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  1. honda_best_789

    2-stroke transmission oil

    the stuff u originally posted will work fine its all i run and i dont have clutch slip at all
  2. honda_best_789

    Quick Idle Question!!

    Hey if some one can help me quickly that'd be awesome my brothers 2000 CR250 is idling waaaay to high, its screaming when the bike is kicked over... now the only thing he has done since last year was clean the carb and put new hoses on it, he said the throttle slide is closed all the way except for maybe eighth of an inch... so i dont think its the carb, where could an air leak occur over the winter? thanks
  3. honda_best_789

    YZ250 Dyno Shootout.

    this is excititing!!!!!! cant wait for results
  4. honda_best_789

    did a top end inspection.. *updated with pics!*

    i dont think its possible as the piston slides easily into cylinder when installed correctly you would notice an incorrectly installed ring pretty quick as the cylinder would not fit over it however IF there ever was an instance where someone has somehow installed them wrong, chances are one would have caught a port by now (given you have had your bike running) as rings tend to spin during operation (not on our 2 strokes as thats what the little pins are for) basically i think its pretty hard to screw it up
  5. honda_best_789

    Pulsating idle

    my bike does the same fine on start up but when its warm its pulsating and im thinking reeds... i have 2 hours on a complete top and bottom rebuild and it does it no way my crank seals are bad unless the shop installed them incorrectly, cant be jetting as i have been running stock with no problems before the rebuild.... if i can figure it out ill let ya know
  6. honda_best_789

    TPS cover on carb

    alright sounds good thanks for replies sounds easy enough (i guess yamaha just doesnt want to be held responsible if you mess up the sensor).... and natosuperman, this bath will not be with candles and scented oils LOL
  7. honda_best_789

    TPS cover on carb

    would it be alright to take off the tps sensor on my carb despite what yamaha's manual says? id like to put my carb into an ultrasonic bath but the tps is stopping me, can i do the bath with or without the tps? thnks
  8. honda_best_789

    Carb Floats

    thank you sir helped out alot
  9. honda_best_789

    B8ES plug for 2005 yz250???

    i had resistor type but wrong tip, i was running an EG not an ES... which believe it or not can make a difference, the wrong tip can maybe run hotter causing abnormal combustion
  10. honda_best_789

    B8ES plug for 2005 yz250???

    i have the wrong plug in my bike and it idles irratically... so just use the right plug they are cheap
  11. honda_best_789

    Carb Floats

    took my carb apart this week (03' YZ250) at school to clean it up and inspect everything and one thing i have been puzzled on is the float lvl... according to the manual im to flip the carb upside down and measure with vernier calipers the lvl to be around 5.5-7.5mm well before i touched anything i measured and mine is well below that (3.5mm) but when i bend the tab on the floats they dont like to really move sufficiently, though when i do manage to adjust the floats to desired level, the inlet needle is completely shut (which it should be upside down) however when i flip the carb upright the inlet needle is still basically shut with floats completely dropped im at a loss.... do i need a new inlet needle? or was i fine with my original setting o and p.s the bike was acting up at the end of last season
  12. honda_best_789

    did a top end inspection.. *updated with pics!*

    looking at the first picture of your piston i think you are running lean somewhat... i had my piston in this week at my college and one of my teachers had said if there is sorta sand paper looking marks on the edge exhaust side on the top of piston thats what its from other than that i think it looks pretty good
  13. honda_best_789

    Stewart Pushing Reed's Bike Over At Kawi Video

    reed does look slow on the kawi... much faster last year
  14. honda_best_789

    00' case same as 03'?

    im actually currently enrolled in a mechanics school for motorcylces and powersports and was told you infact cannot interchange cases from different bikes as cases are prefectly molded with one another even if it looks lined up with a different one it will be off even a thousandth of an inch and could cause a fail So IMO i would not interchange cases
  15. honda_best_789

    What the ?????? A1 isn't on Speed yet on West Coast 7:05pm

    ha ha ya i saw that he messed up so many times.... when they announced him i actually did not even know who he was... def not the greatest guitar player o ya and thought id also say screw monster trucks i watched the last run and it was the worst 2 minutes of my life that i cant get back it should have its own channel