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  1. NemadjiMan

    General Mn chit-chat

    The MN DNR website is correct for the Nemadji, it is closed for the Spring Thaw. It says that Huntersville is open, but I can't vouch for that.
  2. NemadjiMan

    Chainsaw mount locally made!

    I have one of these and it is GREAT. Several of the rest of the Straight Arrows also have them.
  3. NemadjiMan

    General Mn chit-chat

    I've been called a lot of things, but never "reputable". Seriously, studded tires are legal on GIA trails in MN. It never occurred to the Legislature to outlaw them, and the DNR never made a rule about them on OHM's.
  4. I've been running the Trail Fast mount from Midwest Mountain Engineering pretty much since the prototype days. It does affect the handling of a bike but not so negatively that it is a big deal. I even run an oversized saw (MS250) which caused me to have to modify the design some to accommodate the longer/bigger saw. It's been on 4 different Yamaha's. One of the best things about it is that the saw unloads and loads back up very quickly and easily, so you don't waste time with bungee cords and such. It also doesn't make it hard to swing your leg over the bike like a rack mounted saw does. It's worth the money for sure. The best hand tool that you can carry is a Silky Zubat 330mm handsaw. They're used by Arborists everywhere, so you can figure that they're a high quality saw. They are incredibly sharp, hold an edge and they come with a scabbard that straps onto your right, lower leg. You don't even notice it's there until you reach down to pull it out to use it. When you're done, it's back in the scabbard before you know it. It's awesome for brushcutting, and it will cut through logs as big as your wrist much faster than you would expect. It has helped me get my chainsaw unstuck quite a few times, even on big trees. Every dirt biker that rides in the woods should carry one.
  5. NemadjiMan

    Dr350 over bore/big bore

    I had the Thumper Racing 435 Kit in my 1992 DR350S. It was GREAT. Trouble free and very fun. I did burn out a clutch in the Black Hills though. I ended up replacing the clutch pack and the outer basket, which was badly grooved.
  6. I'm surprised no one has spoken up about the chain drive option. I've ridden several types of the Lawson AWD bikes (2 trials bikes and 2 regular dirtbikes), as Bill Lawson's place is only 25 miles from my home and he is a member of our Dirt Bike Club. Oh, and he's my friend as well. They're fun but a bit strange. http://www.newtechdev.com/awd.html The nice thing about them is there are no little shafts running all over the place, no bevel gears robbing power or extra power supplies like pumps. Power is delivered in a straightforward fashion. The not-so-nice thing is that you have to use a "Hossack" front suspension, which is goofy. The Lawson bikes are modified stockers. I'm guessing that if you built your own frame from near scratch, you could get the front end to act more conventionally because you could put the virtual steering head in a more normal spot. Still, because the bike is AWD, it's never really going to steer conventionally.
  7. Try the Loctite 641. Here's a link to a .pdf on the Henkel website: https://tds.us.henke...File/641-EN.pdf Make sure that everything is super clean before assembly. You probably knew that already.
  8. NemadjiMan

    what makes the Ring Ding?

    See this month's Cycle World. Kevin Cameron explains it quite well.
  9. Over last winter's downtime I installed the fork valving that Dave J. recommended for my 2008 WR250F. I'm a "B" rider that was having trouble with my forks deflecting off of rocks and roots. I'm only 150lbs so the forks really weren't overly soft for me, unlike most people. I installed Dave's recommended valving and used the fluid that he sells. I also bought the stuff for revalving my shock but, riding season came early and I didn't have very big issues with the rear so, that will go in sometime later. Since the installation, I've had the chance to ride the bike in the rocks of the Black Hills and our local rocky-as-heck Enduro course (Stone Lake) and I am AMAZED at how the bike tracks in the rocks (and roots). Before the update, I never knew what the front end would do when I would get into the rocks. Now, I can just point the bike at even the big rocks and the thing goes straight. It's kinda freaky really but super confidence inspiring. I bought the WR because I like Yamahas and got a screaming deal on a leftover that I couldn't pass up. I hoped it would be good and love the power and alot of other things but was really disappointed with the forks. Now I love 'em along with the rest of the bike. Thanks Dave!!
  10. NemadjiMan

    New to Wisconsin

    Google "Crawford Hills", "Knobby Ridge", AMA District 16, ARMCA (AMA District 23) and MN DNR and look for recreation, OHV riding, etc... Also the Arkansaw Cycle Park.
  11. NemadjiMan

    Classic MX, Anyone?

    You don't like big jumps and you don't like sand, sounds like you should be riding Hare Scrambles instead of MX. And please don't say that you don't like riding too close to trees.
  12. Gastanks are generally made of a thermoplastic, which implies that they can be remelted and reused without changing the properties of the material. It is highly unlikely that heating above the glass transition temperature (softening temp) and forming will change the basic properties of your gastank plastic, unless you actually burn it or something.
  13. NemadjiMan

    WR250f or TTR250

    Somebody is jerking your chain. WR's have a reputation of going a long, long way without needing valve adjustment. Also, it is super easy to check the valves. They are kinda expensive to replace if/when it comes down to that.
  14. NemadjiMan

    WR/YZ worst kickstarter ever!

    Pro-tec made the shorter lever that I used: http://www.pro-tecperformance.com/ms250kick.htm It looks like they don't make one for the '01 and '02 anymore though. They do have a couple of photos on their website showing kickstart-to-footpeg contact. It kinda proves that it is unavoidable.
  15. NemadjiMan

    What is best workout for thigh muscles?

    I had access to a spin bike at my last workout spot and standup pedalling with moderate resistance made a big difference for me. Gary Semics likes this one too (which is where I got the idea).