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  1. I have a RFS with the 2 into 1 header and looking for a carbon heatshield. Which one would you recommend P3 or eLine or if there's another one somebody else makes? Also found a KTM one part Number # SXS07250535 anyone have any experience with these? Thanks
  2. CTMX

    terra what DS tire?

    I have a MT16 rear and it's dot approved according to the sidewall
  3. CTMX

    How to clean exhaust pipe

    I remember reading that oven cleaner works great, but I've never tried it.
  4. That looks really good. I have a friend that does powdercoating I might have to give him mine along with some other stuff. What did you use for the orange paint like testors model stuff and a little brush?
  5. CTMX

    New bike!

    Is it jetted? Check the valve clearances, maybe grease the steering head bearings, change all the fluids and filters. Also antisieze the adjusters good when you check the chain.
  6. I was wondering the same thing about the YTZ7. I think I'm going to wait a few more days and try to get a new shorai lipo
  7. CTMX

    Unable to bleed rear brake. HELP!

    Could the master cylinder be leaking? I had a tiny little leak once and wouldn't properly bleed rebuild kit fixed it. I doubt its trapped air from what you've said but maybe try lightly tapping the caliper while bleeding
  8. Thanks gdawg. I was really thinking about updating mine to the newer diamond style and going hid, but might have to reconsider after reading your comments about light output. Maybe I'll just hid my rectangle
  9. :lol:The bike cousinlarry referenced is mine:) Its a 2007, has always been very reliable and a great bike overall. I did have some problems at first overheating but that was before I got a fan, and regeared, and haven't really had a problem since. All the emissions stuff is removed, and has a jd jet kit. I'm going to get a trailtech stator, new battery and some upgraded lighting and I will be all set. I'd recommend one to anyone. It just needs a few little things which have all been covered here, but what bike doesn't.
  10. Yes very cool you designed your own battery. How much did it all cost, and any idea what it ways? Just curious how it compares to a turntech or similair offering. How come you had to push it home, doesn't your bike have a kickstarter backup??
  11. I don't want to scare you but I had a pair of F3's and they literally fell apart at the seams very very fast. They did replace them and the new pair is a little better slightly different style but I don't think I'll buy them again or any other boots made in china or wherever. I would do like others said and spend a few more dollars to get something quality made in italy they will last much longer and will still be cheaper than 2 pairs of cheap boots.
  12. I recently got a Dunlop 952f front and think it works great on the trails, but the Pirelli MT16 front seems to be a lot of peoples favorite. I actually have the rear Mt16 on now and love it so I think that will be what I try next up front.
  13. I wouldn't want them torture testing it for hours on end, and like others said I'd want to be there not leave the bike for 2 weeks! For a free exhaust whatever their top of the line is and some dyno tuning I'd let them make some runs to try a few things
  14. CTMX

    Is 250 too much for used boots?

    :lol:not Gaernes though. If they don't sell in a few weeks just lower the price a little until they do
  15. You want sintered metal not ceramic for the wet and mud.