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  1. pyrofreak

    Beta 125 RR-S Vs CRF230

    The crf150f is small and fun. I ride a 230 and at 5’7” find the cockpit a little cramped, I have Rox risers to bring the bars up and forward. It’s very capable but heavy, which stinks when your feet can’t touch the ground. But while I can almost drag the bars on a turn with the 150f, the 230 is better suited to me, as I’m not 120lbs 😂. Another plus for the 150f is that they’re plentiful and cheap. Might be worth a look. I’ve only seen a couple 140Gs near me and they were more than double the price of the 150fs I’ve seen for sale.
  2. pyrofreak

    Procom CDI Review

    Procom CDI with an xr50 rubber mount I picked up on eBay for a couple dollars. Perfect fit. It should honestly just come with one. I ride woods, pretty novice level. Stock bike, uncorked. The cdi woke the bike up and made it so much more rideable. I’m talking wrong gear, chugging uphill like a tractor. It’ll also go up an over rocks and small limbs with ease. I cant comment on the rev limit as my bike probably hasn’t seen the limiter 😂
  3. pyrofreak

    Axle spacers for fork swap.

    Yes, I believe it’s UFO. Rear fender and shrouds are OEM. Factory backing “retro” graphics kit. Crf150r gripper seat cover. Going for the ‘80s Honda look.
  4. pyrofreak

    Womens Dirt Bike campout in the Northeast

    Are there any other events like this? Is this area open to ride? I’m about an hour from here and would love to try it out!
  5. pyrofreak

    Dirt Biking Chat Room for Gals Only

    I find the newer 125s very rideable. However my inseam is about 32” and I have to do the butt scootch to be able to get a foot down on most bikes. My current ride is a modified crf230. I love it in the woods, however it is heavy. I have a soft spot for KTMs, and will likely get a Freeride if my skills ever get better. Looking to put in a lot more seat time next year. I have a KTM atv too and absolutely love that thing.
  6. pyrofreak

    Honda CRF230F (2009)


    Great bike once you uncork and add a few things!
  7. pyrofreak

    Honda CRF230F 2009

    Great bike once you uncork and add a few things!
  8. pyrofreak

    Axle spacers for fork swap.

    The Procom CDI tucks in nicely. Will have to see about a steering stop. Is it a must have? I’ve had the parts for this conversion for awhile. Originally had the applied adapter, however I see that it will not work. Guess I’ll be buying another $125 kit 😬 I came up with a bracket for my keyswitch. I haven’t looked to awful hard but it appears as though I need to unhook the switch and feed it through to free it from the 230 top triple. I bought a set of 150r forks that needed to be rebuilt for $150. They came with extras like gold valves and bleeders. Went to find triple clamps and ended up buying an entire 150rb front end for $350. Bought fork springs. Bought the adapter kit, bearings, etc. Went to complete this last fall and discovered the rb forks I bought weren’t such a great deal. Fork cap wouldn’t come out and was a mess. I did get the triple machined out and the stem pressed in. Ended up moving not long after that. Didn’t end up getting my adapter kit, as is where my dilemma is now. So I got the forks done by a local shop, for $100, since I had a ton of parts already (springs, oil, valving) that worked. I do have the applied racing adapter that won’t work. I have the 150r complete brake set up and the 230f setup. Would it be worth it at this point to buy the $125 adapter kit agin and get the spacers, or just find a 250f caliper setup on eBay to go with the adapter I already have? I still need to buy axle spacers.
  9. pyrofreak

    Axle spacers for fork swap.

    So far. Going to leave the cdi box behind the number plate.
  10. pyrofreak

    Axle spacers for fork swap.

    Was hoping someone would have a set. Or had an alternative if they’d already done the swap. I purchased stuff through Rick last year. I now have to re-purchase it looks like and fill in the missing parts that I didn’t end up with. I was hoping to get the forks on today..... I have some stuff printed from Ricks site already. He’s the reason why I have the 150r forks to begin with ✌️
  11. pyrofreak

    Dirt Biking Chat Room for Gals Only

    Ive went as far as following local race results. The women’s class usually has 6 racers or so, sometimes more. But usually a couple DNFs. So theoretically, I’d only have to complete 50% of the laps the first place rider does, and not DNF. And I’d maybe get a 4th place trophy 😂. I’m confident enough with my skills to run the ATV class, but they always run them on sundays. And then you’d have to pick between Jesus and racing 😬
  12. So I’m finally attempting to put my 150r forks on my 230. However, I don’t have the axle spacers. Does anyone have a set? Can they be made? Can they still be bought from Rick Ramsey? I have the complete 150r front end setup minus the front wheel. I was going to do the swap last fall, however got busy with life. I’ve since moved after a breakup, and I’m continuously finding things that I didnt get in the “divorce” 😂. I just wanna swap my forks and ride!
  13. pyrofreak

    Dirt Biking Chat Room for Gals Only

    I’m from upstate NY as well. Oneonta area. I’ve also been dying to run a hare scramble in the WNYOA series. I keep chickening out. I feel like i don’t know enough about how it works and should probably find someone to help me out, etc. I’m also not that good, but I’m hooked! Did you run one yet?
  14. pyrofreak

    Riding Gear

    Just an update. My Atlas Air won't fit with my Thor Quadrant. I looked up a million reviews on RMATV and other sites. I found a few on eBay I'm going to try. I have a Zero-7 IDX1, which looks like it has the shoulder/upper arm protection I want, and an Acerbis Impact thats supposed to offer the best coverage and adjustability with a lot of 5 star reviews. If these don't work, I'm going to try a Fox Airframe. The one with more coverage looks like it will work better, but the reviews for it stink. Same with the Atlas Defender. Guess it doesn't cover a whole lot. I haven't tried any of the body armor type stuff. I guess I figure it would just bunch up and get hot. Perhaps something to take a good hard look at. Thanks for the replies ladies!
  15. pyrofreak

    What dirtbike next

    Just curious what might sway you one way or the other on the 150 vs the 200. I'm not ready to move up yet, but do drool over these bikes from time to time. I'm out in the NE, which has lots of TIGHT woods. So far my 230 has taken everything I've thrown at it and then some. It just tractors along and goes up any hill, no matter what gear I'm in. I've also spent some time and money on it. Gold valves, modified fork dampeners, hagon rear shock, pro com rev box, jetting, gearing, ergos. So how would a smoker stack up against it in the woods? Its a heavy pig, which leaves me dreaming about the KTMs, but it's bullet proof and so easy to ride. Which smoker would have the similar smooth torque?