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  1. Found some interesting pictures of the Suzuki bikes that was used in 2018 All Japan MX championship. It appears that Suzuki japan use the old 2017 swingarm on their 2018 bike.🤔
  2. HRC

    Noise from gearbox 2018/19 RMZ450

    Thanks ! That was the answer I was hoping for ! đź‘Ť
  3. HRC

    Noise from gearbox 2018/19 RMZ450

    Yes, it goes away when pulling in clutch
  4. My bike has a rattling noise from the gearbox/frontsprocket. I never had a Suzuki before so maybe this is just normal thing. It appears mostly when going slow. Like when entering track. Bike has max 5 hours on it. I bought bike with 3 hours on it. Heard the noise the first time I rode it, so nothing that has come up lately. I found a go pro video where the same noise appears (not my video). Listen when the rider is entering track... https://youtu.be/UlRheR3RxX8 Is this normal “Suzuki sound” ?
  5. HRC

    Ktm sxf 250 2017 FMF 4.1

    But man ! Are you still searching for this !? You have been dragging this question on all over Vital MX for several months ! If it does matter so much to you...just get another brand of exhaust or just put on the stock exhaust !!! God damn !
  6. HRC

    2018 Suzuki RMZ 450 arrival date?

    I've talked to a Suzuki dealer in Sweden. Information about the production 2018 RMZ450 will be officially released next week. The first bikes will be shipped from Japan to Europe now beginning of June. It normally takes around 45 days to get them here. They will probably be here for sale at end of august. Some bikes will be here earlier for dealers to have tryout days. Here in Sweden there will be tryout days araound mid/end of July I guess these times should be the same in US. Probably in dealers even a little earlier than in Europe
  7. HRC

    2017 AER Forks

    Anyone tried nitrogen in AER fork ? I heard from WP that it cure the risk of collapse riding in cold weather (minus Celsius) Anyone got some feedback on that ? Just wondering...let's say that my service guy puts in nitrogen in the fork. How do I maintain the right pressure ? Can I check the pressure with my air pump ? And if it's to low...do I need to get an nitrogen bottle to pump it up ? I now this is stupid questions but I have never dealt with nitrogen before
  8. You mean this one I guess. 2009...years fly by, seems like yesterday.
  9. What kind of skidplate do you have on your bike ? I hade the worksconnection alu-skidplate on my 2016 FE450SXF and had alot of vibration. Put on a plastic skidplate and vibration was gone
  10. HRC

    2016 FE First Fail

    What kind of crappy stands are you guys using ? Most of them have rubber on top that keeps bike not moving
  11. Thank you guys ! Yes tank is from CMT Italy...but it's only a carbon cover ;-)
  12. Hello KTM guys...just moved over to the orange brigade! :-) Here is my new KTM Twitter and Instagram: Fred_Ols72
  13. Hi there CRF450 freaks ! :-) Its been a long time since I've been in here. Most of the people that I used to know of in the CRF450 TT forum are probably long gone. I just thought I share a cool video of the new preproduction 2017 CRF450 that I've found... Maybe someone already posted it...but let's watch it again then. :-)
  14. Just thought I share some pics from Swedish GP... Always nice looking at trick factory bikes :-) And 2016 special edition of Europe ( akrapvic and gytr stuff on the European version)