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  1. jonthedude

    '15 FE501S -- no start...

    Snow beast!
  2. jonthedude

    '15 FE501S -- no start...

    Have about 6 tanks of fuel through bike with Timbesled kit (0 miles with wheels!). Powder day and a bit of snow is entering the airbox, shut it off on the trail and nothing happens when I hit the starter.. Tightened everything I could find in the starting circuit, still nothing.. Fooled around for a few more minutes and it fired up. (Kick start kit in the mail..) Anyone had this issue? Bad idea to cross the solenoid? Other than the seat and the soft forks, bike is great!
  3. jonthedude


    is there a good head light kit out there that wont take a hack job to install?? my buddy wants one and i don't know too much about how much they cost or if they work good but i assume there must be something out there(crfx setup?). also thinking about a light that straps onto helmet(with battery pack on back) but not sure how bright they are. any thoughts would be helpful thanks
  4. jonthedude

    Lets see those XR400's

    Hey Cnddrtbke, where are those last pictures taken? looks like place that I camping on may 24 weekend
  5. jonthedude

    hair scrambles

    I live in new brunswick and would like to do some hair scrambles or cross country. Does any know of any east of quebec?? or eastern quebec?
  6. jonthedude

    Converting E To S

    This Has Probably Been Discussed Before But Can't Seem To Find It Anywhere. What Is Involved In Wiring Signals And Tail Light (sensors) From A S Model Onto An E Model??
  7. jonthedude

    my drz wont start.

    Mine is a an E and will run with no battery. Don't know if a S is the same or not.
  8. jonthedude

    Any 500cc "Real-Men" up in here?

    Had a '00 cr500 for a day in the spring. The only thought going through my head most of time is that this thing handles like shit. After I thought about for a while I figured out that it was probably because it goes 50 mph in 3rd. They unreal bottom. Gotta love 'em
  9. jonthedude

    Nj Offroad Video

    Tight. Fun...
  10. jonthedude

    mx vs. atv

    Change is good...