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    Trail Riding, Mountain biking, rock climbing, you know - outdoor stuff...
  1. jbrandt

    DRZ250 rear rotor needer

    Does anyone know of a place to get a new rear rotor for an 04 DRZ250? I found one place but they want $150+ for one!!!! Most other major parts houses don't stock anything for the 250... Any help would be appreciated!
  2. jbrandt

    went riding at prarie city after the first rain

    Well, it's for both, really. I didn't really say you *can't* bitch on the internet, just that you're not likely to get any sympathy from me, or any actual results,m unlike my option (1) from above.
  3. jbrandt

    went riding at prarie city after the first rain

    apparently, yes. Some people have an obvious disdain for law enforcement, let alone "rules". Have I experienced LEOs with a chip on their shoulder? Sure. But I have also experienced OHV riders with an equally large chip on their shoulder. Hell yes. Posts in this thread are case in point. So you have a simple choice to make: 1) you can either follow those rules, making life for everyone involved a lot easier, while lobbying to change those rules you feel are unjust, or 2) just go about being a douchebag and not follow those rules, then post on the internet and bitch when someone catches you for NOT following those rules. If you feel you have been legitimately mistreated by the police, there are standard and accepted ways of complaining about it (i.e. bitching on TT is NOT one of them) like filing a complaint with the jurisdiction of the offending officer, or the court system. If that officer has a history of being a dick, they are dealt with, it happens all the time. In other words, you have to look at the common denominator, if the LEO is the one who's constantly getting complains (form multiple people), it's probably them, if you are always being harassed by numerous different LEOs, it's probably YOU.
  4. jbrandt

    went riding at prarie city after the first rain

    yeah, you're right, we should probably just close it down. dirtbiking is dumb, especially when it's 10 minutes from my house. Is it the greatest place to ride? No. But it beats sitting in traffic. I like to ride there on weekdays, since it's so close. I reserve the better places to ride for long weekends etc... I could certainly point to some crappy places in So Cal to ride, too.
  5. jbrandt

    went riding at prarie city after the first rain

    It sounds like you do stupid things to attract their attention. It sounds like PC is a better place without you.
  6. jbrandt

    turning a race bike into street legal?

    Yup, CA requires a bike to be plated form the factory. It's not about the turn signals and lights, it's more about emissions and other equipment. Just get an EXC450...
  7. jbrandt

    went riding at prarie city after the first rain

    I hate that place when it rains. The type of soil and all those baby heads make wet weather riding SUCK. Although, my worst day of riding is better than my best day at work...
  8. jbrandt

    H.R. 1925 will CLOSE Moab, Utah!

    Watch out, there are two more bills trying to revive this bill (HR 1916 and HR 979).
  9. jbrandt

    Helmet law off road?

    What do you mean "new one". Do you only wear old helmets?
  10. jbrandt

    Jeep Wrangler question

    Just an FYI on the Wranglers: http://www.cartalk.com/content/features/Gay-Lesbian/gay-chick2.html
  11. jbrandt

    car suggestions?

    is it snowing in hell??? j/k
  12. jbrandt

    car suggestions?

    Actually, he said a pre-runner would be cool, but they don't hold enough people, so I posted a pick of a double-cab tacoma with long travel. But whatever, I'm just trying my best to highjack this thread.
  13. jbrandt

    car suggestions?

    blah blah blah. I've seen civics and escorts do the same thing... that's not desert running, though... I'll keep my truck with 14" ground clearance and 24" wheel travel... and no, this isn't really *my* truck...
  14. jbrandt

    car suggestions?

    IMO, I'm not sure how much fun you could have in a 996 living in Tacoma. An off-roader you can drive ANYWHERE. Plus, there's lots of "short cuts" that open up to a truck when driving in the city even... But, I'm a truck guy, so I'll always tell you to buy a truck, slap a Total Chaos long travel suspension on it, and RUN IT! pre-runners and Porches are just as fast as each other when they're stuck in city traffic... Can a 911 do 95 here?
  15. jbrandt

    car suggestions?

    Your requirements were: I believe that truck was an extracab, (= 4 "seats", technically). There's these... 4 doors even! Okay, so maybe they have 18K invested in the suspension... Actually, the double cab Tacos probably only have about $8k invested.