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  1. Diglerville

    taking the screen out of the air filter cage

    Wow, 1HP plus the 3oz weight savings, ....that's podium for sure.
  2. Diglerville

    Hot Start Needed??

    I only need mine during a race. In the middle of a 3 hr AZ race, it will be hot and it won't usually refire if you stall and don't pull in the hot start. Especially if you crash. If you're not racing, you won't be in that much of a hurry to restart so I suppose it wouldn't matter.
  3. Diglerville

    Valve Questions

    Do a search for more details, but real quick: Usually your right intake valve will zero which will make the bike hard to start and it may stall easier. You really need to pull the valve cover and check them, it only takes about 1/2 an hour.
  4. Diglerville


    Not sure what the market is like up there, but I just picked up an 06 YZ250F with about 10hrs on it for the equiv. of $2500 in trade. The guy said he had tried to sell it for $3000 for awhile, then dropped to $2700, but no takers. I traded him for a YZ450 I picked up off a friend who needed some cash.
  5. Diglerville


    I had the full R system on my 05 X, but got it back from a crap shop in pieces and they forgot the head pipe so I put the X header back on to make a race. It seemed really strong, especially off the line. I'm racing fairly tight stuff, so I don't hit top speed very often. I think I'll leave it this way, it feels really good.
  6. Diglerville

    how far can you you go with the stock gas tank?

    If your bike is all stock, you might be able to go 50, but I wouldn't push past 40 before pitting for gas. If you've done anything to open up the flow, I'd pit around 30 or sooner.
  7. Diglerville

    how far can you you go with the stock gas tank?

    All downhill????
  8. Diglerville

    I'm Thinking Autoclutch

    I ride 250 B in Arizona Hare Scramble/GP/Qualifiers and I put one on my 05 a couple years ago. I love it, but it took me more than a couple rides to get used to it. I used to use engine braking a lot on rocky downhills, which you can still do, but you have to rev up a little to get it to engage. The pros are: Less arm fatigue in 3+ hour races is nice. Being able to lock up the rear wheel and slide into corners without clutching is nice. When you crash, your bike will usually keep running, so you can just pick it up and go. Cons: $$. That's the only drawback I can think of. Love it.
  9. Diglerville

    Oil in crankcase breather

    I can confirm the "upside down" issue!!! But, as the rings start to loosen up, as the bike gets older, you will get more oil in there as well. Either way, not a big deal, just keep draining it and don't let it back up.
  10. Diglerville

    05' Loaded, Dealer Owned... what to look for?

    1. Maintenance depends on how you ride it. If you race it, not likely you will get 100-150 hrs. Maybe 100 hrs, but that would be pretty lucky without needing a valve job. 2. I would be leary about buying anything from a "salesman". 3. $3500 for an '05.......(see #2) You could get an 07 in Arizona for $3200. If you can get him to come down on the price and do a valve spec check (with you there), then it could be a good bike, but don't trust anyone when it comes to selling "cherry bikes".
  11. Diglerville

    R muffler on 250x, how loud?

    I got a whole R system w/ Pro Moto Cap already installed for less than $100 off Ebay.
  12. Diglerville

    R muffler on 250x, how loud?

    On my 05 x, I haven't tried using the x head pipe combo, but with the complete r pipe/muffler with the Pro Moto insert/SA is consistantly 92db "on dirt" test and most recently was @ 96db when tested on a concrete slab. I don't think the head pipe would change the db.
  13. Diglerville

    Want More Power, Will Pipe Make Much of a Difference?

    I agree your technical info seems sound, but my point was that the original argument (started by one of the other guys) was that the high price of (some) aftermarket systems does not justify the cost when considering a $ per/HP ratio.
  14. Diglerville

    Want More Power, Will Pipe Make Much of a Difference?

    I thought we were talking about putting an aftermarket pipe (or R pipe) on an X? I don't see how putting an X pipe on an R will be relevant.
  15. Diglerville

    Want More Power, Will Pipe Make Much of a Difference?

    How significant? HP wise?