D for YZ426F?

    I STRONGLY, I REPEAT STRONGLY, suggest a Jardine Rt-4, I have one on my 2000 426 and it totally transformed my bike. Everyone who has ridden it agrees, it is the pipe to get!
  10. I am work and I need to know what the rear fender bolt size is at the top mounts. Thanks
  11. On the side note: This question is directly releated to Newtons laws of motion. Wheelspin is not a decrease of acceleration necessarily! It depends on your perspective! Acceleration is the changing of the velocity of the object.
  12. CHEEZE13

    Chaparral SUX!

    Well guess what, seems the bitch at Chaparral, is now gonna honor their ad, and send me the rest of my stuff. Thanks to all who complained and raised hell, cuz it worked!!! A legitimate complaint to the BBB will wake em up if they have any sense, but I guarantee this, my ass ain't never gonna order anything from them again.
  13. CHEEZE13

    Gas prices, blah!

    Yeah and those ass holes were geting fined for price gouging. Price in metro Atl. right now is about $3.59/gal for 87.
  14. CHEEZE13

    Chaparral SUX!

    Dude you are cracking me up! That's some funny shit! LMAO