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  1. JJC62879

    What happened to 'Kelstr' ???

    I believe his shop is called KB Racing and its located in the East valley of Phoenix near Tempe and Mesa. I dont have his phone number or email but go to this AZ MX forum www.gomxracing.com. I know he's a member there.
  2. JJC62879

    Pro Circuit to KTM 2012?

    I was about to post the same thing lol. I doubt it would ever happen but it would be awesome. I wonder FMF doesn't have a team anymore to rival Pro Circuit? Didn't they have a 125 team back in the 90's that raced Honda's? Didn't FMF used to offer engine and suspension services too? Would be awesome to have a FMF vs Pro Circuit rivalry?
  3. JJC62879

    FMF vs. Pro Circuit

    i agree dh367. going mrd soon.
  4. JJC62879

    FMF vs. Pro Circuit

    actually when i was at the high point national i was watching from a spot where the mechanics would walk past pushing the bikes to the starting line. i would say 85-90% were fmf mega bomb.
  5. JJC62879

    DID Gold Chain and Chain Lube

    i like silkolene. its clear unlike the bel ray stuff. give it as shot.
  6. JJC62879

    honda of troy

    i think durahm has potental. he has a younger brother shane who is pretty good too.
  7. JJC62879

    Christophe Pourcel = ALL CLASS!

    There was a tread months back ripping CP apart partly because of his French nationality. I have came to his defense and spoke out against the stupid bigotry and ignorance and got crucified for it by many. Funny how people change there tune. I guess that a good thing though. I can't wait to watch CP on the 450. Has he actually signed with team yet?
  8. JJC62879

    Brian Shuckhart is My Hero!!! (two-stroke)

    Racer X originally mentioned on their website in Racehead that he was gonna try to qualify on an RM125 and was looking for support(parts, money, etc...). I've seen him around the local tracks a few times through the years and he's always been on Suzuki's. Would have been cool if PR2 hooked him up with some stuff since they are local and build some fast bikes. They probably have RM125 parts laying around from when Hepler, Izzi, Lawrence, Durrahm, etc...raced RM125's. Budds Creek isn't too far away, maybe he should take the drive down and try to qualify again.
  9. JJC62879

    Ol Frenchy!

    Why am I a suck up? I just can't stand redneck bigots, racist, etc...Sometimes I'm really embarred to be American. It really bothers you nationalists that a talented Frech kid is beating up on your beloved fellow Americans. If he was American and said he was gonna win this week no matter what this thread wouldn't even exicst. If he was Itialian would you be calling him a whop or a diego? If he was Polish would you call him a polock(I'm half Polish)? You guys need to get over yourselves.
  10. JJC62879

    Ol Frenchy!

    You guy that call him "Frenchy" are flat out retarded bigots. If my memory wasn't RC a cocky arrogant prick back in his younger days?
  11. JJC62879

    Support Glen Helen

    I lived in AZ for a while and I believe you are correct. The track was closed for a while but it has recently reopened. Only problem with having a National in AZ is the heat.
  12. JJC62879

    Support Glen Helen

    Totally agree:thumbsup:
  13. JJC62879

    Support Glen Helen

    I'm reffering to MX in general. Core fans get f'd because they're trying to commerialize MX and make it more mainstream...SXesque I guess you could say. Moving races to car race tracks, smoother tracks with shorter motos. Changing the sport for better TV coverage.
  14. JJC62879

    Support Glen Helen

    I've often debated with people expressing my views why I don't want MX going "mainstream" and heres another reason why. It's all about money and in the end the die hard fans get f'd. It wont be long until the Nationals are travling circus like SX.
  15. Any of you guys who live in the SW PA(Pittsburgh area)know if Factory Performance is still in business? I tried calling but the number has been discinnected.